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  1. Thanks Uhtdred. Although I do not consider myself to be top tier, my game play skills have significantly improved over the years, and this is without the use of any 3rd party tools or scripts of any kind.
  2. "is there a way to see LO's financial status" I imagine that if Little Orbit was a publicly traded company, then you would absolutely have access to their financial statements per the SEC. Top 6 Websites for Finding a Company's Financial Stats If they are a private company, I think the only way you might gain access is if you were an investor with significant funds. If you are an investor, please let us know what your findings are. You can check this website out pertaining to Private companies. Doing Company Research: A Resource Guide Good luck
  3. I personally cannot attest or contribute any theories relative to @Noob_Guardian. I have never encountered a time where my "proximity" to another player may or may not have been the contributing factor to my disconnect. What I can do is provide a brief synopsis of what happened to me a few days ago. Read on: For Entertainment purposes only. The most interesting part of my story, is getting Disconnected 3 times in a 20min period. Keep in mind, after a disconnect, I go through the "Re-Update" process on the APB Launcher client, cause ........ Well, I use the vanilla launcher. (I know ,,,,, boring ... ) So I am back in district for maybe a total of 3min before my next disconnect. 3 Times in a 20min period. A bit odd I would say. So what exactly was the prelude to these fantastic moments ? Hmm. I remember I was not in any mission, just kind of trolling in District chat. I wasn't saying anything Hateful or mean. I suppose I was making fun of someone, a little bit , and then BAM ... dc'ed I hop back on a few minutes later, everyone is still there, and I pick up where I left of. () and then BAM ... dc'ed Huh, this is odd. Perhaps I should play a mission. Which I did. A PUB group mission. A mix of Gold's Silvers and Yellows Our group was winning. I made some absurdly good kills, and received the proverbial angry whispers. THEM: You are such a f*cken noob, you suck ME: Hey, are you that guy I just killed ? THEM: FU ME: Hey , I get it , you're Yellow, and you want to get better THEM: F off and die ME: So.... I should not send a friend invite ? ME: I really think I can help you get better. (of course they have trounced me like 5 or 6 times before, with whatever skills or tools they have) and then BAM ... dc'ed This happened right before the mission ended, and we were winning. DOH !! Haha, you get the picture . This is my life ... I used to get angry or frustrated ....... Not anymore ...
  4. Odd that this topic has come up again. This brings to mind this statement by @Noob_Guardian; So I thought that that exploit had been patched. I was playing a few days ago over the weekend for a couple of hours and DC'ed 4 times. The 1st time was withing the 1st hour. The last 3 times occurred in a 20min period. I thought that was a bit odd. I'm not one to really believe in coincidences, and my internet was fine. Hopped back on the district after a re-start and noone else was effected. I may have upset a Yellow player or two. There's always that possibility.
  5. Glad that the exploit was patched. Do you know what that exploit was ?
  6. Are you sure ? Do you have "Empirical proof" (I love that word) Haha... I was always wondering the timing of my disconnects. Oh well I still have my threshold to fall back on.
  7. Ok, so now you have my attention !! You're saying that a player can DC another player in game ? I always wondered if that was possible. Only because the only times I get DC'ed is at the most opportune moment for the oppisition. We were on a tail end of a mission and winning, and I would lose connection. I'm assuming in those cases, I get no standing or money. I never DC when just driving around and playing tunes, only when on a mission. My DC frequency level does increase however when I might be trolling some low rank yellow player using a Legendary, and I either wreck them, or annoy them. I am never toxic towards other players, but I know I annoy some players with my comments and subsequent kills. So without giving too much detail, how the hell can another player DC me ? Anything a player can do to protect themselves ? Is playing with a VPN a possible protective measure, and is it allowed. All I ever wanted was some competitive gameplay. When I annoy or wreck an obvious "aimbotter"/"wallhacker" , someone who relies on 3rd party tools, and then loses to me... Well, they are not happy .. haha I am what you would call a Generic player. No Tools No Special Launcher Just me and my subpar to average skills wrecking low rank Yellows
  8. Just me ... I quickly Startup the APB executable, it goes into "repair" mode.. (downloading) and hop back on. Noone else was effected. I think God hates me After the 3rd disconnect of the evening. I call it quits. I figure God wants me to do something else with my time. YouTube surfing, another game, hell, even doing my laundry without any issues.
  9. I am usually in a mission when I get the disconnects. And almost ALWAYS, our group is winning. Typically, we are on the tail end of a mission, we're gonna win, and then BAMMM. I get a disconnect. I just want to cry.
