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  1. then do a sum, read what I have exposed, watch the video (and with what players I am in the team, since they were experts in pvp) and you have to know one thing and have it clear, I have not been a casual player if not rather a social player I have always tried to group the largest number of people in order to make the game more fun for everyone, saying this do not take me as your enemy as I see you always take me or as someone else does inthis chat My goal is that the game is again a game as it was in 2011 or 2012, simply a game that "hooks people" and has a marked role. By the way, if it is true that I registered in the forum in 2013 (the forum and game accounts were separate)
  2. let's see if you have something called intelligence after this argument: Croft is my second character, before I started with another character and I have not been interested at all in the pvp until the end of 2011 since my initial character has all the crafting (I think it takes time this, at least a year that I know) With this, the video that I show and knowing that it is not easy to learn pvp in this game it is clear to see the date that I started playing, being at least when the death toll books was the strongest of the game and everything was balanced (this is the game space that I think was the most addictive and the one that should be put) By the way, I laugh about your 20,000 hours of play because I do not remember that 1 was in the most splendid time of the game. I am left with an hour of the time that was a game to play 20K hours (if it were true that I doubt it) that you had played your game in a dead game This is link of video, not done by me btw, if not by people who acepted me in their team because i was good doing pvp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smW4wwpLwr0 after see video, you can FEEL what means pvp ( is not like today OBVIUSLY)
  3. and this is said by a person who thinks he is "expert" in the game when he began to play in 2014 when the game was already dead....... if you think the game was not popular it's because you did not play it when it was popular. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ matscott : you know very well where the problem is, this is like a movie and we are already in the final credits. What you should do is put the movie back again so that people can sit and watch it. if it can be an improved version of the movie better, but the game needs more players and not graphics. Leaving two maps for a year would allow a lot of people to get into the game and maybe it was a solution to the lag and all the problems that occurred because the load of the map would be much smaller, think green! positivism! (trust someone who has played this game since 2011 and not people who played when the game was already dead.)
  4. - I agree with mystman in everything he says, although there are more factors that will prevent the game from gaining players. - Nobody manufactures anything, plays or tries to recruit for his clan at low levels. Therefore, if you see the game from the perspective of a "new player" the game is difficult to understand and boring. - When I started playing this, there was a total variety of weapons, armor, equipment at low levels in the auction and the game "blood sports" was very active, without waiting at low levels as high. - About what happened with the gm that came from being an active player of the game and pvp, it was something that was clear that would happen. As we know why the game did not come back even if they put on many patches, updates, visual improvements. - You already know my opinion Matt and about a reset leaving only two maps so that we all start from scratch. I believe in the fate and the events that are happening and have happened, about the loss of data and the malfunction of the game. Apart from the game starts, they always make the game profitable.
  5. The problem of not having enough players is based on the gameplay of the game, which in my opinion, needs a change ... complete? Possibly you are right and do not have the version that was released just before the patch of "gores", but although they could recreate that situation, since it was the most fun and attracted people to the game, it was simple and at the same time it was a constant challenge , with different ways of arriving at similar equipment. The anticheat is really very necessary, if not another option would be that the game does not have pvp, it is ridiculous to do pvp without anticheat in a community that you know that cheats are used. SIncerely, can not think of another idea to save the game, although the new graphics will come very well but will not affect the gameplay that is the key to success in the game, I would bet for that. What other idea do you think of yourself? Do not tell me to create 500 maps, 500 new weapons ... that costs a lot of investment ...
  6. the old company G1 was totally incompetent and many of the decisions were handled by players who were "friends of the bosses", which ended in illegitimate and subjective actions. This is not my opinion, if not the majority of the population included of those who play apb. There are people who instead of playing are dedicated to "Sucking the patootie to the bosses and warming their heads", these are the so-called trolls that in my opinion should be "eradicated" from the game. I'm very happy to see Mattscot's post, which says that he is not interested in drama and listening to trolls, although trolls fall by themselves for their actions, such as "insulting discord" or "being a new gm and act like a hidden rat with power. " I suggest that if you have a problem with someone, write to them in private, instead of posting nonsense that does not go anywhere. you have a good day
  7. I do not have a discord, nor do I know what has happened to what you are counting and the great majority that we do not have discord either. What I do know is that the drama you are writing does not help the game at all. I beg you, make a "ticket" with screenshots of what you are telling and send it to LO. Yesterday I made a ticket and used the means it gives when "a new gm" made abuse of power. The result was the expected of a professional company. I repeat the aforementioned, adding more fuel to the fire does not help as there are a few communication channels that work. a greeting
  8. i told you already i sorry if you " feel acused" when i suspected on you, okay? end mod, lock tread plz!!
  9. you started to replying me lol. I suspect on you, not acused..... i repeat, if you have any proofs make a report, i saw video again and i not see nothing as you write, i just " suspect on you" because you are on "who " comand when all happens
  10. lets end post here. I believe in gms will do correct work. Lo is profesional company, continue is make a toxic topic
  11. stop it, this not go with this forum, this is taking personal now, and its not the way it must be taken If you have any problem, do a ticket or do you like, i just explained to you what happened, because some fake new gm trolled me abusing powers and you were in who and i suspected on you, but i NOT say in any moment " i am SURE 100 percent is you", i tell you again, if you feel bad because i supected on you i sorry, lets end story here okay?
  12. i say, i suspect of you because you on who, but in same time i suspect of others " haters" i have. I was first person converted in a chicken, so is obviusly person have something againts me, thats because i suspect was you, but suspect is not acuse, is diferent. If you feel acused, because i suspected of you, i sorry, but must understand things happened and situation happened.
  13. Can you STOP harashing me?, plz stop?
  14. stop boring me, i have it!! came on. Leave gms do their job plz!!
  15. i did already a ticket, you dont know what mean, profesionality? if i do a ticket with videos is for show to gms, not you, and i linked ritual Lo my video in chat
  16. why not ban to you? so you not get more atention?
  17. is fine, video show it, punishment will be done, all fine. Dunno why some players here are nervous about it. If your friend abused of being gm, your friend have a big mental problem lol
  18. i did a ticket, video i did for ticket, not for fun, sharing it for see how a gm abuse power is fun? no its not fun, it only shows a game where a new gm is abusing, lets show nice things, not crap thing, no more toxicity to game ;D
  19. i have to show video to ritual and i did, you are a nobody in this game, my friend
  20. the rat has been caught, video i recorded have time and all, i am sure 100 percent ritual will get that rat ;D
  21. this time ritual need give a name to us who did or at leat " perma ban" that player because, that action deserves that, in my opinion
  22. video is sent to gms by a ticket. Obviusly i have suspect who did, the same person who already put me a negative status is same person who did, i sure 100 percent. Fallen earth need quit " haters" from game, they do a lot damage to game as sure i was first person who was chicken, that person try cover doing same to all others for fun, using gm power for troll players
  23. its is 5 min ago or 10 min ago, i pleased asked for quit, i recieved insults dunno what new gms you have, but obviusly they are not neutral at all, just trolls, no profesional i sending video, maybe apear in who
  24. i just enter in game and someone is coverting me in to a chicken, no asking for it, i asked for quit but nobody says nothing, just happened now, i have video proof
  25. Why do you answer everything I write? you are idiot? the question I asked Mattscot not to you, if you get bored buy a donkey jesus!!
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