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  1. He had one job reimplanting EAC but, instead he downgraded to a anti cheat that already was compromised. With EAC the only thing cheaters could use was triggerbot and WH but, that is better than getting killed in 0.4 seconds by r70 with an edgy name. Now they have both wh and aimbot. At this point i just want to see the game being declared closed so, all those psychopath cheaters lose meaning in life since there goal seems to just play blatant or closet all day long in a dead game.
  2. honestly with how slow everything is going i don't mind waiting another 4-5 years lol. They should just rebuild apb in UE 5 and shutdown the live version. Hear me out and then release it under a new name :).
  3. psychopaths already pay like 15 a month for there sub another 10 bucks to play monthly apb is 0 issues. Wont stop cheaters especially when they can go blatant with out ever getting detected with BE. Maybe with EAC its another story but pay2play wont fix anything.
  4. Clothing agent overpowered and broken? How so because you start regenerating earlier but at a slower rate? It doesn't affect gameplay that much and doesn't give you more health so, all weapons are still the same time to kill. Your logic makes no sense why it should be buffed. Your reasoning is I can't make kills with this mod on please buff meanwhile top tier players use kevlar with fartspray to be able to cheese. Its so broken that we use kevlar + pmg and fart spray and with that we can even win against blatant cheaters. What can you classify as true reliable information. Your information seems to come from your patootie. I have been playing since OBT learning the game inside out meanwhile going against the best players. Most good players know how much G1, LO has fucked up because they listen to the average players like you. It makes no sense to listen to a average player that has no idea how the game mechanics work in depth. The issue in this case sits between the chair and the monitor. Don't take this personally but, i am done with you silvers and yellows trying to destroy the game balance then it already is.
  5. Bruh kevlar is broken and its used to cheese with PMG and fart spray. Because you are bad at the game doesn't mean it needs a buff. First try to get gold lmao. Don't give Matt any idea they listened long enough to people like you destroying the balance of the game.
  6. Then you are playing the game wrong. You should always 24/7 be glued to your car (cars are still not fixed). Shields are more for when you have no aim. The instant deploy of a cover makes it unbalanced. It enables crouch spamming with ntec or other meta guns the tryhards use these days to compensate for lack of aim and movement. Consumables made the game even more inbalanced. It didn't add anything to the game then just more frustration.
  7. you mean the guy that unbanned his friends with his GM powers?
  8. Don't see anything about the anti cheat. What is a game when there are the same people blatantly cheating and also stream sniping streamers for years with out ever getting banned..... first get a normal anti cheat that isn't bypassed by a cheat from 2015 and then do your 1.3 update
  9. instantly you go about skill or some shit and that other people deal with it in a worse way. Are you stupid did you read my post? clearly not. This game ran like 30% better in 2014 and you come with that other people kick my patootie with lower fps?? What is that dumbass response. Apb brain at its finest. This game didn't get a graphical overhaul that it should run this bad now.
  10. Because G1 and you lidlorbit made minor changes to the game that somehow made the game run even shittier. In 2015 I used to have 120-140 FPS on a i7 6700k 4,5 ghz and now its around 90-100 unstable. In 2014 I had a i5 2500k and I got between 105-125 FPS I don't know what you guys do but, please revert it damn you need a i9 10900k for a dead patootie game now.
  11. From this comment alone i know you suck at the game. Go learn how to shoot in a rythm and make it muscle memory or is that to much effort lol.
  12. You know what they say git gud and now you are forced to get git gud.
  13. Bruh you must be Insult removed. - Azukii . How many people do you think I met playing this game since 2012? I got a group of real friends now that I know for years. Don't act like you are something special you are a another Insult removed. - Azukii on copium thinking this game has no cheaters problem.
  14. Funny thing is I though I knew people. The people I knew so very well and protected some turned out to be cheating so I don't get your point. Knowing someone =/= cheating I see . Because you are friends with someone doesn't mean there is not a possibility that he is cheating. Like I said good closets only toggle when they can't win or hate that person. My old "friends" never toggled against me because we are friends but, that also gave me the idea that they aren't cheating. Guess what it ended up they where cheating in the end. Your logic makes no sense it's like saying he didn du nuffin he a good boy cus i know him. get out of here this game is dead because of the consistent closeting problem because someone downgraded the anti cheat.
