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  1. idk, read it just fine. Maybe you should be working on your reading skills.
  2. Idk, i dont have any problems with that, been a few times when it has crashed but nothing to write home about.
  3. If you have good designs they sell well, ive sold alot of them, and i asked around 650 -1.2
  4. 4k hours max rank been silver for 2k hours was bronze threat before because i had a shitty laptop running apb at 30fps and during intense firefights it fell to 10fps. Anyway im not in this game for the shooting aspect of it. Way more into this game for the cusomisation aspect, always been. People still call me a dethreater and what not. But truth is i just suck xD. I sometimes achieve gold but loose it in a couple of missions. Not on purpose tho, its just how the game goes. All my friends in this game are playing in bronze districts too so i really have no point to move into silver districts. I personally think they should just remove threat allready then the dethreat problem dissappears.tbh it shouldve been done years ago.
  5. I cant make it today, see you all next week! Have fun!
  6. NGL this sound pretty dope, wind under your wings, keep it up!
  7. Am i the only one who uses blowtorch as secondary on weaker players :P?
  8. They should just remove threat allready, extend the misery a bit.
  9. Thats like 5 in the morning for me. Edit: Whoever disliked this, i hope things get better for you in life.
  10. Bruh, ever heard of passive income? and besides taking account how much time it takes to put them on sale after every 24h, symbols make you way more money than 100k/hour of real labor.
  11. More kits for existing ones and/or a Hypercar
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