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  1. I mean you simply don't allow marketplace items to be stacked, solved.
  2. I honestly hope LO learned to not have anyone connected to FE's general playerbase as a GM after the last time. If not... RIP.
  3. Well "projectiles" in most cases aren't actual projectiles, the only few would be Grenades/Launchers. Everything else is hit scan.
  4. I mean you can already do this around corners, simply saying to remove the "you are not facing". There is still a requirement of having clear LoS. Edit : As for the behind... Ya no real solution for that.
  5. A workaround currently is to add timestamps to your chat log by RMB (right click) your chat tab to enable it. Either way +1.
  6. Melee actually has a 6-7 meter range as everything has 5 meter bonus range which for some reason increases by 1 when moving. The other reason this happens is due to serverside->clientside communication not updating the target's location properly. Thus giving "You are not facing" or "Target is out of range" while clearly in range. A quick fix to that would be to remove the 5m bonus range to everything and give melee it's set range. That and maybe disable the "need to be facing to hit a target" since you can't hit a target outside of your hit area, the only real downside is you will sometimes hit someone behind you when in third person, but it's better than losing an attack tbh. Edit : Pistol is favored in PVP due to it's vast DPS advantage, a solid example is a heavy pistol can land only 52% of it's total hits but still out damage a shotgun. Which the advantage gets lower and lower as you go up in tiers in DPS. 2h is if a heavy pistol lands 67% of their hits. One handed melee (shards) is beaten if a heavy pistol lands 83.75% of their damage. Mind you this is all at range, and melee DPS is considering you're always able to attack. Rifle's advantage is simply range and positioning, it's 2h melee but weaker. Ya in groups it's a fantastic weapon, solo it's only going to matter going all-in and easily countered by 1 nano. One can of course argue that "Well in group fights X can insta-drop someone", but yes every weapon has that potential to insta-gib with enough attackers.
  7. Decided to post this thread because there's very little reason there's such a huge DPS discrepancy when comparing pistol/rifle/melee light->medium->heavy tiers. This isn't so much an issue with "pistols" as it is with other weapons for some reason not following the same % damage to % delay ratio (Well that and assault rifle isn't a fair comparison as it's 30 DPS lower than lights). Tho Rifles and Melee haven't seen much adjustment as in prior patches they fell into particular meta builds, or of course with old dodge weren't hurt as badly by previous mechanics. And due to the burst meta prior to 3.2 which kept Snipers, Shotguns, and 2h melee in the loop for the most part. This doesn't really excuse assault rifles (Which saw some love, not much) nor battle rifles (which are currently the single worst weapon in the game in terms of overall scaling) being as piss poor of weapon choices over simply going pistols. (30.16 to 69.846 DPS) Pistols (234.66 DPS max with 154 if both pistols land) Light Pistol vs Heavy Pistol : 71.5% (roughly) damage for 80% delay with 20% reload increase. Light Pistol vs Medium Pistol : 28.6% (roughly) damage for 40% delay with no reload increase. Both of the above values can be considered 2x damage scaling as they are dual wield weapons (143% and 57.2% if we wanted to get technical) Would put SMG and Sawed Off Shotguns but these need way to much work to be worth a damn. Rifles (204.5 DPS max with 90 per shot) Assault Rifle vs Battle Rifle : 31.12% damage for 75% delay Assault Rifle vs Sniper : Roughly 132.3% damage for 275% delay Assault Rifle vs Shotgun : 120% damage for 325% delay Melee (178.66 DPS max with 268 if both shards land) 1h (1.5) vs 2h (1.4) : Roughly -34% damage for .1 less delay? (A little under 7.1% delay) This is because it's two weapons vs one, the raw damage increase compared to one shard is 49.3% (roughly) To make this clear AP shards are ahead by 34% overall damage. 1h (1.1) vs 1h (1.5) : Roughly 27.7% damage for roughly 37% delay Obviously same as above with pistols, which is a bit of an overshot but 55.4% I would include Kukri but seeing as AFFA has superior DPS we can easily stop there. Pistols scale at a significantly higher rate in terms of damage/delay ratio, more-so heavies which get a .89% damage per 1% delay. (Rounding up to nearest tenth in most cases) Mediums get .75% per 1% delay Battle Rifles get .4149% per 1% delay (biggest yikes right here) Sniper Rifles get .48% per 1% delay Shotguns gets a .37% per 1% delay (about 22.9% below a sniper) 2h melee lose damage as shown above, there is no fast delay melee to compare (at 195) even if they're not exactly at a bad spot. But it should be considered if shotgun ever were considered to get a boost. 2h melee should always be superior to shotgun, period. But the idea a 2h melee is only 51.52% over 1 shard is a bit crazy. leading to the 1h melee get 1.3% per 1% delay Considering that Heavy Pistols have the DPS of 213.33 vs Light's 234.66 we're looking at a large discrepancy compared to other weapons for light->heavy tiers of DPS loss. That's a total of 21.33 DPS between light/heavy variants. Example shown above clearly show pistols aren't even remotely as penalized. This isn't really an issue, if other weapons had the same scaling. Assault Rifles should have considerably higher DPS, it's advantage of course is range so DPS can suffer a tad because of this. Battle Rifles should be on the same tier as Medium Pistols, following the same ruleset as above. Sniper rifles should be on the same tier as heavies, even considering it's range advantage (which should reach 120 as it's render distance) it should be at least in the 170+ DPS area. All weapons listed above should basically just get a damage/delay re-evaluation to compete obviously. Melee/Shotgun are touchy subjects due to their ease of aim. Even