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  1. Apologies, I completely agree in terms of powercreep. should have clarified that it wasn't a choice between powercreep or overnerfing. I tried to sum it up by saying it's a balance between the two, otherwise you get the extremes which is bad.
  2. Could one not argue that those "more accurate than other meta" weapons are actually moving in the right direction, and the other weapons just need to be catch up in one way or another? (also should be okay with completely reworking or deleting a weapon depending on it's fit for fun and fair gameplay) power creep or everything becomes overnerfed and gameplay feels ineffective and illogical. it's about finding that balance. hence, weapons balance haha im so funny
  3. yeah, i guess it'd be helpful for players to see a warning above as you write a ticket stating a rough eta or how impacted the system is. also, ticket system isn't really hidden. if you're going from the forums, you press support, and then press APB. then you start filling out the required information. that's about 2 clicks. i'm assuming it'll ask you to review related articles after you click submit, but then you should be able to submit it if you deem none of the articles can help you.
  4. no, that's somewhat common. the game lags behind and thinks your still connected, so it doesn't allow you to login until a few minutes later. but anything could be a factor. the only way to know for sure is just being able to connect with someone through support.
  5. 1. some games will lock accounts if the account logs into an ip not consistent with their login history. 2. ticket system is notorious for having a huge back-log. although it's been a few years since LO has taken over, I'm going to assume the support system is still overwhelmed. 3. most support systems actually want you to go through suggested topics that can potentially solve your issues first, to ease the load. it's normal. they are not trying to convince you to not open a ticket. if i opened a ticket to try to install the game, an article would be a more efficient implementation on both parts, rather than all questions going to support and creating a bunch of needless tickets. 4. if they told you to get lost, your post would just be changed to that. instead it would be "they told me that i wasn't worth their time! at least tell me that you're not going to respond from the beginning so i could avoid installing the game!" weird statement to make, but i understand it's just out of fustration.
  6. even as you mention that some players won't read the forums, the biggest takeaway that should somehow get more visiblity is: But I am taking this step to let all of you to know in advance, that you need to disable your macros and hot key / mouse scripting systems. might want to have an in-game pop up like the EULA/TOS message that happens everytime to patch the game that officially warns every player that logins in to disable macros/scripts/etc. should also have a more indepth message that states "yes, even logitech's G hub software is not recommended at this time" or whatever the parameters are.
  7. i think i walk /r/apb rather than run it. the previous guy who was the "head mod" or whatever the appropriate term is was a mod in like +80 other subreddits. like y tho
  8. don't think anyone asked that. they were more geared to "are the current console versions of the game going to be fixed?"
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