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  1. batle eye is a starting and batleye is an "intrusive anticheat" so it can clear the most cheats ingame, i cant say 100% because is imposible any anticheat could be 100% safe.
  2. read again? if want to make a reply suggest " read" post before typing, avoid questions with another things is not a reply
  3. recently an anti-traps has been implemented in the apb game, is there a possibility of being able to protect ourselves with this in fallen earth? This measure would be welcome given the large number of trigerbots and more rare things that could be eliminated and that make the experience in the game is short or very short or this type of riffraff
  4. reading all points you writed can you say: 1 Why outpost map ( released for exclusive pve population) or citacel/alpha/ or other events are always Abandoned with no buildings, with nobody takibng care of? 2 Why actual pvp is done by Omni teams againts omni teams? 3 Why the most people is avoiding to do pvp ( i am talking people who likes do pvp but dont want do actual pvp)? 4 why populations was so low? i just did a suggestions for improve game, butin my opinion the most necesary now in game is to have a " anticheat working", server stability and repairing/fix bugs. no anticheat, no love for updating + gms ban waves are who killed game in past, idea is not repeat the same history because we all know where it will go...
  5. point by point better, is dificult to read all that you writed and do a proper reply: 1- I dont know if your dog name is " einstein" or if your dog is a "police dog" called rex, but if your intention is call me a dog maybe you need psiquiatric assitance ;D 2- There is more than 50 people online, and it doubles at weekends......... I dont know what you mean there is " alot of pve players" ................ seriusly you saw outpost? or citacel? always is NO BUILDINGS, so it can means PVE players dont take care about game for RESTORE outpost or citacel.... 3- I have not prejudice about nothing, i think in my post i say game is oriented for both pvp and pve population. 4- I dunno what "EXPERIENCE" have you in game, and i am not olders players in game, but i started playing in 2011. From my experience the main cause people left was " WAVE BANS" ( and its FIRST thing new company are taking care about........... must be a reason...... think about it) 5- See point 4, and you can see " steam charts" too, and see Population numbers in years/moths........ ( you can take attention last "ban wave" in December 2014) http://steamcharts.com/app/113420 i was in that last wave, misterious "harashment" direct permaban wave.......... 6- Nobody is "forced" to do PVP, i EXPLAINED about a crafter can CRAFT (cooking,medicines, cars....) using AH selling items, in other case pvp player do BLOODSPORTS and OBTAIN (dt items) using AH selling that items. Game is about TRADE items, Auction House Exist!! 7- When i said about "having diferent chars" i was refering to "PVP", Loyality is very important in pvp world. If player is not pvper is same faction is using, my mistake if i not writed words " correctly" 8- Actual pvp is trash, i cant deny it................ actual fights are clans vs clans.............. there is not love from players to a faction as in 2014 it was ( last time i was pvping) My all opinion i did is for " USE MECHANICS IN GAME" to FORCE this changes, i think its posible to force players use " FACTION CHAT" and is same if they are pve or pvp players. 9- Faction leader is solution for make a " control" of faction in game, as in past it was done by stronger leaders clans of diferent faction.................... example: RED ALERTS clan (stronger LB clan) controled lb activity, and they helped other lb clans ( pve or pvp or rp asked them for help and all they believe in their faction) CHOTA faction had some many clans but CONDEMNED always was their reference, VISTA had CROUCHING TIGER and after that HERETICS.... enforcers, tech.... all they had a strong clan who worked as line to follow for others in same factions. this is my point of view, probably you dont played in old times, but in this case i can say to you, to " WATCH" videos in youtube, there is alot videos making reference to all i saying- Have a good day!
