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  1. Start playing again? ed: I too dream about apb sometime, after nights of intense missioning...
  2. When you migrate such stuff problems always arise at start, acting like that won't help the situation. N
  3. This morning while playing had this then this Now after login loops forever in loading screen
  4. edit: ldidnt even read the message that was my fault. lol
  5. "You was" that's where you doing it wrong
  6. "This is the final countdown! LaLaLaLaa-LaLaLaLaLaLaaaaa"
  7. 1st Pinned Thread in Social disctrict, you 'll find everything.
  8. Hi everyone, Bad news - it looks like we're forced to add an additional 3 hours to the downtime. The team is positive this will be the last extension needed to bring the servers back up. Your frustration is understandable and I sincerely apologize for the wait, hopefully, this will be over soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another 3 hours, 11.30 am PT?
  9. TimeZone is the same but: in summer they use PDT -7h in winter PST -8h
  10. Her countdown is correct, countdown Servers "should" start at 9am PST which is now 7.15am countdown says 1.45 hours are missing. Also this count down shows how much left time in browswer's tabs-bar: countdown.1
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