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  1. Its shifted towards percs now cuz ya know, crutch.
  2. There used heavily in FC, which is outside bronzie dist and heavily populated by vets
  3. They are OP (and annoy). 300 free damage so just throw a perc and you can easily make up any recent nerfs to weapons. Nfas requiring one more shot to kill? Perc it. HVR 820 damage + perc 300 damage, makes HVR viable at close range. Rockets? shoot and spam. In its current state percs are free damage for anything and everything and require no skill, why do you think they are so heavily used and hated?
  4. The issue here wasnt the pig, its the percs. Percs have always been a hard crutch that is essentially 30 free damage and the stamina drop. Pig/perc switching isnt the only switching that goes on with percs its swapped with everything cause its that big of a crutch (Nfas/perc anyone?) Percs need a nerf so they arent as big of a crutch, either add a 1 sec fuse or cut the damage and stamina damage down.
  5. That only works for ppl who have money to spend in game. For those that dont thats not an option.
  6. JT would be easier to get... if ppl actually played the game
  7. Agreed. Too many salty forum warriors disliking anything and everything, which only showed the lvl of toxicity this community has.
  8. This debate can go on forever but the fact stands that cheaters still run rampant in APB and since the swap back there has been an increase in the number of them (blatents and closets) If cheaters were under control then we wouldnt be discussing this.
  9. Duh. But they can do better then they already are. Tell me after years of the same acc ban only has it really done much besides have new accounts made to bypass the ban? Im well aware not everyone is cheating but those that are need to be caught.
  10. No how about resources get put into combating hackers so this way we can actually play games without them getting ruined.
  11. Sooooo heres a question, how can you balance anything when hitreg is non existent?
  12. There is a diff between putting in more effort and suddenly doing things that are fishy
  13. Long story short with the pop thats left such a vast segregation doesnt help it only makes it worse. East/west segregation needs to go and in all honesty green and gold servers need to go as well. Greens dont exist and the one or 2 that are around cant play in a dead district so they go to bronze where everyone else is, on the flip side all golds go to silver (when its populated) and play there so gold districts arent used. By doing this there are more districts with ppl in em vs dead ones ppl cant use.
  14. TLDR, many ppl dont turn on their hacks till they are losing so they can compensate for being bad.
  15. Its been this way a long time, prob why Jericho pop is down 50% within the last month. People dont wana play with hackers and cheaters. No amount of engine upgrade is going to solve this problem and LO needs to focus on this otherwise all this money spent on said upgrade is pointless.
  16. Exactly the point of most here. Closets continue to get away with it and nothing is being stepped up to stop them and or ban them. There are a good number of closets out there and ppl are sick and tired of them and the fact they get away with it while the same anti cheat formula is used that doesnt catch these people. The community wants more done and LO isnt listening to that plain and simple.
  17. What are morals? The fact of the matter is that this community is so toxic they dont care if ppl have a good time or not they just want to boost their own egos.
  18. Weve had BE once before in the past is what im talking about. How bout a client side, server side anticheat file monitoring and more active GMs in game?
  19. The biggest issue when it comes to hacking isnt blatents its the closet cheaters that do it and get away with it. There have been many that have closted for years and still get away with it. When BE was around there were less of them but now ive seen an increase in the number of closets. There are also still plenty of trigger bots around ive seen quite afew in Jericho FC, more then I used to. @Sakebee G1/LO has been using the same method of anti cheat for years with less then ideal results and instead of changing things to try something more effective the same thing is done, with the same results. Its part of the reason the pop is so low and new engine or not if this continues the pop wont come back. Most people also dont bother using the in game report system as its effectiveness is non existent. You send in a report on someone and all it says is your report is submitted. Theres no indication someone is actually looking into your report and weeks and months later the person reported is still playing, which just deters use of the system. The system needs tweaking so this way people can actually know the report is worth doing. Something as simple as a message from staff in your mailbox stating your report is being looked into would make ppl feel like the system is functioning and they would use it more.
  20. Honestly I prefer both. One thing that made Baylan so boring was that it was the same thing all the time, which is why Asylum is so much better. Have both of these modes in and your fine we need variety.
  21. Even then Waterfront doesnt get populated cause people dont like the district. Still impossible to progress contacts if people dont populate it on a regular basis, its the same thing in Jericho NA as well. People dont populate Waterfront cause people dont like its design.
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