  10. Been playing this game for a number of years. Will be probably be playing this game for the foreseeable future. I am sure we have all experienced the proverbial Game crash and the Windows Pop-Up to Send a Report or Dismiss. Admittedly, I was dutiful in the first 6 years of game play to click "Send Report"... Now a days, I ask, "Why bother" and click "dismiss" Even posted on the forums for some input from the gaming company as to the value of these reports. Never heard a word... c'est la vie...... But my threshold for "when I call it quits" for the evening has always hung around 3 disconnects. This usually occurs within a 2hr game play session. Have not been very successful in passing that threshold. Typically, in a 2 hour game play session, my avg disconnects has been 3. and then I call it quits for the night. What is your threshold before you end your gaming session ? 2 3 ... more Curious what the avg threshold is . Hell, not much else to talk about .. let's talk thresholds.
  11. @CookiePuss, not to "rain on your parade" or anything, but I'm not sure what would be accomplished by providing you any evidentiary proof or even a name. As thoughtful and measured as your responses to forum posts have been in the past, a tone of cynicism can only go so far. I mean, granted you are a member of the "SPCT" team, just not sure if you would run off and perform any due diligence to either refute or collaborate @DreAmGirL' s alleged witness allegations. So, maybe there just wasn't any value seen in providing that information to you. We can't all be Heroes..
  12. I am not one to give up hope .. hahahaha .... Merged. I believe that it is important to believe ,,, Granted we are a bit behind schedule .. hahahaha ....
  13. System uptime is a bit behind schedule .. This stuff happens. We are running behind a bit .. We are about an hour late .. Please stay tuned .. I am happy to answer any questions ... Merged. I admit ,,, I was hoping for more .. but I got less .. C'est la vie..
  14. Hopefully no one has any time constraints this evening ...
  15. Thank you LO for another month of Premium. I could very well be a millionaire by the end of the year. WOOT !!
  16. Now, to follow up on this topic, concerning the removal of explosive weapons in Asylum..... From my experience , which is a bit limited, the explosive weapons do add a moment of "unpredictability" . Unpredictability can and in fact, and has caused problems for some players. A bouncing grenade is not a trajectory that is easily tracked. Where will it land ? Do I need to run like hell for the door on the opposite side of the room ? Will I be safe ? Yes, explosive weapons do initiate a certain level of unpredictability . This could be a problem for the opposing team. As far as FPS. My personnel thoughts might be to ; - upgrade your graphics card - add more RAM - Swapping out the Mother Board is a huge step, will probably need to ; - New CPU - New GPU (graphics card) - New RAM Until then... RUN LIKE HELL Play safe
  17. "Should they disable explosive weapons in Asylum" ? Absolutely not. Grenades, and more so the OPGL, are great tools for clearing out or softening up targets in hallways and rooms. Shock & Awe baby..
  18. Umm... I did not mean to trigger you , and for that, I am sorry. A prejudice attitude is not healthy for the soul. And just to provide a bit of enlightenment, if it helps, right-leaning players love all people. That includes minorities and women. Hell , I do.
  19. Thanks for the quick response Matt. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ G1 added these masks to make a buck. It's a novelty. Not a big deal really. The Nixon Mask has more of a Mafioso kind of look to it, more so than the Trump mask. Kind of like Humphrey Bogart seeee.... So get your Nixon mask now while still available, and, 20% off. I personally was never triggered much by these masks, I just thought they were funny. And yes, some people do get more triggered than others. Not sure if @MartinPL recommended IQ test for registered players would weed out some these overly sensitive players. Hell, it might even reduce the number of griefing reports. That's a good thing right ?
  20. Will you also be removing the Richard Nixon mask which is still available on ARMAS, or will that be staying ? (20% off BTW) https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&productId=2723 Also, for those people that did purchase the Trump Mask, will these player be allowed to keep them, or do you plan on removing them from players inventory ?
  21. This. I have heard through the rumorville, that accounts are getting banned for using AutoIt, AHK and whatnot. Triggerbots, no-recoil and such. Those players got a 3 day temp ban and subsequently a permanent ban. This is not related to the OP's situation, as he has a new laptop. Not sure what the Make and Model is, hopefully he gets this resolved with support.
  22. Is it ? Or did LO have all of the appropriate monitoring tools in place to capture issues, anomalies and crashes ? If they did , good for them, This influx of players definitely tested this new system. YEAH... mission accomplished. They already said that this Test uncovered "critical issues". YEAH ... mission accomplished. Was the expectations of those that participated in this "Test" , thought that this was "Play" time ? Well that would be unrealistic. Predictions into an unknown, is just that. Unknown... But they knew what the population might be with this beta ... Yes, based off of a UE 3.0 (32bit server & 32bit client) with custom code that has been replaced to work with the 64bit env and UE 3.5. I disagree that nothing good came from this test. They found critical issues during this test. YEAH ... mission accomplished. Yes,, yes , many player wanted to "play" , and were very disappointed. Some, even angry ... But testing the functionality of District play time has to first pass the other Application layers. Login World Server ..and then we play and report "those" bugs. I am curious,., when we do get to Test District play time, and there will be bugs, will we see the same level of outrage... ? I have no predictions ,,
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