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  1. You're right. It is a free game, for some. Although transparency regarding changes might be considered "too much to ask", I would surely like to know how these new changes work. I understand, I was asking for too much, and I need to step back. Thank you for speaking reason, where I had shown none.
  2. Great .. Absolutely great... Working as intended. I am in a mission, I spot an N5 Crim, he is most obviously in my mission as I unleash a hail of bullets upon him. But... he's not in my mission, or any mission for all I know. Wonderful. Great... Little Orbit... You "screwed the pooch" on this one. Fair enough ? How the hell we suppose to know ?
  3. I always attempt to /abandonmission as soon as humanly possible. Whether my Teammates are lowly Bronze , questionable Silvers or godly Golds. I'm gone. No, it does not leave me much after that. But still fighting the "good fight"...
  4. I envision the following scenario; Bounties across the map, some in mission, some not. Players out of mission start to ignore all bounties, as their experience has been they can no longer interact with them. (Shoot them) An out of mission bounty starts shooting and killing all nearby players, because players have ignored them. This would be a big help. Makes sense.
  5. This is what's confusing for me. There may be some bounties that are not in mission, but the only indicator of this that I am aware of, is to shoot them. If they are out of mission they will take damage, if they are in mission, they won't. Seems kind of wonky, or is this a bug ? Shouldn't there be some indicator to determine if the bounty is in mission vs not in mission ?
  6. Some questions concerning the changes to Heat-5 1) Since Heat-5 players are no longer vulnerable to anyone outside of their mission, does the Heat-5 player still have a Heat-5 Icon above them ? My guess is that they do. I noticed a few times while I was not in a mission, I was shooting at a Heat-5 player (indicator icon above them), and that player was invulnerable. If a Heat-5 player is in a mission, shouldn't they have NO Heat-5 icon indicator ? Players outside of a mission has no way of knowing if a Heat-5 player is out of mission and vulnerable until a player starts shooting the Heat-5 player and realizes that they are taking no damage. 2) What is the purpose now for a Heat-5 player ? Assuming that the only time a Heat-5 player is vulnerable to everyone, when does that occur ? After their mission has ended if they still have Heat-5 ? When a criminal is ram raiding & mugging ? What about an Enforcer ? Thanks
  7. I can't speak for all, but this has been a very informative discussion. Some things that I have learned; 1) Probably the most compelling is this; And I assumed anything that happened in game, ie; cheating, hacking , glitching, exploits, toxicity .. was implicitly allowed by Little Orbit. This was a small wakeup call for me .. Thank you. 2) Use the /ignore command A novel approach, never used it myself as I need all the friends I can get, yes.. even the mean people 3) Do not respond to their comments Won't they get mad after a while ? 4) Respond back, requesting to be friends, ask for gaming tips, strategy and what not I have done this many times, even pleading with them for up to 30min or longer to accept my friend request, only to be /ignored by them (I was added to their ignore list, not mine) 5) Go to Lobby, take a break Make a sandwich or a Hotpocket The Anonymous Game play, no matter what game, will have it's share of Jerks, and no, you will not see them out in the real world spewing their toxicity. The benefits of anonymity. Not having to take responsibility for ones actions. (Like a slap-up-side the head) If you allow yourself to become a victim, you will be a victim. I choose not to be a victim.
  8. Re-Edited for Readability: @Context, the use of paragraphs and "Line-Breaks" help tremendously in readability. Concerning your post, I hope you get this sorted out.
  9. @CookiePuss Haha, I like the encouraging "snuggle wuggle boofy" gif. No, we don't have to be "giggling simpletons" to have fun. Then again, we don't all have to have the "Win at all costs" attitude either. And yes, there are players that have that attitude that "I need to win at all costs", and some even go to extraordinary lengths to improve their odds and to "get that extra advantage" At the very least, these players will use the few guns available that are the most versatile at all ranges, to maintain whatever advantage they can. Yes, the NTEC obviously is one of them. I get it. It makes sense. I have an NTEC Ursus that I pull out once in a while. And it is a great weapon. I just get bored using it sometimes. Some players will play at very low graphics settings to get that "extra FPS". Their graphics looks like crap, but I don't think they're there for the nice visual display. On the milder side, you have some players using different shaders that provide a better outline of opponents. Again, the graphics look horrible, but a pleasant visual experience is not their concern. Custom crosshairs are great too. Totally alleviates the in game Crosshair Bloom effect. You're experiencing in game crosshair bloom, or a weapon that provides a "wide" crosshair bloom at rest..." ? , no problem. A custom crosshair takes care of the in game crosshair mechanics. A tight crosshair center screen all the time. Some people would even go so far as removing explosion and smoke visuals, which would obstruct a persons view. Not gonna even get into the fire rate / no recoil / triggerbot macro discussion. We all know these provide no real advantage. But the wallhacks, well, it's always nice to know if someone is sneaking up on you. I like winning too. It's just not the "be all / end all" of some peoples gameplay, And no, we are not "giggling simpletons". We just have different priorities.
