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  1. In my opinion, your arguments are totally false and lack of game experience. You should understand that when any game has pvp (to a greater or lesser extent), it should have a protection system. I do not question you that if the game was totally pve I would not need anticheat, but that is not the case. Bringing people from Fallout 76 to try this means more than you can believe, since they are people who were looking for "What the game announces" and have gone frustrated since they do not see the announcement. If you bring people who do not seek this and it does not matter, since they may not be looking for "this", there is a big difference. Look, I'm not here to argue with anyone, but the reality is that a lot of people have stopped playing because someone released the information that the game did not have anticheat (which is true). Currently nobody makes pvp and will not return until the game has anticheat. Understanding fallen earth without pvp is impossible, given that the game has factions, wars, survival and was created with pvp orientation. Although I do not know any game with pvp that does not have anticheat. Honestly, I do not understand why you do not want the game to have anticheat, it would be something to investigate ; D about returning to 2011 or 2012 is the only thing that occurs to me if the game did not have a strong development in mind in the future. I know that the game would work again, since it has worked in the past, which it does not currently do. In my opinion the maps s1, s2 and could say s3 are complete (with missions, pvp zones varied). But everything else seems a joke (I include alpha zone and terminal that need a little more love and more missions and bosses), the last map is a rehash (copy and paste). the weapons and armor are not balanced at all, I suggest you see in the wiki a list all weapons / armor level 55, and you will see that there is an immense variety, although the GT and AP of the last poop patch has made the choice is between these three limited things, why not put with similar stats all things of level 55 to make an election? (check it yourself and look at the wiki) In my opinion Factions are destroyed, given that the game lacks anticheat and that there is no motivation to fight for them.Factions have always revolved around the pvp, if there are no pvp there are no factions, simple. On the resolution, they could remove the low parameters, it is something that has been said many times that the game needs (hopefully, it is not so difficult to remove it!) And about the last thing you said that if any cheater came or not with me, I can not say anything, since I do not know what others do, although you know very well that in the times that I did pvp every day I did not exclude anyone (good in pvp or very bad in pvp), honestly I I was not looking to win or lose, I just wanted everyone who was with me to have a good time and have a reason to enter the game every day. I have always been very social !!
  2. Point by point: 1 - All the encounters we have had, in the pvp arena, I have not seen an ability that exceeds my expectations, is more, if you want one day I show you and perform a duel or whatever you want (apart I give you advantage since I do not play) 2 - You say that I have played or that I have another account with the name "delphini", well said that I invite mattscott / ritual / Lixil to check this information, ip or whatever, although in writing this I want to report some accusations uncertain facts made by you to me, and that the appropriate measures are taken once they have made their inquiries. (I know that person is delphini and is a pvper, obviously not me, since you can see us logged in at the same time, but that does not matter to you to do "name and shame". 3- You talk that if I've been banned or whatever, I invite LO again to say my state when they took control of the game. Again you start with the "name and shame" (there are already two violations of the rules) 4- Finally show some statistics of another game, which honestly, I care rather little, although what Gms is concerned and that these pursue the "CHEATERS" is somewhat uncertain since I do not think that "have the tools for it. A tool is the "anticheat", of which you do not see that it is relevant. Another tool is the experience in the pvp and the mechanics of the game, of which I also do not know, since they have not revealed their names. Anyway, we know very well that cheaters use "that green dot" (or if they change color), which "self shoots" once touched a part of the enemy's body. Thing that is practically undetectable by the sight of a GM, although a tracking program could catch it, as has happened in APB. You do not do the clever, and if you cress that security does not exist, I repeat, open the doors of your house, do not put locks and wait until they do not steal you, given that with or without lock "you could steal the same". Mi consejo, es que cierres la boca, cuando no sabes de que estas hablando. ( You can use the translator, if you want to see my advice) ;D
  3. When you say that, you will not refer to yourself, right? because I doubt I can call you "pvper", given the little or no skill you have. I think that to say, "no anticheat is unaffordable" is something that, as adults, we already know, total security does not exist, Mr. Sherlock. Surely you have the doors and windows of your house open, since security does not exist ..... right? If you are robbed at home later, it will not have to see that you have left the house doors open, and if your car is stolen it will have nothing to do with leaving the doors open and the keys on car ..... do not write more nonsense please tell you the same as the above, I am surprised that a person like you, who can not say that he is a "pvper" says those nonsense. People who have not played enough game tend to accuse by fustracion or whatever, but people who have "a long journey in the pvp" bases their accusations on something truthful that should be investigated at least. I believe that the gms of the game should investigate "everything", something that has not been done in the past. In my case, I was going to report a certain person who cheat (who by the way was banned later for using cheats), but the funny thing was to see how the gm told me "if the accusation is false I'll ban you" ( Obviously, this performance, makes clear the professionalism of this gm), since it made me not report anything given his intimidation againts me) I have screenshots and I'm talking about the past, not the current company, btw. I tell you the same as the one above, open your house, your car, whatever you have, given that total security does not exist ... if you are going to be robbed anyway! LOL
  4. you did not play in 2011, so I do not think you know what "fallen earth" means, its factions and the reasons that it gave to be an addictive game. If the game was as you say, people would not have escaped the game, making it a game less than 50 people online. The "anticheat" is something that caused people who habitually pve, not to make the jump pvp. I do not know if you understand that doing pvp in a pvp game without anticheat is simply making the idiot and more when a player "uploaded a cheat to youtube showing it in the game" (it was very funny those times that some said that cheats did not exist). that there were gms 24 hours watching like mice ...) The reality is in the numbers, of which you do not give many explanations. If you want to laugh about my experiment, laugh. But already in advance I tell you that all those people that I invited came from the fallout 76 (not random games), I mean they were looking for this and have left since this does not offer to be a post apocalyptic mpg Morpg that attracts people. I stay that at least mattscot has played and seen a minimum part of the game, the first and second map (the best) and although I hope it makes that art that we all hope ... with anticheat I hope, if you want let the pvp continue.
