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  1. agree, only the first two maps, level 30 as maximum for the character, if in the end only connect 50 people at least it would be a game without lag and fun. if instead, there is an explosion of players (which surely will) work on the following maps and tell the population of future updates, although this would add gameplay, money and new life to the game
  2. can we have some opinion from matt or gm for know what direction game can take? or a new " state of game"? plz plz
  3. The most realistic and intelligent words that I see lately, i agree totally although I remember words like "if there is new beginning I do not play the game" or similar. It is obvious that there are no solutions in the short or medium term with this of the total remodeling of the game and obviously it is a costly option that nobody can assure that it is finally done or that it can bring a populated game. It is obvious that for 30 people there is no possible recovery, it is pathetic and nobody wins anything to be on the lookout to see what happens, you're not the only one who does it, a lot of people do it m( i am only watching too what happens and i am tired of watch lately). But the bad thing is that people will end up getting tired of seeing what happens and will never come back. I understand that some people do not like the idea of new server / new company / new history and if it can be starting from scratch from the first two maps and update them in a way that the game remains oriented to the original idea better. I already decided in July what to do and I have proposed the best possible idea to save the game, since a new server with better graphics will not improve the history of a game that although from the third map has lost all the essence. Seriously, the game does not motivate me at all and it is not because of whether or not they make a new server, but because of its content, since it is currently bad and if they reseed it with what there is currently, nothing changes. I buy you to do a cleaning and a new beginning with the current again. But if only the first two maps were made, it would change the whole thing. Besides, if it goes wrong and only 30 people play like now, it would be better to play it without lag at least. The defiance game is not an example for this, that game was rubbish when it came out (I played it and it was painful)
  4. If the maximum level was 30, the game with two maps would be perfectly adapted, I already checked it, and the bosses exist only that most of you have to find them inside bunkers, but even so it would be very complete with the special unique bosses that come out every certain moment (I would raise this status so that they would show up more easily) about getting ap, the system of missions, races, special events, makes the game more fun. It gives real disgust to see how in 30 minutes and doing two dome or three dome you get everything in a super easy way. The game needs to go back to what it was in the first two maps, a challenge on the faction points, I tell you that the best place is alpha zone, and even so they give 50 points for each dead enemy, adding their reappearance and others, I would say that as much you do 4k or 5k every hour (and counting that you have premium and others), now do your accounts to make 800k .... crazy and very aggressive for the mind about the cadejo I was referring to the event, it is clear that from the third map appear "unfinished lagoons", I think that here is the big problem of the game, perhaps duplicated monsters or know what noses, I think the feeling of survival and The essence of the game starts to get lost in this map anticheat, I told you that although I do not care that it is the best defense or a potato defense, but at least have something that can work, and not like now that having nothing is like putting a sign saying "come and cheating, nothing happens " The game does not have any grace, and if we have the "steam charts" to see that most of the veterans have stopped playing, although the new players are not attracted because the game is a complete garbage with the current lag and it offers nothing but "desolation" and offers no illusion. I have proposed this idea, I see that you do not like it and you see it as a way for the company to add funds, but if I tell you that I do not see another solution but to remake the game from scratch, and although the result is going to be similar to what I have proposed. " Doing nothing leads to nothing, doing something can lead to something " I just say that, a greeting
  5. I have done all the missions from sectors one to three, including the faction missions of two of them and the missions of the villages surrounded with pvp. That said, the game itself is fully adapted to reach level 30 in a very funny way ( sectors 1-2) , and on points ap, have to tell you that missions give ap, events give ap also and the collection of books give ap (no it's just racing cars or motorcycles) The funniest thing is to see that in these two sectors it is easy to equip with weapons / faction armor, and even I would say that sector 3 gives possibilities being harder to farme faction points but although, the jump that gives fromsector 3 to the current is huge, making it almost impossible to make the 800k faction points (since the system changes radically, there are no missions as if there are sectors 1 and 2 and almost say 3 but much less in this sector). Look, if you were a new player and you enter, the feeling it gives you is that the game is totally dead, little or much if the capitals are overpopulated change all this. I understand what you say about the anticheat, but in my opinion it is something necessary and essential, the feeling of security should never be lost in a game that pretends to be professional. I do not know if I have explained myself well, and I do not know how much time I will explain more, I am already tired of trying to help (with ideas I can contribute). The perfect game does not exist, and the graphics matter but they are not everything in my opinion, the history and the faction system is what has not been taken care of from sector 3, although it is perfectly done up to sector 2 (in the sector 3 already begin some bugs like the cadejo). If I could make the decision, I would make new server and resume the game since it has no failures and is known to be perfectly adapted, although these two maps could give more than a year of play and attract a lot of people with it .