if you consider 1h melee has 134 base damage (178.66 DPS), it should be considered that if shotgun or 2h melee get boosted then 1h should come up enough to still have the lead 2h Melee and Shotgun could easily see delay reductions with reasonable damage increase considering their roles. How the DPS "tiers" should fall into place. Light Pistol : Obviously at the top due to it's low range, it needs to sit at the top as it always has. But AP lights should be considered to be boosted to 24 in a magazine rather than 16. (20 DPS increase) Range decreased to 30 meters, and yes the 20 DPS increase on lights is quite large but the gap needs to be bigger on light vs heavy tier. Assault Rifle : To bring it to current light DPS damage would need to come up to 105 per shot (AP variant vs current) or 110 if light magazine size is increased. This translates to 232.04 DPS (if lights stay at their current strength) to 243.09 DPS if lights got a larger magazine. DPS has to beat Medium Pistols. Medium Pistols : Range increase to 40m Battle Rifle : Range increase to 70m (+4 to current), damaging then scaling up based on how mediums currently scale (delay to damage ratio) Following the concept above a 195 battle rifle would need to jump to about 165 after augmentation translating to 211.05 DPS. Must beat heavy pistol in DPS, reduce AP Battle Rifle range to 70m. Heavy Pistol : Range increased to 50m 195 AP Shards : Touchy subject as it's one of the easier weapons, but should keep it's lead above 2h. Tho I'd rather see a higher DPS alternative such as AFFA blade or Kukri AP weapon variant. Sniper : Range increased to 120m and consider delay reduction to 1.2 which will greatly assist in giving it a proper threat level in PVP. It needs to be a threatening weapon beyond "slow reaction". A solid example would be 240 damage with 1.2 delay leaving other stats the same giving it 176.15 DPS. 2h Melee : Should always be above shotgun, period, by a decent sum. Bringing it to 230 would bring it to 164 DPS (Would give it's 23.3% lead like 164 variants during 45 cap) Shotgun : Should be considered to have it's delay reduced to 1.5 while DPS coming up at least to 130-140 range (215 would sit it at 132.31 DPS) Overall this would help push away from the longer fights, open more weapon choices, and even without any of the numbers provided here at the bottom at the very least show there is a huge discrepancy between weapon types as well as DPS scaling. Especially when considering melee and rifle, as their "high DPS" variants are extremely under-powered.
  8. Most bosses can infact be cleared solo, the few that can't can usually be handled by having 1-3 more players with you. There are a few instances where I couldn't warrant event doing as the rewards aren't worth it, usually these missions show a clear group icon. If it involves a master tier NPC it's best to ask for help as some are extremely broken for that level range to solo or duo. Not that it can't be done, but expect some to be unreasonable for that level tier.
  9. Just to cover what would be ideal in an NPC if they added it. Nanite Cleansers Pack Upgrade (Inventory slots) Wardrobe Unlock : All Commander's Crafting Kit Faction Shirts (All factions) Scavenger's Shirt (For them social alts) Sector/Barter/Utility/VIP Vault increases (G1C and Reward as they stack) 8/16 Deed to Storage Building (Increases maximum slots for mounts) Pristine Recombinant Injector DT/Faction Boosters Crafting/Harvesting/Salvaging Speed Booster Solo/Group XP booster (Lambda Clone/Team) Harvester Fuel Mounts (Subjective, not required, I just miss my badland rider...) GORE Enchancers Kennel (Max pet slot increase) Two Chupacabras Perfume (Faction Reset) As for what they costs, I don't really care what currency they put it under.
  10. Only complaint I have is that survival/deathwatch should be removed and then add a team deathmatch and "VIP" mode to replace survival.
  11. Because intelligence and charisma already do. Willpower is a cancer stat that limits build potential.
  12. I'll double check his preset builds later, but if you need help feel free the PM me on the forum or discord.
  13. Did you update it to the current build?...
  14. Maybe umm... Use the list setting to make that a bit less of an eye sore to read my dude.
  15. It would make more sense to try and improve the current server then it would to split up any bit of the player base.
  16. Even if it was the new client it would still probably be what's currently in the game. Though I do admit the idea that being called classic when it's simply a wipe on the current version prior to shut down isn't really accurate. Unless they are just saying it's prior to the reboot, which then I guess it would make sense.
  17. Basically everything should be the same as if the server never went down the only difference is we won't have our characters or items
  18. You keep saying that but we keep finding baby toenails in your dumpster.... You're going to slip up one of these days
  19. So in regards to this... Will there be NPCs in place for wardrobe unlock, faction t-shirts, and Respec (AP) available? And if not since subscription gives gave reward points, will they be given out each month like before so we can get faction t-shirts at least? Edit : Also sad to see I can't snag up my badland rider and commander's crafting kit, RIP. Still gonna play.
  20. Yes all crafting gave XP as long as it gave a rank at the end of crafting. Construction and GORE gave the most.
  21. There's your problem, the barn did nothing to me. Not my fault you don't see the holes in your statement.
  22. This, G1C at the very least. Tho I'd probably sub up either way, but would be weaksauce to need to get my wardrobe unlocks and such again.
  23. Hate is such a strong word, but I'll be sure to send you to the cloner if I have to
  24. +1 Tho still hoping to avoid duped nonsense returning from clearly exploit flooded vaults....
  25. the moderators have been posting what has been posted on Twitter and otherwise.
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