  5. If "fallen earth" had half the love that apb would have, it would work. While I do not see "at all normal" that the game "fallen earth" has never had anticheat, it is more, when you saw people doing all the shots "headshots without failures" and in another game those same people being worse than a stone. .. they told you that you were a crying baby and similar nonsense. Everything changed when a player used the cheat and upload it to YouTube using it, and from there "existed" were no longer flying unicorn stories. It seems good to me that they remake the game but they could help us "a little" by putting something on us, I do not care if the anticheat is bad or good. I see the Apb forums and I see the same as in fallen earth, several of the community use words "be good" or "learn to play" when part of the community is frustrated in the game given that they have not taken the point to the game or if they are playing against people who use "macro cheats", seeing it as impossible, starting to accuse. I believe more in teaching how to play than in disrespecting players who have not taken the point of play, it is not about winning or losing, but spending a pleasant time, I do not think anyone here earns money to win in the game. Sincerely, I say to those who use cheating, that they have a problem of self-esteem and that they look at a psychologist, seriously.
  6. Good news, at least I wish that one of those who have received a ban also plays the fallen earth, since that way he will no longer play the fallen earth since the accounts go together I think. The cheats they use in both games are similar, although I think that what they call triggerbot is what they use the most, according to the community, and they hide it in the memory of the mouse or keyboard. I hope that someday there will be the same love that here in fallen earth ... and that there will be anticheat and that finally I will be able to play it, a greeting and thanks again for the good work
  7. If you have played in the past, you know very well that something does not work, doing nothing will not help it to improve. I already did the social experiment, promoting people looking for "an apocalyptic morpg" and according to them they have seen the orthopedic movements, the lag, the total lack of roots that the game can generate and their difficulty to understand it have gone away, uninstalling it, saying clearly what a garbage, The current state does not help, and will not improve greatly with a "remodeling of graphics", the game needs more than all that. When I go to buy apples at a store I try them and if I do not like them I do not go back to the store to try. Let's collide with reality and change something, the steamcharts are for something more than to hide them. edit: in this social experiment, I did not tell people that the game has pvp and that the game did not have anticheat ... (another factor against)
  8. The ideal would have been for the game to have a Re - start from zero to a certain low level (let 's say we can level the level up to 30), with a couple of maps. While all these accounts could move them to the new server and so we would have as an "incentive" that would move the current population that does not touch the game, attracting people and giving publicity. While the current state of the game is painful, there are infinite duplicate objects and many bugs, it does not help that people come and try the game, given that 95% do not stay and will not try again. While I would be careful in premium objects like "name change" or "all slots" that tend to be duplicated, giving the only possibility of getting them through direct purchase and given by a gm in game (since there are so many gms), if well with the money theme, I would make a cut to a yellow as a stop (since if there are only 30 levels, it did not make sense to have more). In short, do something different.
  9. I know, I have been in Game over since always, and it is a clan that was totally dedicated to pve and social after the exit of electrolux, although here I have recruited people and taught to do pvp (to those who wanted to experience something different). I've done my pve videos, but honestly, the pvp attracted me because of its faction social role, it was very funny how the faction moved the game in the past (I mean before you gores). While I think, if I started playing fallen earth right now, it would not be the same, given that this factor has been lost and the game itself has no "spicy" factions, therefore I would not have tried with the pvp.