  6. I care less about this event or another repeated, I have no incentive to get something and spend my time for nothing, because I have everything that boxes give.
  7. 1- the balance in everything is well done if only those two maps are playable, if the level cap was 30 and I do not see any complications whatsoever. 2- If the first map had 200 players, the notoriety is clear and the feeling of life too. We've seen it in the past. 3- dt equipment is only available through a specific vendor and there is no way to trade or anything, giving a very special value by launching people to pvp, however the values of these weapons and equipment is very similar to normal, just It is aesthetic and does not give advantages but if it gives an incentive 4- anticheat is very necessary in any game that offers pvp, either bad or good anticheat, because it simply gives something that the game needs, security (without security it is clear that the drama begins) the game is currently not in decline, but has fallen completely. Having said that, the population has left and does not have any incentive to return, but I believe that many are watching to see what happens. If nothing is done, all that population that remains will be lost in time, although the game has to make those people see the game as something new, and no more of the same. Good graphics with the same story and everything, will not help the game at all given that these advances will be delayed for a long time. What I'm saying is that at least someone is pronouncing and using the test server using these two maps only and see if there is no lag at all. If this were to happen, the crafters and the pve players have a reason more than enough to play it and those who do pvp also given that those first maps give a lot of play.
  8. I understand what you say but there are factors that omit radically change the context of what you say: 1 - Currently, without the possibility of being able to divide objects, it is not possible to do "dupe", the only possibility is through lag and not to complete the creation of the object. ( edit: with only two sectors the possibility of lag is nonexistent given the low load of the game and its monsters / missions ) 2- Grouping all the people in the first sectors creates illusion (unless you agree on this with me), and while I think this will attract a lot of people who start playing the game (think a bit with logic, you enter a game you see a lot of people and you talk and you can socialize and finally you stay ...... if you do not see anyone you go out ... that's the first impression that for my judgment is everything) -Let's make a brief reminder, the weapons of dt in those sectors so low has the affix "non-tradeable" and apart they can not be manufactured. All the others are quite similar at those levels and there is a lot of variety. - Anticheat thing I see it very necessary from my point of view, any game that offers pvp should have it, and the less meenos the best on the market if possible, what is not normal is to have nothing and use the hammer to subjective discretion as gamefirst has done, based on friendships Sincerely, I see you very pessimistic in what you say. Apart a reset or a new server from scratch has NEVER been done and I see this as a fabulous possibility to resuscitate the game. Since nobody offers other possibilities and only criticizes, I do not see why it should not be taken into consideration. also since if you look at steamcharts (in the interval of a week for example) you will see how low it is, being less than 50 (I take this as a reference because I have compared it in the game and it matches quite a lot). With this I say that the game is disgusting at present. Your opinion of letting the game die is the same opinion that gamerfirst (that's what they have done) I think that matscott in this aspect is totally opposed to gamersfirst, I see that he is an enthusiastic and professional person in the world of videogames (I base this on what I see as, for example, Q and A with nysek, He has shared the images of a possible graphic engine of the game, he has played the game and we have seen him riding a horse through sector one, he is constantly updating the forums when we all know the mess he has with apb and he has seen the great problem of cheats finally putting the fist on the table and bringing something we have been asking for so many years) I do not know if I'm wrong or not, but matscott has my total confidence, and knowing that he has said from day zero that his priority is apb , I think the maximum we can ask (and it's a lot) is this from a reset or give a new server from scratch
  9. I do not know, maybe you're confusing the clan ravens de chota (these were very active in chota) or something like that was the name. Well, I only exposed my point of view. Now with the important thing. I did not know that the chips also bend or whatever. Honestly I do not know how the bug goes, I only saw a video of one doing relog but it was with objects and although I know that with days of much lag the created objects are not completely completed and you receive them several times. -- Look, I understand what you say, and from my point of view, if it matters that people new to the game see population. the first impression is everything and much more when the game is empty and has a lag that makes it impossible to play it. -- About " Duping problem" you mention , I think it is solved, not allowing to separate and stack objects. Until they come up with the key to solve it, but I think the key will be in when they redo the game and that will be in a long time more than the phrase you said, I would say, " come to play to fallen earth, where a new beginning is given, without lag, only two maps to not give advantages to anyone, and where we are working hard so that the following maps be new to old users since we are going to work in the right direction. " . ( Forget to put the game will have anticheat in this new beginning (which formerly was not in the game) ) The thing is to do nothing, and to play four cats or nobody and the memory of the game is forgotten (this will affect and much if the game is REdone). Or the other possibility is to reinvent something that can help the game, giving the game some ray of hope (trying to attract people to the game) Apart from everything said, I do not say that the current server is deleted and reset, although I propose that they give a new server to give a new beginning.
