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  1. Still unplayable though.
  2. Would be better to make a video like this again after EU.
  3. Well, that site states that the only official and allowed way is Advanced APB Launcher
  4. I'm confused but seems like it's good for APB Reloaded
  5. Would be cool to have Spotify support on the APB music player. I have a lot of playlists on Spotify and would be cool to listen to it in game. What do you think?
  6. Согласен с тобой, в конце то концов, можно перенести хотя бы джинглы и символы...
  7. That's sadly because I had Realtime Worlds symbol on my character
  8. - You could seat into armoured-van, you can see this in GDC 2008 APB video How about restoring this to APB?
  9. Other banners like this has this bug too
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