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  1. Thats like 5 in the morning for me. Edit: Whoever disliked this, i hope things get better for you in life.
  2. Bruh, ever heard of passive income? and besides taking account how much time it takes to put them on sale after every 24h, symbols make you way more money than 100k/hour of real labor.
  3. More kits for existing ones and/or a Hypercar
  4. Created an album of my growl creations, not all of them there only those that i still have pictures of, lost most of my earlier designs and alot i just havent made pictures of. Well enjoy the view. Click on the picture for the gallery
  5. Im a bit dissapointed that i couldnt log in and check it out myself, but hey it's a beta test. Live version still works fine so i dont understand what everyone is crying about.
  6. You get 3 hours instead of 30 minutes if you got premium.
  7. Well, atleast the forums are in english.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. This is why we have /ignore, if its full then you are using it wrong.
  9. "Starting off this year with a BANG, we have a bunch of information for your regarding our goals for APB in 2020!" - clicked the link to find almost no information regarding your goals.
  10. well Nivea Anti-Dandruff is great for headskin sensitivity for skin sensitivity i recommend dove tho. Or if ur a barbarian just go with AXE
  11. When Unit Game inevitably fails then LO can buy the IP back real cheap, the long con.
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