  10. thanks for your interest in my google translator, but I think it works perfectly for now. However the abuse of colors or troll style images does not help at all to good communication. I remain in what I have explained and although the same I look at it from a social perspective in order to return "to the good times of 2011 or 2012". About the new gms I do not have any problems that do or not their work, l although I have only recently started a conversation with one and has not given me solutions about a problem I have had. While I'm still saying that the field and the work that a faction leader does in the game is to attract people, create a role, stability. A GM only puts order and help in things related to the operation of the game and not the game itself, or so should be given its neutrality. They are completely different concepts. what really has moved this game has been the big clans with social scope, something that currently lacks the game and there, at that point, is the "key"
  11. I think you misunderstand the concept in which my idea is aimed, that's why I asked nysek opinion. My idea goes in the sense of sociability, which has lost the game and what made it a super addictive game. I refer to past times where there were great clans and although the simple belonging to a faction "was worth something, giving you a role" and the troll to your faction gave you KOS, for me it is the strongest point of the game. In my point of view, your point 1 (mute) is worthless, your point 2 would be discriminatory and your point 3 could not be made since there are clans that do not pvp or do not pve. My suggestion that the faction leader can "control it from beginning to end" is given by the experience that there are cheaters who move when they are discovered and if there were 6 people responsible as leader of each faction, problems like "players banned that return "and several problems such as cheats / dupes, since every faction player would have a reference and a role within it, making a more honest community in general. The problem in all this would be, who to choose? but this happens now with the gms. The difference is that a GM does not play (or that's what you can believe) and a faction leader does. It is clear that a field player and in permanent contact with his community does a thousand times more help than a GM
  12. better to have something that does not have anything in my opinion, I do not think it is so difficult to catch the aimbots, triggerbot or speddhacks for a good antitracking program. I say that at some point the program will catch them.
  13. about faction leader I think it's one thing that would help control everything, you know what I mean, you know well that there are people who use different characters in different factions and that for pvp is not good at all and if well this could put the cheats in a "no faction" being this a punishment enough to be able to expel those people from the game. The faction leaders could control the chat corresponding to their faction and expel from the faction. I think this would make a social role that would trap the player and fit him in his faction and give a reason to his belonging, being more than a game a way of life making it more addictive. What do you think about it?
  14. mostly the duplicate objects as you say and the total absence of anticheat. Apart the game is already too chewed
  15. if the game is re-launched, why does not the height aspect remain the same for everyone? although in fallout 76 as in other morpgs only the thin / athletic / fat weight is modified. I want to add a couple of other suggestions: 1- Add bots in "blood Sports" in all its levels, although in 2011 it was always active in all its levels, now nobody plays. This would add more gameplay to the game, being the bots not very difficult to kill could train the new players. 2- Faction leader: This is an idea that I have said several times, although this person could be like a moderator of the chat " Faction "and could regulate the asset in each faction (being able to throw from the faction to possible cheaters or very toxic people), making the game more correct, protected and addictive, given the belonging to each faction, making this the most important value and a social role
  16. I suggest Spanish classes ;D No one knows where this is going, the only thing we know is where this has gone ... mistakes must be learned and not make the same mistakes of the past. I doubt your words, many veterans have moved to other games and will no longer return, and if there are people who will no longer have time for video games since time has passed. I do not see how to give an opportunity to certain people, I doubt it, because if these people have been trolling, using traps or they know they are friends of these, they would not be a viable option at all, it is more, as I have said if the game took an anticheat these people could go through the defense door of the game. Honestly, this movement of LO to maintain the anonymity of these people has frustrated me ENORMOUSLY. Honestly I did not expect it. If you are talking about Nysek, I see the best GM option. I honestly would not mind, given his high knowledge of the game, his mechanics and I know he is a professional person
  17. I understand that of the non-disclosure agreement, but it makes sense not to disclose information about the game, the possible bugs, the mechanics of the game, future updates ... but ... that has to do with not revealing the origin of the gms and their trajectory in the game? I think it has nothing to do. I doubt very much that if a gm reveals what characters he has used it is a reason not to be, it is more, to reveal that he has been a player who has helped the game and knows his system gives more points of confidence and tranquility towards the community. That of hiding who is who, only leads to distrust with the community. You do not have to be very smart to know that the player who is gm will play the game, and experience tells me that he will play at being a god, reporting at his whim for no reason and banning people he does not like. So, we have more of the same again, and more than what has led this game to its current state of decline. honestly, I believed that LO was a brave, transparent and communicative company with its community, although this "secrecy" on such important issues that do not link at all to the game itself, make me think otherwise. In my case, I have not considered helping the game in that area, because if I did it would mean that I would not play the game even if there was the possibility of creating another account. Besides, it is very difficult to convince the Hispanic community in a game entirely in English, when today, Spanish is the second or third most spoken language in the world and there are games that do not have a translation into this language. http://vivalanga.com/the-10-most-spoken-languages-in-the-world/ edit: by the way, my name is aroa and not auroa, you can copy paste next time if you cant write correctly, a greeting!
