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  1. JUST REMAKE APB GUYS?!?!??? on a more serious note, hi. how are you?
  2. No it's not. You point and click people, praying you don't get a hacker on the opposing side. It was fun. Now its dead and dying.
  3. Now that i've kinda reread the APB 2022 Roadmap, I can assume some things about the game and why it's been in the kindest of terms, shitcanned. This more or less my speculation on the matter, the hell if I know what goes on at LO. Let's knock out the obvious reasons, from COVID to the ever growing craziness that is planet earth, 2019-2022 has been a shitshow. That being said I don't think these are the major reasons APB is dying and it's staying dead (still up for speculation, but results looking grim) The best conclusion I can come up with? LO got tired of it. This IP has a terrible launch despite the diehard fans out there, while there was alot of good alot more bad overweighed it. That being said the concept isn't a bad one, its really easy to get invested in it and for the most part I even had fun (pure lies, don't believe) when I was playing with during my reign in 2015-17 and then my return in 2019-2020. LO lost interest in APB, I mean they have another game they are working on while they work on the update and remake of APB. It's not hard to see that this might be the end of this game. I know I just posted a complete meme thread not but a few days ago, but I genuinely feel bad for people who've invested in APB with their time and money, only for the Dev's to get kinda tired of it and keep everyone in the dark about it. I can completely understand why some still kinda frequent the forums and the game, in hopes LO gives them a small nugget of hope. Games kinda fun in some aspects and it was hard to put down when I was invested in it. That being said i'll end off with this. I hope that APB gets the comeback it desperately needs. I hope that LO keeps to their roadmap and you all get your super enhanced graphics and improvements. I really hope LO doesn't just flicks the switch on you lot, you direhard goons and I really hope they prove me wrong. Here is hoping.
  4. this has been the smartest post in this forum. nominate this player for president of LO, right now.
  5. But then I saw this game hasn't been updated since...the last time I was last rampant on here, which was around late 2019/early 2020 Kinda sucks hombre.
  6. I should have gone more in depth to what I was saying. Ah then I misunderstood what you were saying there. My b dude.
  7. So what are you saying that people shouldn't explore and find a weapon that they enjoy playing rather then 'N-TEC' or some other meta garbage? I'm not saying it be ignorant (like those people) i'm saying it to hopefully help someone find enjoyment in the game. My friend there are people that go out of their way to DDoS and more so ruin the gameplay everyone in any game they play. If you believe whole heartedly that there are no scripters, cheaters, and or whatever you wanna call them hiding your game or attempting to break it? I hate to burst your bubble my dude. Yes I agree with both of these. I could be experiencing lag or some sort of latency on my end or they could. That did cross my mind and i'm not completely ignorant to it. Hell there isn't a day that goes by that I don't see someone in district chat capslocked enabled shouting 'LAG!!!!!111' The second quote i'm actually new to hearing about. See I thought that was fixed but I am wrong so i'll back down on what I said.
  8. I don't believe in 'meta weapons'. As a person who runs with weird guns all the time in game and scores decent kills (sometimes) my belief on the pay2win concept is kind meh all things considered. I've seen people run with stars no mods that dominate easily, to people with rocket launchers that can't aim to save their lives (IE me). Point is weapons don't fuckin' matter, they really don't. There is a weapon for everybody in this game. Mouse wheel to shoot is an old Q2-Q3 concept, I used to run mouse wheel back when I was younger more stranger Eerie. It doesn't really make you better either. There are people to swear by it only saying "YOU'LL SHOOT TEN TIMES FASTER" and that may be the case in this game but shooting faster doesn't mean winning faster in most cases.
  9. I'll admit i've been pub stomped that hard with my friend in more then one occasion by good teamwork and now that you mention the sound bull crap, I have some sound settings to fix. HAHA i'm kidding of course. I am not saying that these people have or are cheating but, from shooting behind perfect cover to just hunting me down on a map and killing me two shots with a gun that I know doesn't kill in two shots...I dunno man, it leaves a really nasty taste in my mouth. I've seen people do some shady crap in this game and my stupid mind only tells me they are either scripting or macroing off the patootie to achieve such levels. You have to also remember, those who do whatever with code will find a way. Maybe were experiencing different matchmaking. Maybe i'm just not as good as I want to be in APB. Maybe i'm just unlucky. But the fine line is that there is a side of me that enjoys playing APB and another that really doesn't like it because of how shady everything is and that honestly sucks. Thanks for the cool reply.
  10. Of course. I wouldn't dare assume that every player better then me is cheating.
  11. I'm agree. It's why I didn't come in here guns ablazing, capslock engaged, spamming CHEATERRRRRRR in my post. I'm certain LO is doing their best to combat the issue of dirty players. But some matches...christ alive. Some matches had me shaking my head in disbelief. Maybe i'm clueless to some of the techniques used. But it had me questioning their legitimacy and their actions. hard. I feel like there are some that have slipped under the radar and are abusing crap. But I can't say with absolute certainty.
  12. I will start off by saying that I am in no way a sore loser, nor complaining in any sort of way. I came here for a honest discussion, not a fucking hanging or a personal crusade against certain players and play styles. It is frankly my last idea to complain about a video game on the dusty forums on this site. I've seen countless bitching and complaining about 'cheaters' in APB and while I believe that Little Orbit doesn't really give a rats patootie about me as a player or what I say (kindly or otherwise), I strongly feel that LO is doing their best to ban/remove/'evict' any sort of cheater or exploit user that comes into APB. This being said... I feel my last few games this holiday break i've been almost brutally pub stomped without really any sort of improvement or understanding of what i'm doing exactly wrong. Again i'm not 'The Player who called CHEATER' but some of these games made me feel like, they had the odds stacked considerably in their favor. From things like being shot beyond the sight limit, to me also being smart and using stealth or whatever sort of stealth I can to sneak up and just somehow being spotted outright every time. I could play the perfect game and I would still lose to these players or groups every time. It leaves me feeling kind of discouraged from playing. I'll be the first to admit, i'm not the most amazing APB player among the flock. I'm pretty luck warm and I rely more with a team, it's why I run duo with a friend of mine. But I know that I understand how to play, when I should push, when I shouldn't push, where i'm strong and when i'm not strong. So my TL;DR question is this, Do you as a community believe that there are people that still cheat with things like scripts and macros or do think i'm just running into really skilled players? Be reasonable. Don't be a jerk as I said above. I'm not pointing fingers.
  13. i'm loving how game is down or a few days and everyone is losing their god damn minds about the smallest of shit.
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