  6. there is no ETA, they are fixing the issue about "duplicate items by splitting items in inventary and log out". Its is not a solution really because hiper lag in game can do same affect, but "no splitting" mitigate alot damage game is taking. Your decision of spend/not spend money is only yours, the only thing we all know is " new orbit" is working as profesional company giving " state of game" and driving this ship with comunity. My advice to you, is take calm, matt said they are working in code, if they hve code restaured is very easy they update and fix game
  7. it was anounced eye batle anticheat, and can be very welcome to fallen earth, but very very very welcome! Dunno if we can get an advance information of having or not, cause as in state of game says, game is rusty and old. I have to say this petition was done since 2012 and we never had a reply from old owmners. Well if i remember some old player said, cheats dont exist, you are crazy because cheats are a tale or things like that............. but that good video from that player revelaled the truth. ( i will not name and shame because that person learned lesson and probably is most legit person now) Just say an advance in thi can be very very welcome, we no need further details, just if we can have or not a strong anticheat for update game and to have it in best condition. Ps: kayleight, i would say baned, not bannned, sounds better ;D
  8. what about? i just say game mechanics must be focused in faction ( making each faction armor oriented to something as pistols/rifle/melee/heals...... as originally it was) Dt armor must be oriented as originally it was, for pvp only. Lets say in that old times you can even compare all level 55 armors Dt vs faction vs stage 2 armors..... even you could compare with " volatile ones"..................... ALL them were comparable. Actual GT is NOT comparable with any other. I can buy for NERF Gt armor to make more variety of armor ingame. Kay, think about faction leader, as old player you are, you know about not much years ago condemned was who leaded faction chota, or lb faction was controled by red alerts clan, all clans had a leader, and game worked very good that times. Faction leader is a great idea for controling game, is like 6 moderators in game 24 hours ;D
  9. Faction itself is for pve and pvp ( lets say pvpers use faction for do fun fights and pvers use faction for make missions and craft exclusive faction items) Said this, game itself is faction based and game mechanics need make players choice a faction............... why i say this you are asking? because it will make game open for everyplayer ingame. Gt is op compared to other armors in game, here enters ( 1 million cost dt armor and armor wich requires 720k faction to equip) sincerely i see more dificult to equip/make faction armor or dt armor than Gt armor. Its is so EASY to make gt armor, you just need 1 or 2 weeks in outpost. How many time you can spend to make equip dt armor ( 1 million dt?), how many time you can spend to make craft faction armor( to craft i not say its dificult but for equip you need a big big big head ache or a heartatack) Faction leader is very necesary too, a person who control state of game in 1/6 factions can be very good for experience and playerbase, pointing a direction for " alliances and focuses". Game need recover essence as it was, game mechanics can help alot in this case. Faction leaders can control, in same case, to that player who are know cheaters, not allowing them to go in faction. Making a strong comunity, will help to game take off to neverland, thats my opinion
  10. as title says. we all know existed or exist people who was caught recording in thir screens that evil things. Game have PVP, so i see this VERY necesary, for no make Drama game. anticheat will quit suspicacius of people who are really good playing, and same way, this will make pve/crafters to " explore" pvp world being safe.
  11. Change name item WAS the most duped item in game. This item must be controlled by a gm when bought. Actually with " no split items" no resolve " dupe problem" because " LAG" can be posible Dupe items with no intention to do. So my opinion is this item must be Controled by gm as in past was.
  12. To say that most of the game is white or black is really absurd. Who says that most of the population is pve has to be a person with personal prejudices as if it were on the opposite side. The game itself is dual in the fields pvp and pve or if that is the idea that the game has in its base. It is very clear that during this year and the almost three previous ones, when the pvp population has left the game, that the population has dropped drastically to some painful numbers of players. I have seen comments that some very good resources are in the pvp zone and that you do not play pvp they have to go there and they can shoot you ..... that's scary !! Oh my goodness!! for the love of god, risk is something normal and is something that should be seen as good and not as bad. The pvp has fed many clans social / crafters all these years, since these generate food / ammunition / drink / etc resources that are bought by these others , and of course that those who devote to pvp integrally sell the objects of pvp to buy the others. Anyway, everything has a dualistic line and progression in both things. I repeat what I always say, instead of looking more at pvp or pve would have to look more in the field of factions and start to improve by there: Someone has thought of things like: - Leader of faction (this person can expel factional people with motives and thus avoid the bad roll of fights between the same faction) - Remove dt points instead of not giving dt when you kill the same faction, - Give to the armor / weapons of faction the greatest power being a requirement of reputation very high to equip them .... little things like these are the ones that would really help the game, given that right now what there are stupid battles of clan omni against clan omni, they are wars of clans not of factions, in the wars of factions everybody is involved in them because of their simple belonging to the faction, in clans it is more exclusive to the clan people. Important thing : should not be allowed to those people with 8 separate characters in different factions with this player being the typical "rat player", so the faction leader is very necessary.