  10. we have different opinions on og or crispy, from my point of view I know that og has moved a lot the faction lb and on crispy, it is enough that condemned has never moved a finger to go to pvp, I know this by darkorina and on the other member who has been very close there. But well we do not have to agree since we have not been on the same side of the pond. I understand what you say about the game, its value and others. But I disagree with the actions that g1 has taken since they have not been at all successful. The idea of the reset allowing only the first two maps could be the most successful, think this: -- The idea of duplicate materials, given that the bug has not been repaired, would not affect at all since the materials of these two areas lack value. The dupes that really kill the game are the high level that give exorbitant prices. However the gms could keep track of those people who have a lot of money or suddenly mats. -- the economy as such right now does not work or do it given the inflation and the high number of things (for all the years played), this reset completely renewed, returning the real value to the things that have it -- the population can increase drastically and if not grouped in these two maps, it can be a bridge for new players to access the game interacting with people and stay, which they can not do now that the first impression given by the game is of a depopulation -- I do not know if the lag is affected by the load in the game of maps, monsters and other things, but if that were the case it would remove a very big problem the game is currently completely depopulated (I think I see 30 people on average in steam, which could be some more if possible, not much more), it is not so crazy to try this. About the veterans, I believe that we (I join this), we have a clear advantage since we know the game and for me that is very much given how complicated it is at the beginning. And what else to say that a reset with two maps would be to give a new game, such as an update, a new reason to play a lot of people who do not enter the game because it is more of the same.
  11. I understand that they do not want to add steamy friends and thus start to see the game subjectively with the eyes of their friends. While I remember gms from gamefirst and even Tiggs they had people from the game on their list of steam friends ......... the result we already know. Litle orbit is a professional company, that is my point of view.
  12. Possibly my communication in English was poor, that is something that many people have taken as a weapon against me (I'm sorry if I have to use a translator 24 hours or if I understand little or nothing when people speak English in raidcall) . I buy you a lot of what you say, but probably without og and jasmine the disappearance of the lb faction will have disappeared after the massive red alert unfair ban ( some from banned people who did nothing from my point of view) , so I find it more than relevant to og. The thing about crispy, well I have no words about what he did with a clan that has never openly offered to do pvp until he arrived. Going back to the important points, re explain. 1) FACTION PATH : a difficult road given that collecting faction points costs a lot (here you need to obtain faction points and also crafting points). 2) DEATH TOLL PATH: difficult road also doing pvp in open or blood sports (here you need to get death toll points) 3) PVE AND KILL BOSSES PATH: A path also difficult since you need to kill specific bosses difficult to collect materials or make events like the one of citacel that gives a unique object (here you need unique objects and crafing points) As you can see, there is variety, and as you see the end of the three roads, they arrive at weapons and equipment totally different and that in turn have similar states. This is the essence of the fallen earth. This does not go from pvp or pve, but this goes from a global essence. instead of throwing gores, they should have expanded these three paths, that is, added: Path 1: more faction equipment, more faction recipes and new missions road 2: more bosses, more missions for this, more recipes path 3: simply expand the recipes of AP death toll books, although the pvp did not need new updates. Sincerely, we are before a new company which, sincerely, does not have the obligation to recognize the veterans of another company to make a new progression and make a game at their discretion (I include myself here as veteran if you leave me) I have no dissapoint you and i know you have good intentions, but................. well, i lost all hope since nothing new is happening
