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  1. They just punk kids throwing salt code. Salt Coders I Would like some feedback on what they are doing to stop the Lags
  2. I feel a vast number of peps are hacking. Easy to spot, names that dont spell words, Gold Threat newb names with volcanos that i believe are stolen. Rare that you see a normal name from the past, "dds attacks' if thats what you want to label it. Seems the hax have real good luck with Jbox 13 and legits dont stand a chance getting one legitimately. I'm not happy But we all know nobody gives a flying rats pattootie about if im happy. nice game to dabble in. but i wont spend now
  3. Loitering as you say, is the attraction to the game. If i wanted to play hyper sand box id go get a sandbox shooter. Wtf is the point of emotes n cool threads if your just gonna have keep fighting. Missions take up to 20 min, n barely pay enough xp to be worth playing to start with, n i wont go into my opinion about hax. But you would rather i play tryhard all day. Then we can remove double b from the map. N if Social is the only place to go to "Hang Out' Id rather Hang Out on Skid Row, better company
  4. We appreciate the efforts to better the equipment, the updates throughout the outage. Thank You to Matt and Lixil
  5. we talkin Big HOrn Ya when somebody was around to press reset, otherwise it was down, n the last time g1 replaced a server core the game ran like shit n never got any better till LO took over. Quit raking them over the coals, last time we had to wait almost a week just to get the server/part. Shit Happens, things break. Im not happy bout the down time either but creating a shit talking thread aint gonna help.
  6. #124 Night Kill "I'm ready to confront the threat, if no one else will. Let the cultists come...and find out what Hellfire is really all about." -Mack Bolan See folks, Mack is prepared for all sorts of Warfare, including being isolated from the society of scholars I call My Frienemies due to internet spies covert hit on the data-center and the use of incendiaries upon our game server. Right next to my stash of guns and gummy rations is my collection of Books About Me. In My books I am the Gold All the time, n I always get the Girl. No pop ups, no ad's. So I'm off to Hunt Witches who are sacrificing young pure hearted innocents who attend Death Metal concerts.
  7. No Excuse, I'm Awake. n I'm thinking they moved to a row boat off Catalina n the boat sank in light sea's n the MOd tried all they could holding the antenna above the waves as long as they could
  8. How bout we get a MOd to do away with this thread, beings the title is not the fkn situation
  9. Ridiculous error code R for fkn Ridiculous i told you people to hire a Master Hacker/Writter
  10. I blame coffee. Every time i make a new pot, the games goes down. SMFH
  11. Same thing as last year, before LO took over, same shit, only it would make it to 'Loading District' n be infinite. So this is for Jericho/PC/win10/i5/GEforceGTX/Nitro5-Acer. infinite connecting to district-Fin
  12. Ah just leave it broken, ill find another game, kiss my patootie
  13. Yea, cause they loosing people, 12hrs for nothing, then we got another delay god knows how long, Ya know i hate to be a banana, but wtf is going on in that back room????
  14. i want nipple bumps or points/protrusions that simulate correct breast form with nips pushing out on the blouse/bra ect Nipple Bumps n Tow Trucks
  15. I rarely get mad over a lost mission, but im premium. So i get a nice 900 + even if i loose. I get mad over trolls and chumps. Most of the time i am a fool to my own self cause im looking to advance my roles and go in with weapons that suit my role and not the immediate mission. And i tend to go into combat with the idea that i will get wiped out EZ PZ so i try to flank, annoy. Gets Bad when team mates don't agree with your logic n start t.k.ing . Now i would love to be able to role up in FC but noone is ever there. And after 4+ years i still can't find my way around the Asylum. But as everyone knows. if ya fux with my mission ill come unglued, but not just for that moment, ill be unglued for days. Right now im mad at some cop. Not because he smashed my new Truck, not because he then turn around n come witness me for $30 bucks. Cause then he wants to go sit n wait n not turn in the loot. So I gotta wait. or go 300+ meters to kick his patootie, for 30 bucks. n this happened 3 days ago. n im still pissed So i come into the district with the idea that All of ya are that way, n probly a bunch of ya on cordtweet laughing about it, n ya can lick my right hand middle finger n note that i use cheap toilet paper with very little layering
  16. Well I think that everyone is ignoring the giant elephant in the room n willing to say it. It Must be Trumps fault.
  17. Ya the forum troll got bored n needed company
  18. u need to watch the video on the Q&A thread is a link on the first post, the sound is off at first but stay on n listen to the dude
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