  13. only the word " FALLOUT ONLINE" makes a big sense........ Lucky if is not a competition as happened APB vs GTA............. thats i am saying. In this case you could l be right, and can have oposite effect iff fe has good announcemnt, because fallout 76 will be bought by millions of people, who unknown this apocaliptic mmo genre. But as i said i dude fallout will be royale, or pub or fornite, i heard rumors it will have " crafting"....
  14. here is the problem: Fallen earth had no rival, never had, but now it apeared a online game who can face us..... In this moment posibly game would be totally dead with gamefirst company, lucky we have new orbit are profesionals and fallen earth is more advanced and finished game, as i see this genre start to have a big potential.
  15. i have no idea about informatics or game codes you listed or what talk about, but its clear new orbit is very profesional company. New orbit treat games with love and passion, making comunity being a part of game . much thanks to save our favourite game!!
  16. welcome back to fallen earth home!! i wish we have more epic batles as in past ;D
  17. Shp will be back? aka the cat killer machine? ;D
  18. now you say about clans, i need recover clan i created years ago, Poker. Dunno who have it actually, since i was kicked from game in 2014 i lost hint. Best it to see " someone" is using clan name, and posibly that person never was a player in poker, probably that person will be a gold finder kid who likes do damage to others and trolling. I promise if i recover back, i will try do active traveller pvp again ))
  19. you are back in game? i was thinking you were banned lol. i think about quit some weight to mats will help actual state till dupes are repaired. I dont have any idea how people did dupe, or how worked and i dont want to know, is really tard to do that, but if split is main cause of do it, best way is not put split again till exploit is repaired. Game is already dead by dupes, if is allowed split again, people will dupe again and economy will fall dowm more than actually is ( actually is 90% dead). Another thing is to "DELETE" all items duped, i know people can say they bought legit that item but is not FAIR a item NO LEGIT remain in game ( here enter chips and items) If items NO LEGITS are not deleted economy will continue being a trash as actually is, nobody sells, nobody buys because no exist reason to do. DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE NO LEGIT ITEMS!!!! greetings!!
  20. Aroa Croft


    you are back? i was thinking you were banned lol
  21. Aroa Croft


    good video, i have to say i stoped fight for doing 3 vs 3 fights in that blood sports, unfair numbers sometimes happens in blood sports as in sometimes one team have " 5 players" and other team have " 2 players". i like to play in inferiority, equal numbers or in some cases ( as in past) againts heretics in other team hehe by the way, i love blood sports is open again, seems popualtion is coming back, but still we need a long way to recover population and factions as in past was. great video!!
  22. ONE MAIN CAUSE players LEAVE was because game never had anticheat. Batleeye anticheat, can quit suspicius about legit or not legit players, nobody can say " this is" or this is not legit player" if a proper anticheat in game is running. We can evade suspicius and drama with this!!!
  23. I saw in other post about new orbit will put anticheat Batleeye in game. Question i, will be in fallen earth? In post say players banned by this issue will be unbanned due anticheat will kill them fast if they do again ( i see correct this for raise population) I can say Battle eye can be best idea game can have, because i know a lot of players left to play due to " suspicious players" and " imposible aims in game", If game have a proper anticheat will give " security and stability to game", because if some player is playing game with batleeye running can mean is " a legit 100% player" and players can avoid suspicius and drama. Ah another thing importan, melee range still is in game, that annyoning 12 meters range, that bug can be repaired too!! greetings!!
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