  13. Do not you see that the events do not work? Do not you see that giving free premium for a few days does not work? Do not you see that even taking the change a company does not work in the long run if there are no significant changes? (When I saw the change of company for the first time I thought, oh something big and good is going to happen, there could be a new change from 0, and that's what people are waiting for and not continue playing the same with the same lag While some players say "if there is a reset I will not be" other players say "I do not play this if there is no reset or change" (I include myself in this second group) you can call it propaganda, I call it steam charts https://steamcharts.com/app/113420
  14. I am not here to discuss with anyone because you have another point of view. Everything you put is from your point of view just as what I put is from my point of view, we do not have to agree because I have not had friendship with you, I just respect how another player you were and what I consider a legal player (If you are noir I do not know it even if you say it). The message of syd and alisha kim, as well as many more people who left the game without posting anything and simply uninstalled, was totally avoidable, given that time has given me reason, and even the new company knew enough to spare. unfair decisions had been taken (in my case it was tiggs who put me and then I removed the ban). What I want to say is, that you (if you are noir) seeing the injustice, your message was something like I'm glad that this happens to you and that they give you, that already there will no longer be traveler -lb alliances (I say that because several from your clan they had tiggs and other gm in their steam friends). But hey, we know what happened next and it's a long issue to develop. I say all this because looking at the past and mistakes can build a future without the same mistakes. game over for your information was one of the pvp cribs, savangra was probably the best pvp player in the past, shivvy stixx, electrolux, fender, saki, and there you can add to all the clan felony and crazy og who years later has managed the faction lb and do not forget crispy cream and how much he did for the pvp being the head of condemned, the weight of the names says it all. ------ IMPORTANT -- Clarified this, from my point of view, it is not time to look at the mistakes of the past. But learn from them. The balance is made at a specific point, just before gores came out. There were three ways to equip at that point: 1) the faction, 2) the path of death toll and 3 the path of using crafttin and killing bosses to get the volatile objects. All of them came to a different equipment, similar and comparable in combat for pve and pvp. From gore, a piece of unidirectional equipment has been created by breaking these three tracks.
  15. sincerely and sadly, there is not much diference........ you can check in game ( using /who in all maps or just opening social 1-55 level character showing) Its very "clear" game is not working at " this actual state", its too late for try do events, give free away or making new short patch ( new weapons/ armor) because it will not change anything. Problem is more deeper than it can seem, game need necesary " restructure again from 0", game need population a sea need water.
  16. An old patch with fixes would be your thing (the best part of this is that even if the old patch has flaws you have solutions already made), we could apply the logic for once, do not you think? About what you say about killing the traitor in sight, it's something that I've always lived, personally, and I've been doing pvp since 2011. What you say is your point of view. Seeing that you are probably from the exile clan, I can tell you that I was there when the clan that was always (game over and was led by electrolux) had the great division by the chota / tech alliance and I was there when that second clan was created called felony, which gave a lot of game fun (but in that case I did not enter the game fun and I stayed in game over, doing pvp taged in go), with this I can say that during all that time there was kos and very strong kos, which leads to what that we do not currently have, a community attached to factions. believe that no one can be against those points, obviously it is clear that what you put is true, there is no discussion. What bothers me is that you name me and call me derp, when you know that I am one of the people who have given more game in pvp ... the steam charts are there and speak for themselves. I have never denied teaming with very bad people in battle, my thought has always been to teach them how the game is going and how it is done, if that is the reason why you call me that I accept it, but I'm glad I did not go with veterans (heretics for example) and to hurt players who had been playing this for four days and had no idea. In the same case I'm glad to have spent a lot of time with many people in the game and if I've ever been in superiority of numbers given the lack of veteran in my players, well I'm glad too. If I went back in time, I would team up with the same people, which is what made me happy the whole time I was playing. nothing more to say read this post, maybe teach something to you: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/370902-syds-address/
