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  1. so after 5 years you go back to EAC ? another trash anti-cheat that isnt going to fix whats wrong with the game? at this point just shut the game off, no one plays anyways.
  2. we been selling "NFT"s for real money for years in APB. themes, customization, clothing etc... maybe you could just modernize apb and make it legal and not against the tos.
  3. yes we can call the update "APB: smart" it would be good with the green district players
  4. when you mention good things they get nerfed
  5. changing your height is only good for changing how high your crosshair is.... if you make your character tallest you can shoot over certain cover that you cant shoot over if you are the shortest. and being short helps you shoot under cars better at certain angle over being taller.
  6. just wear all red in fc and see how many people shoot you in the back. i agree but at the same time knowing when you can hit a player is important to APB gameplay. they just need to be better at stopping this problem imo.
  7. Hey I'm genuinely curious as to why Im being meat shot by shotguns and HVRs in the back by my Brazilian teamates. I know they are brazilian because most of them have BR in their name or are in a known Brazilian Clan. It only happens when im wearing my red shirt or hat. I ask them and they say "accident" but why do they keep doing it over and over by accident? I thought BattleEye stopped the color triggerbot scripts... but I see a couple people using it alot now on NA. Its getting annoying because there are only 10 players playing on NA anymore so when 2-3 of them are using this either against me or being on my team it really sucks that I cant wear my red clothing or use my red car
  8. i remember back when twitch was in beta and people actually streamed to show off their gameplay... now its more for 'getting viewers' and making money. pretty laughable
  9. im using all textures on its lowest but the players and player vehicles are whats considered 'ultra' texture resolution. its alot easier to just see everything this way. I don't change smoke textures but I do lower the size of particles so that I can still see smoke but its not dropping my fps. on top of that i use max sharpness and i adjusted my monitor for more sharpness. playing with 1080p res, not a fan of blurred view, lower fov and dont need help with this game's laughable recoil/bloom.
  10. i know what input lag is, and not everyone here is saying that their input lag is higher. some people that actually know what they are talking about, unlike you, share the same experience as me. maybe you should look for the problem within your own PC instead of blaming it on the engine. its possible that ALOT of people are not fully updated or running a certain setup that doesnt like the engine. you ever thought about that? i played you in beta and beat the shit out of you... i had 0 probs with input lag as you can see.
  11. yeah i mean if you are downloading programs to edit apb... instead of editing apb manually then you could be at risk. even downloading "apb advanced launcher" from somewhere other than the official link is risky.
  12. yeah i tried alot of different lighting and brightness settings cause i felt the same way.
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