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  1. Now, to follow up on this topic, concerning the removal of explosive weapons in Asylum..... From my experience , which is a bit limited, the explosive weapons do add a moment of "unpredictability" . Unpredictability can and in fact, and has caused problems for some players. A bouncing grenade is not a trajectory that is easily tracked. Where will it land ? Do I need to run like hell for the door on the opposite side of the room ? Will I be safe ? Yes, explosive weapons do initiate a certain level of unpredictability . This could be a problem for the opposing team. As far as FPS. My personnel thoughts might be to ; - upgrade your graphics card - add more RAM - Swapping out the Mother Board is a huge step, will probably need to ; - New CPU - New GPU (graphics card) - New RAM Until then... RUN LIKE HELL Play safe
  2. "Should they disable explosive weapons in Asylum" ? Absolutely not. Grenades, and more so the OPGL, are great tools for clearing out or softening up targets in hallways and rooms. Shock & Awe baby..
  3. Umm... I did not mean to trigger you , and for that, I am sorry. A prejudice attitude is not healthy for the soul. And just to provide a bit of enlightenment, if it helps, right-leaning players love all people. That includes minorities and women. Hell , I do.
  4. Thanks for the quick response Matt. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ G1 added these masks to make a buck. It's a novelty. Not a big deal really. The Nixon Mask has more of a Mafioso kind of look to it, more so than the Trump mask. Kind of like Humphrey Bogart seeee.... So get your Nixon mask now while still available, and, 20% off. I personally was never triggered much by these masks, I just thought they were funny. And yes, some people do get more triggered than others. Not sure if @MartinPL recommended IQ test for registered players would weed out some these overly sensitive players. Hell, it might even reduce the number of griefing reports. That's a good thing right ?
  5. Will you also be removing the Richard Nixon mask which is still available on ARMAS, or will that be staying ? (20% off BTW) https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&productId=2723 Also, for those people that did purchase the Trump Mask, will these player be allowed to keep them, or do you plan on removing them from players inventory ?
  6. This. I have heard through the rumorville, that accounts are getting banned for using AutoIt, AHK and whatnot. Triggerbots, no-recoil and such. Those players got a 3 day temp ban and subsequently a permanent ban. This is not related to the OP's situation, as he has a new laptop. Not sure what the Make and Model is, hopefully he gets this resolved with support.
  7. Until the new engine comes out , and restrictions to custom crosshairs that bypasses the "in-game" bloom mechanics, I choose to use Custom Crosshairs. This will be great. Thank you. I will have an advantage, and maybe that is all I need.
  8. Hmmm... So I would no longer rely on the "in-game" cross hair turning Red (because of crosshair Bloom) , but I could effectively stay on target with the custom crosshair ? I choose the custom crosshair. My eye sight is good. Enemy is in my sights. And no, I do not care if I have an advantage.. I think I said that right ...
  9. I always wondered about the custom crosshair. I have to assume that with a custom crosshair, that you would not experience any (in-game) crosshair bloom when firing. That would be great. I would no longer have to deal with the "in-game mechanics that expands the crosshair between shots, and I can actuality stay aimed on target. Or is this a misunderstanding ?
  10. Good to know. Looking forward in participating.
  11. Thanks @Sakebee. The section for Bug reporting does not allow for the uploading of files. So any client side log files will not be needed ? (this would be more relevant to client side crashes to Desktop) Thanks
  12. Great news. Hopefully a lot of players will hop on and test the new engine. I'm assuming that your team will have all of the appropriate monitoring tools on the server end, to record any server issues, anomalies, performance metrics and what not. Is there anything specifically the playerbase can do regarding client side issues, crashes. errors, or in game bugs ? Are you expecting players to submit Bug Reports, and any relevant log files as part of these public Beta tests ? If so, is there a process that we should follow, or use the current Support Web site, specifying that this is the "Beta" instance ? I'm assuming the more bug reporting the better. Thank you
  13. Ya see. I knew the population would start to increase. We just need to give it 1 or 2 more weeks, and the pop will come back. Just have to be patient. Life is good.
  14. After playing this game for a number of years, my experience has been, that after switching to a new Anti Cheat, there is a drop in population. It is anyone's guess as to why. Players had decided to play another game (/shrug) Players were banned (they will be missed) Players decided to lay low as they test "throw-away" accounts Players are waiting to hear if the "coast is clear", with the appropriate settings of course I am confident that the population will come back to the same levels as it was prior to the switch to BE, and some highly skilled players will be back to challenge us all. Life is good.
  15. From what I see, N5/P5 still showing up in district, (not sure about the map view), and as confusing as this change has been, I faltered to my lesser instincts and have been attacking ALL N5's through out the districts. In mission or not. My sirens blaring as I chase down the nefarious N5 scrub. I may not be able to shoot them, but I will do what I can to remove that "Badge of Honor" from their tag. God bless you.
  16. Minimizing your playtime will result in less exposure to nefarious players. I play once a month now .. and could never be happier. Thank you LO ..
  17. Hahaa,,, I'm with you on this one bro .. lol. They do not exist ...
  18. It may be option 3... You don't play the game as much. Hell, that's my excuse. My play time has dropped quite dramatically over the last 6-8 months, and the 1st thing I noticed is "Hey,,, I don't see as many cheaters as I used to" Oh the irony ,,, I reduced my play time to improve my gametime. Welp ....
  19. Why only old players stick around? "Can't teach an old dog new tricks ?" I've been playing since the summer of 2011. Back then I was playing with a group of friends I made in game. We had a clan of about 6-8 of us, and had a great time for a few years. Missions with voice comms was great. Then the all left. Too many cheaters they said. I stuck around just cause I liked the game, and I figured I could still enjoy the gun shooting aspect, less the competitiveness and questionable players, by sticking with Fight Club. Questionable players in FC was less of an issue for me than missions. I also like going into Mission Districts just to drive around. Great fun racing at high speeds avoiding traffic and what not. Waterfront is probably my favorite, and there is always some commotion/cluster f*ck going on at the Double B gas station. As an Enforcer, I also chase down runaway garbage trucks that are wreaking havoc in an attempt to pull them over. It gets pretty intense when 4 or 5 more enforcers are chasing after the garbage truck, sirens blaring, cars are being plowed through. It's all good fun.
  20. I think this is a great option, to try a weapon, vehicle .. whatever for free. for 30min. I would like to see this "TRY FOR FREE" option extended to at least, a 24h period. WHY ? In the case of weapons, the clock starts ticking, when you click the link. Logged in, was gonna head to FC to take full advantage of my 30min evaluation period. FC was full. OK, I'll do some missions.. and waited , a few times, before missions started. I was able to get a sense of the weapon I am thinking of purchasing, but was disappointed in the total allotted time for a 30min evaluation which amounted to maybe 13min. I suppose I could pony up some G1C for a full 30 day evaluation.... I just hate playing patty-cake, and would like an opportunity to fully evaluate the weapon/vehicle of interest, before I make a financial commitment. Am I wrong ?
  21. Hmm, an interesting point. This, I did not know. Things have changed, and I need to take note. Thank you. This is helpful. If only this little "tid-bit" was shared with us all. I was not aware of this. Documentation, Patch Notes , I should have read. It escaped me. Thanks for clarifying.
  22. If the N5/P5 Icon would NOT appear, that would be helpful. In these instances, they do appear, so , not very helpful. These players have the "Appearance of N5/P5" as it has always been. The only difference is, they take no damage. Confusing ... ? Yeah... Not true ... All players look at the N5/P5 Tag first, Player name second., We are playing the same game ? Yes ?
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