  18. we only express our opinion on this issue, obviously it is company LO who then makes the decisions. But while these types of decisions are not very different from how the old company acted. Honestly, if people are so well selected and professional, I do not understand why this attitude of anonymity and hiding names. It seems as if LO wanted to hide something, when surely the reality is the opposite.
  19. We think the same, we are interconnected, I knew it !! ; D
  20. the gm account can not play the game, but that player can create another account and play the game and even pvp, obviously taking advantages. I do not know if this is something you are going to control or not. you say that the selection process is long and rigorous, but from my point of view you will have to kiss many frogs until you find the prince blue ... Fortunately, I did not send an application to be a GM, since I see that it is a very important position and it is not only to control the game community but to try to expand the number of people who play it. Because if I were, the first thing I would do is say that GM work without hiding and gain the trust of the entire community with my actions. IF this NDA is a bureaucratic thing I understand, but hiding is not how you earn the respect of the community, from my point of view. What happens when the GM is just a player and is friends with the cheaters.
  21. My answer is that from my point of view I like to show transparency and I would not mind saying that I am gm. I have never hidden and I do not need to do it, I am who I am, with my qualities and my failures. I am one of those brave people who assume all their actions for good or for bad. While I do not understand that of the "NDA" of hiding identities of the moderators of the game who have played the game all these years, although I can understand it for aspects of the game such as Bugs or things that could spoil it or to get information about the game or accounts or personal data. The question I ask Ritual: Will the "new GM" be allowed to do pvp? if so, we have again the influence "external" again and the "NO NEUTRALITY" and more seeing that this game does not have a very basic thing called "Anticheat" and if it has it will be handled by certain people who have been able to access this position GM to continue what they were doing with total impunity, that's what the "chosen names" are about and to know at least "if any of them have been previously banned by" cheating " While I know that Lixil is the boss who is the head of this team and I fully trust that She will control them, but even if these "false gm" could access reserved information of the anticheat to surpass it.
  22. I am totally agree with you. It would be good if the game gave transparency in this aspect showing who the current gm are from the game. The game should not hide this data, here we are not to judge anyone, just to play
  23. Sincerely and seeing the state in an "objective" way, it can be said that the population (veteran or not) is insignificant. That said, LO does not have to satisfy 20 people who play the game if they are going to make a new game with the tools of an old game (although it seems to me a lot that they keep the purchases legitimately made in marketplace). While there are people who have thousands of objects or if they have objects given by other players who do not play or things that can not be achieved, given that they were specific events on a date ... to all of them I say that the stage of the old company G1 is over. I would like the game to be like in 2012 until 2014, an addictive and fun game, and I trust that the new company makes enough merits to make it that way. Those who follow the forum crying for the "oh great loss", do nothing but harm the game and the company. edit: https://steamcharts.com/app/113420
  24. Being gm or hazmat carries a lot of responsibility and as has been seen in the past people have abused it. Some people who have been hazmat or gm liked to "warm up" the discussion and then send reports to try to ban players. - the worst of which is the reason (harashment) and the period of this restriction (automatically permanent without going through previous periods). this has been done in past............ nothing more to say
  25. Your point are good, but you missed the most important ones: 1- Game need Anticheat ( its main reason players left to play, as i know) 2- Game need be rebuild , being more faction oriented ( as original intention game is designed) 3- Game need quit or rebuild some bad things done ( ap inyector, life harversters, free dyes.... really game changed and its not a " challenge" actually) 4- Some rewards are incompleted or are simply bad ( not fun make a level 25 mision and aget a reward of level 5 weapon or just useless number of chips, is really frustating for new players) 5- weapons, equip at level 55 is simple. the best weapons/ equip is so limited, making a choice of 3 armor or 3 weapon when game have 100 items or more in that level than is useless. (seriusly game is capable to put similar stats in all equip same level? ) 6 in coincidence with your put 6, i will say about best form of promoting a game is the " reviews" or experience others players have. In this part game is going so bad, since old company have " the biggest one review in almost all games had". Steam is a platform where is a big activity of players and exist another steam platform are not called steam where game can be launched. said this i not see so much " movement in steam forum" or any other same place. Twitter is the biggest one, but is more dificult to move people to play. From my point of view, the most easy way to make a " big population" is make an anouncement in all platform but " ofering something new, something fresh, something where player is necesary to make a new start project and where the player is the center of all". Ofering more of the same, will make game being more of the same, so being a nobody playing game
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