  15. Man you must be so shit that the closets don't even need to toggle on for you. You legit don't know what happens behind the scenes with cheats. Some closet cheaters are also good players + cheats gives them them the bigger edge. These days the old cheaters that rerolled don't toggle to everyone expect people they really don't like or know they will lose to if they don't toggle. Let me tell you been playing since 2012 in the beginning they couldn't go blatant since they though they could get banned but, now they know lidl orbit doesn't do really much other then look at griefing reports. We are so far in the game that some cheaters are actually good players and only toggle on when they go against someone they have trouble to play against or they just straight up don't like that person. They are named a closet cheaters for a reason they want to look legit.
  16. EAC did work but not fully intended. Client side it did work but server side it didn't but, even the client side had a big impact on the playability on the game it stopped a lot of cheats. Only the people with VIP cheats could still play and there where like 10 of those users from what i have seen. EAC Client side did way more then BE Client and server side combined. BE didn't stop any cheat even when it was released on day one. People where legit testing there cheats on there max ranks in baylan snapping and ttking every time. Keep deeptroathing LO.... the best they could do is just give the game EAC client side anti cheat back since the game was the most playable in those time.
  17. What i want is some moderation and a anti cheat that actually works. its not dead i though 500-600 would have rock bottom but we went tot 383 now on average. One day the population will be left with cheaters mostly just closeting against each other like monkeys.
  18. enthusiast people left the game. Old OG players who played for years left. People who believed in this game left. The 300-400 people that are left are believers on heavy dose of copium(i was a part of it) and cheaters that have fun with goin blatant because this game has no anti cheat, 0 moderation and priorities. I am done the amount walling new re rollers/bought accounts with smooth aim is just sky high they are not even hiding it. And no reporting doesn't do shit only reporting griefers are the tickets they look at. You worked on so much stuff in the live version expect for the one that mattered a anti cheat. Bring back EAC client side it did more the BE client and server side combined. Even when EAC is free for developers you guys are so greedy that you still won't touch something that is free. As a Beta veteran you guys are the same as the old G1 team feeding us promises but never fulfilling them.
  19. EAC didn't stop stuff like trigger bot but. it did stop smooth aiming/aimbotters./WH ETC. BE don't stop two of those so who cares anyway. The only ones that could keep cheating where to ones with a private cheat with like only 5 users and they couldn't go blatant like they do with BE. So i would take EAC any day over BE.
  20. You can say the same to shotguns someone can cheat and always 2 shot you. The perc issue would be the best to just remove the stamina damage from percs
  21. R195 has all the same stuff as a max rank lol. utility wise weapons probably like oscar and tommy gun isn't unlocked but who cares lol.
  22. Can you revert the LTL nerf? You made almost dead content completely dead its in its grave now. Because there where 10 chads who mastered LTL with the PIG you don't need to nerf it because people who get outplayed get mad. The issue now is you need to hit 3-4 shots with full auto LTL guns to stun someone with PIG. In that time you are probably dead before you can switch in most cases if the enemy is decent at aiming. Old situation. Pig is 1 shot yes 1 shot you need to reload after 1 shot :OOOOOOO. It has 5 meters range :000000 so broken. It has 95 stamina DAMAGE Pog if i master my aim i can beat cqc possibly but if i miss i am dead :((((. New situation. Pig is 1 shot yes 1 shot you need to reload after 1 shot :OOOOOOO. It has 5 meters range :000000 so broken. It has 675 stamina DAMAGE Pog if i master my aim with this gun i will stil die LOLOLOL THX MATT time to play the original so not overused OBEYA,AP45,frags load out... The only thing you are doing so far is buffing guns who everyone already uses but nerf guns who no one loves expect a few people. joke of a balancing LTL is useless as fuck now and 0 fun. #MakeLTLgreatAGAIN. FEELSWEIRDMAN killing content and the population at this point.
  23. Not sure if you know but the engine APB is running on is 3.0 UE instead of the 3.5 UE. UE 3 didn't have Unreal Development Kit so most of the things where custom written by Realtime worlds. From what I know there is no real documentation and it's all custom code. No one really knows how everything works besides the original developers, so using those custom codes to make content is hard and breaks a lot of things as you probably have noticed if you have been playing since 2011 and then compare that to now. G1 broke the traffic lights, tracers and the game runs very bad now if you compare to 2011 and probably more small things but yeah you get the idea. So the only hope is to port is to 3.5 and rewrite a lot of things to make it work with 3.5. After that they can actually develop new content but, i have the idea that is going take a long long time. And don't forget they bought the game the community is a freebie.
  24. Isn't it possible to export the assets/textures from APB:R and use it for APB 2? I am not a game developer so idk if that even would be easy.
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