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  1. Holy moly, that explains everything! Why the hell did they do that? What was supposedly wrong w/ the difficulty scaling before that it needed changed?
  2. I actually had one of the Lightbearer capstones... but it was glitched and didn't even work right. I'm certainly not disparaging Little Orbit -- they're obviously putting the game up as a courtesy. My comments I suppose are a suggestion that if they ever do fix up and release an improved version the game, one of the things that have arguably changed in the MMO world since FE first released, is difficulty scaling and the ability to have bosses that scale w/ the number attacking them. Put differently, if there is a quest/boss that is needed to fulfill a storyline, get XP, and the almighty AP points... that thing needs to be soloable. OR it needs to be in an area sure to have lots of players and where one is sure to form a group. There are of course a lot of other QOL changes I see as I revisit this game, but the inability to finish major questlines is a real turnoff that I'd suggest must be addressed in any future release.
  3. So you can't actually address and refute anything I've said? Low emotional IQ. If people like you had your way, this game would fail again... just so you could "be right."
  4. Was it unclear? Irrelevant to my point. Playing as an alt, one can therefore craft the best gear as it becomes available, since you already have the mats in storage from previous playthrus. Otherwise the higher level gear will often require mats that you will not have access to yet. That in itself is not necessarily a problem, and adds to the desire to progress (so as to find areas that have requires mats for crafting). However it is in issue if one needs to be min/maxed in order to complete certain content. No, that's called "stating facts." Many of those bosses / NPCs award XP and complete stories/questlines. Therefore some people might want to complete them. Don't know, or care, about what "percentage" of quests are actual boss quests. Many of them are the culmination of the entire town's stories and questlines. For example the Old Kingman I mentioned above, many of the stories are meant to ultimately resolve in the prison. Hell the entire state of affairs of what is happening in the town is because of events in the prison. (Ironically, I was able to solo Casta, only thru sheer cheese. Ranged peek-a-boo. Never would have worked as melee.) What if other people might play the game differently than you? What if they care about the story, or want to complete all the content in a town? Especially if the quests are all interlinked to a story? Now if that end content is meant to be group content, but it's an area that pretty much never has enough people to form a group, or if that particular player isn't geared optimally for that particular boss/end quest content, then I guess they're screwed? They don't get to experience the story/content? Also you realize that if a game doesn't make money, it's not going to be around for long, right? Now guess which game will do better financially: one where it's realistic to finish content, vs nearly impossible under many circumstances that actually happen in-game?
  5. EDIT for clarity / brevity: it's super fun revisiting this game, but some issues are really apparently now, especially the difficulty spikes. There are bosses and questlines that require a group to finish. There aren't enough players to form groups, at least on the starting Plateau map. (For example there was almost no one in Old Kingman when I had to run the prison, and I tried for hours at Watchtower to get a group to fight Corman (Master level boss).) I'd recommend this seriously needs addressed in any improved future release. One should not just 'skip' those quests; they're tied to the story, and to the events taking place in those particular towns, or even to your own character's story, the overall arching narrative story, etc.
  6. UPDATE: I emailed Support@GamersFirst.com Within an hour or so, they fixed it! Very good customer service! ps. had to exit game and re-start for fixes to engage
  7. UPDATE: I emailed Support@GamersFirst.com Within an hour or so, they fixed it! Very good customer service! ps. had to exit game and re-start for fixes to engage
  8. Exact same thing happened to me. (Including 'Command not recognized' msg in chat window)
  9. Same here. I had it up until today... then it was gone. Now scavenging nodes takes longer, and I can only craft 3 items at a time. Didn't even bother submitting a ticket. Closed the game, won't be going back til (if) this is addressed. Glad they're offering this F2P, but it's really just nostalgia that's keeping me going at this point... so many other good games out there, many launching holiday specials, expansions, etc. Commander Aura allowed FE to be bearable.
  10. EDIT: I was able to log in / use the launcher. Had to go look through my browser (Firefox) saved passwords. Between the original FE, the various changes and buyouts, etc., I was using an older original login, instead of the more 'recent' one.
  11. EDIT: I was able to log in; various ownerships of FE over the years meant I was using an older login.
  12. Has there been an official, updated announcement on this? I'd love to come back and play, but I"m not going to bother if everything will be wiped. This game, the time and emotional investment, the leveling, scavenging, crafting, hoarding, etc... not going to do all that, just to lose it again.
  13. Since folks are saying THAT version of the game is what they'll be putting on their servers? The "Classic" version. The version right before the game was sold, and not before, not launch version? I played back at launch, but was poor at the time, FE had no end-game, I wasn't going to pay monthly for that. I remember factions mattered. Then I heard later they didn't. I remember scavenging made sense, in that materials were tied to areas where those materials would have appeared in the real world. (Rubber found at factories, etc). Then I heard they changed it, and made it more random or something? I remember grinding to get faction gear... yet some of the gear-abilities didn't even work. I have to wonder if we'll be playing the version functioning just before the sale, if factions therefore are meaningless, faction gear doesn't work right, materials spawn randomly across the wasteland, etc? Sure would be nice if "2.0" actually happens, and a lot of the fundamental problems are fixed.
  14. Do they plan on re-establishing the original factions? (allies, enemies, special abilities and gear, etc?) Aint played since back when the factions were actually a thing, but I heard they changed that years later, so that faction no longer mattered.
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