  17. Nysek, i think AP must be a dificult reward as in past it was, because if not it makes to " avoid" every misions/ every events in game , so as mystman explained players will jump to level 55 and do 20 min dome to get full AP ( in old times you need a lot of races/ do a lot misions for get AP, i remember each race using fastest car gaining 5 AP was 10 min spent and obviusly after 8 or 9 races you leave doing races because headache ) comparing 20 min to 1 moth to getting full AP in a active char is how you can see " fails done" in launched patchs ( gore to actual patchs), in same mode, weapons/equip were simplified with this patchs. Bad thing is nobody "NEED do misions for get AP in char" and in same mode nobody "NEED do bloodsports or pvp for get best armor/weapons in game since launch last map" ( Btw last patch released the most easiest armor to craft and weapons are full dt needed for crafting, in this point i can say " dt book" or faction equip or stage 2 or volatile needed a lot of more variety items for being crafted) 1 -- DT weapons and equip / volatile weapons and equip / stage 2 armor /faction equip and weapons / some special drops ------- All them were "dificult to craft" had same stats and you can " choice" a lot of variety for do pve/pvp 2 -- Gores/ AP /stages 3/ Dome---- lets say GORES and released stages killed all uped things up related, because they were " Drasticaly OP" and not equal stats ( remember lunatic/rifle making 600 damage per hit), AP same as gore and killed gores.................... Dome and outpost?........... same, they did each time game more and more and more easy..... About " GTC" i always think it was a " reason" for do pvp in that "full pvp map", what reason you have now to go to that map ? for use harverster ( pve)?, some combat buff must be re added as a present for have " faction keeps". Instead quit buff as G1 did, why not make the option to have that old buff only if you " have all keeps?" ( you know is relatively imposible to have all keeps because distance between them) so if you have 4 keeps nothing you recieve, only if you have all you will recieve buff , this can make " map releveant again" and game give as a " posibility " to have buff again. ( >This make a reason to play and get all keeps ) I know you will think about idea GTC i proposed, and think again is imposible to get all keeps, not a raid can keep them, but if a raid appear it can mean game is working. Edit: So from my point of view of new fresh start: - S1 and s2 maps with level cap 30 or - S1/s2/s3/deadfall/tc ( with GTC combat old buff only having 75% -100% keeps) /terminal/alpha with level cap 55 with a pre gore version (weapons/equips in point "1") with 50% max reduced damaged instead 60% actual Nothing to say all version needs anticheat working, because new players and old ones who do pvp can feel save in game. Probably my idea is imposible to make, a gm told me they cant go back to a previous version, but if it can be posible in some " exceptional way" can be good our loved CEO tell us ( i think CEO know a lot of informatics and programing), sorry bad englich btw
  18. transfer G1C transactions and "rare event" items is more than enought, tranfer levels i see pointless in a fresh start, pvp in s1 to s2 maps can be a lot of fun with cap level players to 30. At same time pvp in s1 to s3 with level 45 cap is fun too, but for keep level 55 maps need to be s1 to deadfall. All is fun, but sincereley, game need players showed in starting maps for make it interesting for new blood playing, 6 months maybe with only 2 maps or 3 ? 1 year? i m sure population will be massively bigger than is now if this is done If LO add some changes as " anticheat" and " resolved bugs and rewards" i am 100% sure new players will not leave and "lag" will disapear. ( can you imagine game with not lag and no cheaters? dont tell me is not paradise!) Really would be fun to get " ap" as reward from missions as in old times, and recover the hope for this unique game,
  19. About you say game need i am agree in everything you say. True is GORE, broken Outpost and Dome killed this game and we no need to talk about that stupid idea of " tokens" ( races or kill boses or make mision for get ap was a lot more fun) I repeat, i suggested start again game from " pre gore" because was the most equal point in game ( lets say in this point is a lot of variety equip/weapons same stats) true is since gores patch was very dificult to convice people to pvp, because game started to be boring, losing essence ( gores -- actual patchs did the same, killed everything making " the only choice for equip with items new patch making all usseles) Mystman, i always was pve player and i never went to fallen earth to do pvp, i just discovered as something new and i start to play pvp because i got bored of reserach all craft or to finish missions ( i think i have all s1,s2, s3, deadfall misions done and some more in alpha ( this point i started to hate game due incredible bad is done