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  1. Start playing again? ed: I too dream about apb sometime, after nights of intense missioning...
  2. When you migrate such stuff problems always arise at start, acting like that won't help the situation. N
  3. This morning while playing had this then this Now after login loops forever in loading screen
  4. edit: ldidnt even read the message that was my fault. lol
  5. "You was" that's where you doing it wrong
  6. "This is the final countdown! LaLaLaLaa-LaLaLaLaLaLaaaaa"
  7. 1st Pinned Thread in Social disctrict, you 'll find everything.
  8. Hi everyone, Bad news - it looks like we're forced to add an additional 3 hours to the downtime. The team is positive this will be the last extension needed to bring the servers back up. Your frustration is understandable and I sincerely apologize for the wait, hopefully, this will be over soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another 3 hours, 11.30 am PT?
  9. TimeZone is the same but: in summer they use PDT -7h in winter PST -8h
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