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  1. Risona

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    Ok. Thank you the info.
  2. Risona

    Post change

    Hello. I would like to delete an old post and make some modifications into the new, but it's not possible in my case ( i don't know if the same for everybody) i hope you will take in consideration my proposition if it's not a bug or something like this.
  3. Hello Gamerfirst or Little Orbit. I'm here for some propositions for APB. 1- The simplest proposition is for the height for the characters creation. I would like to see the real height of the characters in imperial and metric measures for have more realism when we create our characters. 2- The second proposition are little bit harder, but I would like to see APB translated in other language (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.), one of reasons is because English is my second language and it's easier for me to have the game in french (not very much french people like to play in English) and an other reason is the game will be have more players (it's an advantage for you because it's make more players for premium, for example) and maybe it will be better for the threats, sometime i become Silver, but the most of the time i'm Bronze and for play into Waterfront i'm obligated to play into Silver server and the community and me don't like this. We see some Gold into Bronze server when we play into Financial, but i can't just say to Gold going into Gold server because the server Gold is empty and there is not enough player can play into Gold. 3- The third proposition is delete the threats from the servers and replace by some modifications into the matchmaking and rise the slot of servers for have only East and West (North America, for example) 4- For the fourth proposition i'm not sure, but i think it will be better to deactivate the team damages, it will be easier for beginners and sometimes we see some bug into the game and sometimes we kill our team with car because we don't see the person travel the road for example. I hope you will take in consideration my propositions (i recommend highly to check if the second is possible, it will be a big advantage for you, for the game and the community). And i would like to say the last updates are really good
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