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  1. My understanding is that LO just switched hosting services. Admittedly, I am not familiar with hosting services for online games, but I am familiar with hosting services for business ERP applications. And with business hosting, you have different level of services offered, at a price. But as @neophobia mentioned, some gaming companies go to great lengths for added protection. Unfortunately , this is not always possible considering budgetary constraints. It is what it is.
  2. Yeah, some people may not be aware. What amazes me, is the amount of effort to disrupt a game with a lower than usual population, and more than 7 years old. Hmmph .. ?
  3. I may be wrong, but typically, it is the hosting company that provides the DDOS protection, high availability, fail over and whatnot. This all depends on what services LO has purchased as part of the hosting services. So, LO would need to let the hosting service know, that they need to up their game a bit with DDOS protection if possible. Lag and discconnects can make for some frustrating times.
  4. Much appreciated. I may have exaggerated a bit, but it can get a bit "spammy" at times. A lot of people choose not to get into administrative mode by taking screen shots, reporting and what not. My guess is that they would rather spend their time doing other things. That's just my guess. EDIT: Not sure if anyone noticed a young Clint Eastwood in that Rawhide clip.
  5. I don't go into Social very often, but when I do, it is usually for short periods of time. Not like some of these designers or music artists. I can't even imagine how much time they spend in Social, busy improving their craft, ... for hours. (I envy them.... I have not one artistic bone in my body) back on topic. Sometimes the SPAM in social can get overwhelming. "So much yelling" - /Y I once had a few discussions in district chat with a few fellow Socialites. The conversation was flowing. And then, SPAM !! Like waves, one after the other. It was relentless. Our conversation quickly took a swift turn. Scrolling' Scrolling' Scrolling' ... Rawhide I swore to myself, that I would devote the next 30mins, and add these shleps to the /ignore list. And I did. And then ....., new names popped up. I started to type faster ... Haha. Anyways, yeah, it can be a challenge.
  6. I believe that if Matt Scott wanted the moderators to communicate the technical issues related to the servers, than it would have been Matt Scott drafting the verbiage with which the moderators would have disseminated to the player base. I also believe that because of the severity of these recent technical issues, that Matt Scott thought it would be best for "that" message to come from him directly. Although my beliefs could be wrong.
  7. ,,, a blurp ,.. or more pressing concerns ,, ?
  8. Haha, my thoughts exactly. Can't help but laugh at these responses. Lol.
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