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  1. Well one point of note concerning UE 3.0 , official support ends in 2020, not sure about UE 3.5. I saw this post somewhere on the UE website. Not sure what date specifically support ends in 2020, and no, I don't' have the link handy. (but I'm sure if you look, you'll find it) So any game on UE3 that wants a supported product, they'll need to upgrade before support expires. So stuff is happening. New content has been one of the HUGEST request from way back. And now we're getting it. Yaaaaa !!! I'll reserve my comments on the new content "after" I have had a chance to check it out. Looking forward to something new. (besides a reskin)
  2. I had a girlfriend once... Didn't much care for the engine noise as I drive her around in my Vegas. Picture of where I took her in August... on vacation... She left me soon after... /sigh... I still have the Vegas.
  3. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear things are moving along. As @IROCkiller stated, are there any plans on releasing performance benchmarks for the PC version ?
  4. I would have liked to have seen a third option also. I do not care. Makes no difference to me.
  5. Although this blog post is rather dated, I think it is still very relevant considering APB is still on Unreal Engine 3.0. Optimization Magic February 17, 2013 /TechMech I thought I should add this blog post by Matt Scott concerning performance. Updates On APB Development Progress November 21, 2018
  6. I'm thinking, that the incident with the pedestrians the other day ....... may be due to server lagg... In which case, technicality, I am not at fault . Which is a good thing ... Haha.
  7. Is Jericho safe to login now ? I wanted to drive around and test out the new brakes on my Vegas. Brakes failed on me the other day...... ran over a few pedestrians. /sigh
  8. Hmmm, is this "Sarcasm" or is it "Memorex" ? 1 (800) 555- HALP
  9. Hahaa.... Not one to "Rain" on anyone's parade, but we may be veering off topic a bit.
  10. Where the hell is my "Spell-Checker" when I need'em most ... /fixed Thanks
  11. I would like to premise this post with a huge thank you to the Forum Mods efforts when it comes to; Keeping these posts clean Keeping post on topic Moving post to the appropriate subforum etc... On the topic of "Merging" of users posts, this may be an area that requires a bit more introspection and discretion with the Forum Mods. Why ? I can't speak for all forum posters, I can say for myself, that if I need to add any additional comment or update to a post that I made, I have the knowledge and insight to just "EDIT" my original post, and not submit a subsequent post to further my thoughts. (Hmmm, edit my original post.... what a concept) I had submitted 2 post, yes granted, back to back, but there were actually 2 posts, not related , in an attempt to convey 2 separate messages. Welp, my 2 posts were merged, and whatever "message", "concept" I wanted to convey, was more or less, "Lost in Translation" as it were, in the merged post. Haha, no big deal, but I would suggest to the Forum Mods that there are many posters that are more than familiar with "EDITING" ones post to add an addendum, and sometimes, not always, but sometimes the 2nd post provides it's own individual connotation. Have a wonderful day. Regards
  12. All I can do is report what's out there. Little Orbit are teasing APB: Reloaded battle royale mode https://www.altchar.com/games-news/591219/little-orbit-teasing-apb-reloaded-battle-royale-mode
  13. MMO Bomb https://www.mmobomb.com/news/apb-reloaded-gets-yeah-battle-royale-mode/
  14. I was gonna say, if your on Jericho, can I has your "stuff". but I realized you might be new, and don't has much "stuff" to give". So ......... Merged. And just to be clear.... "Daily 'I am True Gold(™) and there very few, if any cheaters since PunkBuster, FairFight , BattleEye & FairFight have been implemented. You must be a silver, and just need to "git gud"' thread." Add it to da pile. Haha ...
  15. Braindead Silvers & a fair amount of Delusional Golds. This is why we can't have nice things. I suppose we should be thankful for the few Bronze and occasional Greens that smatter our world.
  16. The answer to the challenge. (no Google translate.. just a guess) Cya bye.
  17. I gotta agree with this 100% It makes "San Paro" alive. Other than mission, what gameplay interactions are there that contributes to a busy and vibrant district ? Arrests Raiding Driving around .. (taking in the sights) Racing around P5 / N5 chasedown I gotta say , NPC pedestrians can be annoying. Yes, they are suppose to "disperse" and flee, when hearing a car honking. ... but sadly, usually never in time. Most often, I have some unlucky bank teller flopping around on the hood of my car. Why don't they clear "the Goddam way" when an Emergency vehicle is blasting their siren. (they just stand there) Inquiring minds want to know. The occasional Road Block, or attempted Road Block. is just one more instance, that, other than NPC traffic, there is life in San Paro, NOW.. Given that. If 1 or 2 "as$hats" decide to block an area more than 30min... I would very much like to see these "Heavy Vehicles" susceptible to all kinds of fire after 30min. So yeah, you enter a Heavy Vehicle, you have 30 min to wreak your havoc before the vehicle can take damage from all sources. Cool down ? (until next vehicle ... 30min) Welcome to San Paro EDIT: I did not vote. Although this comes under the guise of "Griefing", this one here, is on the border. (it depends)
  18. Отлично сработано.... Google Translate... sigh ..
  19. For anyone that has an interest. Army snipers put new, more accurate rifle to the test: US Army sharpshooters recently field tested a new, more accurate sniper rifle out west, where these top marksman fired thousands of rounds and even when waged simulated warfare in force-on-force training. Eight Army Ivy Division snipers assigned to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team tested out the new M110A1 Compact, Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS), an upgraded version of the current M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS), at Fort Carson in Colorado, the Army revealed in a statement............................. Full Story: https://www.businessinsider.com/army-snipers-put-new-more-accurate-rifle-to-the-test-2019-3
  20. Sounds like a plan. Thanks.
  21. Just notta... BTW: What is the IP addy for the Default Launcher ? Anyone know ? Thanks Why I ask ? Just wanted to check some connections... Had problems with the Launcher connecting . I have the following for NA/Jericho . per ... https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003329912-My-Latency-is-really-high- Login: Jericho:
  22. Daily 'I am True Gold(™) and there very few, if any cheaters since PunkBuster, FairFight , BattleEye & FairFight have been implemented. You must be a silver, and just need to "git gud"' thread. Add it to da pile.
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