  10. I'm right with you on this one brother. I love using the LMG's as my main. (SHAW / ALIG) Currently using the N-SSW 74 Dvah as my main. I do get some complaints at times, mainly that I need to use a different weapon. But honestly , I love using this gun. I suppose in the end,,, it's all about having fun.
  11. Welp ... I believe I found the problem .. I was starting APB using the the APBprogram instead of the APB Launcherprogram This bypassed any updates I might have received. Although @Fortune Runnermay have received poor ratings for hygiene... I'd like to give him a plus +1 for effort ... @Salvick Did provide the solution ,, so Kudos to his effort. I will no longer SPAM this forum for answers,,, as all has been answered, @Fortune Runner Soap on a Rope ,, Work with me brother ,,
  12. I am not impressed ,,, Thanks .. I will give it a go ,, @Fortune Runner may forgo any hygiene therapy ,, That;s not my problem ,, thanks ,,
  13. Cause the existing password was not working ,, How does one change the "client" ?
  14. https://ibb.co/VHWfXQW This is the error message. The Client version is incorrect,,
  15. Error . Invalid Password,, And frankly,, I do not want to know about your bathing experiences,, Not Mobile .. but thanks for the info ,. Nope,,, On my desktop,,, haven't changes anything ... AND BAM ,,,
  16. But ..... my Login failed ,, How is one to know .. ?
  17. NOW .. Goddamm it .. Your input is not helpful .. But we all appreciate none the same..
  18. Error on Login .. Changed password via Website Account ,, Error Logging into game ,,, Again ,,, Please fix.. Please Fix NOW .. Please FIX NOW,... Please ,, Fix this shit NOW ... This is the bottom line ,,, This is why we are here ,.,, Fix this Login Shit,,, Merged. NOW Not yesterday ,,,,, NOW... Dont stress me ,... NOW,, Fix this shit ... NOW,...
  19. I was having dinner with a good friend of mine recently, who happens to be a Minor League Baseball Coach. As I was cutting into my sirloin, I asked most innocently, "Why don't you play against the Major Leagues ?" Coach: Huh ? Me: Why don't you play against the Major Leagues ?" Coach: "Why the hell would we want to do that ?" ..... at this point I drew upon my many years of APB forum experience and theories and responded; Me: "To Git Gud" Coach: "What, are you an idiot ?" Me: "How else is your team gonna get better, you need to play against better players" Coach: "Playing 10 games against a Major League Team, resulting in 10 losses for us, does not make us better, it demoralizes the team" Me: "So your team needs to Git Gud ?" Coach: "Westford,,, shut the f*ck up and eat your steak" Haven't heard from him in 6 months. Sent him a fruit cake for Christmas last week. I received the package back with a stamp. RETURN TO SENDER I may need more APB Forum logic before I reach out to him again.
  20. Will do. Thanks for the direction. Do we know if this is related to the server migration.... ? Or is this an anomaly ?
  21. Jericho Latency using /fps: Location - Florida Waterfront: 80-85ms consistently. LAG Crashed my car many times. Asylum: 37-45ms consistently. I did not crash my car, I am assuming this is all related to the server migration,,,, and these "blurps" in performance are temporary. Inquiring minds wants to know... ? Much thanks, Westford. Former troll.
  22. Update: Epic Games responds to ban reversal plea: Epic Games explain decision to permanently ban FaZe Jarvis on Fortnite Mother of banned player responds: Mother Of Fortnite Pro Jarvis Kaye Hits Out At Gaming Community After Her Son Was Banned For Life Jarvis Kaye rakes in £20,000 from YouTube apology video: Banned Brit Fortnite player FaZe Jarvis ‘made £20,000 from YouTube apology video’ PAYS TO PLAY: Inside Fortnite cheat FaZe Jarvis’ £11.6million Hollywood Hills mansion with 10 bedrooms, cinema and a stripper pole I don't think the mother realizes the potential revenue loss a gaming company might suffer from cheaters. He is a very popular streamer with over 200k followers on YouTube and Twitch. Some in the playerbase complain that other popular streamers that cheated had only received 2 week suspensions, and that this lifelong ban was excessive.
  23. I kind of felt bad for this young gamer. Full Story with short clip: Link The fact that he was part of a professional eSports team makes this even more of a harsh reality.
  24. Fair enough. Thanks @Flaws for the input, my questions are not related to Gameplay tips or instructions. My questions are related to new features that have been released, crash logs, and general support. Both of which would require an "official" response , which sometimes can be answered here on the forum by Matt, or ..... As far as discord, I would have to be on at the same time Matt Scott was on to ask any of those questions. And I'm really not on discord much. I appreciate the interest in what questions I have. I have posted them in the forum under different subforums in the past, unanswered. These question are not something that can be answered by assumptions and what not, but an actual communicate from LO. Submitting a ticket would insure an answer from the company. Thanks Mods, you can close this thread.
  25. I asked this in District Chat the other night, but wanted to get a confirmation. Are any of the JT Weapons available for a trial ? 3 days .... or something ? Can you test the weapon through Armas 3 day lease... ? Same weapons available with JT & Armas. I would like to try the weapon out before I commit to a permanent. Is there a way to do this ? Much thx
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