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  1. i got noticeably less input lag on the beta version but worse fps in waterfront even though the input lag was way less than live. today i just went windowed fullscreen on live apb just to see if the windows update helps with live client also and it actually improved my live version's input lag aswell.
  2. when the winners win by slapping preset decals all over their entries and only use 1-2 colors for the whole suit. /facepalm
  3. makes all the other versions and other green mods "redundant" and "unnecessary" it doesnt make CA3 "overpowered" at all.
  4. I had less input lag from what i could tell than i do on live. i was able to shoot the FBW at its fastest fire rate with ease, my windows 10 is updated to the most recent build.
  5. this thread wouldnt even be a thing if the stats of each weapon were displayed within the game instead of on a website (apbdb.com)
  6. yikes lol this is what i dont like about apb.. there is too much freedom in customizing which allows people to make super out of place and ugly looking shit lmao
  7. Asylum felt better on Beta than Live Financial felt better on Beta than Live Waterfront felt worse on Beta than Live
  8. i dont like the way they go about balancing guns either. they balance certain guns around "meta" mod setups so its like a biased way to change the gun. not everyone uses IR3 and HS3 on ntec so why would balance it around that? the newest change ruined CJ3 ntec.... great, one less mod that isnt viable... first HB2 and now CJ 3 lol. same with the manic... not everyone using manic was using it with hs3 and ir3... the way you nerfed it you now have to use it with HS3 to get anytype of accuracy with it.... this gun was like a perfect gun that didnt need any red or orange mod. 1 slot manic with mobility sling was perfect and now if you want to use manic you would have to grind 10k jt or pay real money for it... nice.
  9. ur litterally crying ingame about input lag... why? lol like being on the ground level of the same area is going to magically drop my fps by 80?
  10. i just run kevlar users over all the time or crash cars into them. kevlar is a useless mod 99% of the time
  11. you guys should try making other ar's a little easier to use for their intended purposes... if ARs are supposed to be midranged guns then make them better for that. ntec is the only good mid range gun, you have all these other ARs that just plain suck at both every other range and mid range.... you have a weird long range AR star LCR that is the most shittiest weapon ive ever used... aces rifle which is like a shittier smg... frenzy which is like an ltl ntec or might as well be since its ttk is so slow.... atac which is litterally an oca you marksman with... the only ar i use now other than the ntec is the the raptor 45 which i feel is pretty nice and balanced.... other then that what else is there?
  12. i cap my fps to 120 i could get 145 there. hes mad and thinks he knows alot lol.
  13. the game runs smooth af now on live im using a config to disable most of the high graphics and lowering settings that would cause bad performance but on the beta version of the engine i just lowered some settings like shadows, and im getting 145 fps capped. really looking forward to this being released
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