that map) i can discuss not all likes pvp and a lot people just avoid doing ( and much more when they know some player cheat and we havent anticheat) sincerely, the last patch killed me the most, that big map recycled with not love at all and repeating again same bad strategy as in gores ( that map was the big promise g1 made to us about we getting the best update ) well from my point of view ithink is very dificult LO make soon a " remastered game" and is very understable due risk ( ask your self, you would do?, i rememeber this cost money and time and alot) Essence of game is in sectors 1 to sector 3, ( i can add deadfall too and tc) but terminal woods,alpha zone or that new map need a litle more love and a remake. I not see another idea for recover people, from my point of view doing a " fresh start with changes and in a certain working point" is better than a update, by far better ( at this point devs can work in points you related game needs and make future patchs more pve oriented)
  20. - Nobody is suggesting a " pvp playground" at writing i am watching. - True is pve players gt bored when reach level 55 , because after this pve players choices are do " max crafting all recipes and find all", " find unique items and make money in game" or " complete all misions in game" ( this last become dificult because each faction have exclusive missions and it need pvp map being faction you are for start missions) - A lot pve players become pvp active players after reach level 55, sincerely, in my case i played a lot of years wow and i never had any pvp experience, but i started here doing pvp because existed a clan ( Game over clan) and some players who teached me " how to do pvp" and i found it fun ( i remember i played pvp and bloodsports just for die a lot of times and it was fun, but finallity was learn and have happy times.......... writing this i remember a friend named " Darkorina" who was telling me " dont stay quiet! move to that side to that other side and shoot ( in start i found it superdificult!!) ) - Said this, nobody was or is forced to do pvp in game. - My suggestion was "make reset to a certain point we all know faction worked ( pre gores point) and just launch a pair or somemore maps in start ( i think s-1, s2 and s3 maps are enought for all players who start play game have fun), Pve population at this point can have " 3 full maps good done in terms of mission/monsters and pvp population can have " 1 or 2 maps with some pvp areas" and posibility of bloodsports. . This idea not need kill actual server, just launch second server " new one" and watch whats happens, so everybody can be happy ( mutare and other who no want new server can stay in old one and people who want start again experience from fresh working state where faction matters. There is no need of discussion, - Very important thing from my point of view is know about doing a reset at actual state is bad idea, very very bad, because map is too huge and actual state faction dont matters at all. 2 starting maps or 3 as much is more enought to keep happy population 1 year if not a litle more. edit: i am first who thinks about game must be more pve and faction oriented ( point i think is " no return point" is closer to gore patch, being gore patch where all started to fail)
  21. a mistake! i missed that super enfo faction who dominated s2 map all years and gave a lot of game play. I still remember shp and all pro in that time teaming together going to that the dump place and lose all fights because it was overpopulated by enfos, it was very fun i cant deny it. 4 factions i see better now hehe, sorry missing that!! Mc filler, i see by you writings about you have not played pvp in 2011- 2012 for example. I can say to you about in that times " faction matters" and i remember existed a word named " KOS" for omni players. I can link some videos, there is a lotof videos in diferent factions, you just need see date ( they were pre gores or just in gores patch videos), in that times faction was the most important thing, see this video for example : this video is showing eternal war trav vs lb, i can say to you, if some player start to teaming one fight with another faction was not chosen, then that player will be KOS, and i am sure traveler chat announce who is traitor and everyone follows that kos, I dunno if viscera is old enought to know this, but i am sure viscera is pvper player and know what means words loyalty or traitor in a faction and kos word againts that player. btw i am agree with you about just a " restart" is not enought to save game, it need a UPGRADE ( new maps/new things) or a RETURNING to a good fun point ( pre gores i suggested) Reasons i defend a returning point is because is CHEAP and POSIBLE, and we all know making new maps/new things, require time and money from company. The end we all want is a populated and fun game, i want to believe all forum want this. I think nobody can debate to me about actual state of game is NOT populated and fun, can someone?
  22. I see pre-gore patch a good point to start a new fresh start because game had a lot of choices in terms of similar weapons/ equipment and blood sports were very populated in every levels. About suits covering more than 1 slot you talking about i not see any problems, because all of them had negative stats making them similar or equal to another ones were covering 1 slot. And the most important thing was, faction equip/weapons were powerfull or similar to all others before gores patch. This game is faction based or i want to believe who started making game was this, and from my point of view was " gores patch" when all changed, making game a failure in idea of faction based game. Any other similar point as you suggest is welcome for me, but necesary needs to be before gores, Think about relaunch game with no changes, people will jump s2,s3,terminal, alpha.... evry player will go to get that " easy to make armor" in last patch map and ap weapons, all other existing equip will be crap again because is not similarity on stats at all. Thats is just i said, just evading to a point as pre gores patch will resolve some tecnical problems. A relaunch at actual game play point will not resolve nothing, it will just add players some time but players will say bye bye when see is unfair equip and not a lot of choices for get fun. i am agree about all you say about new server ( i am saying this having every weapons/ every equip/ alot of chips/ alot of chars level 55/ alot of game play) I am agree about lock a certain time ( not two moths of not 6 moths at least) sector 2 as cap, and mix factions ( lets say my all final game play was pvp oriented and from my point of view i see " useless" to have 6 faction choices, faction wars always had 3 main factions as travellers, lightbearers and chotas, the other 3 faction were always not much populated and they were suporting the others, changing sides at some points of times) quest rewards is something evry people suggested but nothing was done ( its unfair doing level 20 misione getting rewarded with level 5 weapon for example) You are right about this game never had more than 1k population, but you know when it had a lot population ( lets say half ( 500 players) it was very fun, atmosphere was far better experience than in any other game i have played. i put an example about that last i related: You were in a faction, lets say traveler ok? , you go to a pvp map lb controled for get mats and you get killed, then you " used" faction chat, and you see alot of traveler players came to rescue you, making a fight in place. Said this game it self and faction made to everyplayer interact with other players with simple thing of you are in a faction or another faction, thats the magic of faction oriented game. I exposed traveller case, but i can say you make your char " chota faction", and unknow players just write " chotaaa" in faction chats, this makes people feel happy and people start to interect between them, making game a lot of social and fun ( you no need to have friends to enter in game, game itself being faction game will get you that friends socializing) Said this, game no need someone recommended you to play or not, game atmosphere ( when game was more faction based) will get you in family faction.
  23. excuse me, but i am just giving my opinion about " actual state of game", this actual state of " no population game, "broken game due bad patches done", "no adicting game at all and very boring". Dunno why you say i am " generalizing" when i am not doing, i repeat it again............ i just giving my opinion about what game needs for repopulate again. Said this, i no say game need " a reboot" as you say, if you read carefully you can read about i suggest game need " a reboot in a certain point game was fun ( before gores)" and at that point try make new patches coming more pve oriented, I know you are old player, but you must understand i am old player too, but that not matters nothing, your opinion is not more better than mine because you were not baned, you were hazmat or whatever. At this point, is no more solution that i exposed to try recover population, you really think a " new player ( for much they like atmosphere game) will come to fallen earth knowing is a very old game with no population?, seriusly mutare you need some marketing classes. Sorry to hear your coments about if relaunch is done you will not play, well, you must know is not another way , if they change code they necesary need doing it ( change code probably means no lag and supergraphics and a future updates for your info)
  24. lets say archeage have totally diferent gameplay, fallen earth had always one server ( lets say superlaggy server since gores patch was released) and lets say fallen earth is adicting in terms of pvp wich is totally diferent anyone game and unique. we cant compare archeage or tera or fornite or another " phantasy game" with fallen earth , its not fair and grinding in those games is more abusive or they are alot diferent type games. Sorry hear you not playing game if fresh start coming, but if fresh start comes and you see " no laggy game", with anticheat and with better engine graphics i am sure you will play, and i bet you will play again the same history from 0 with advantage since you know " what to do" and new player " dont know what to do" . The fail i see is a fresh start with actual maps/ weapon/ armors, i see it as a error. I think game need to be as before gores it was, being faction/dt/level equip and weapons with same stats or equivalent, because monsters/pve/ pvp was fun in that times and game worked very good, giving posibility to LO to remake gores --actual patchs in better way, and focusing game to pve way more than pvp way as g1 did not Here is the chance to lo change everything ( more mision, more things) but always starting from a working faction state ( since game is faction and it matters). Probably game will be new for everyone when they make new patches from a " working point" as i suggesting. All this is my point of view, thanks for read
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