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  1. You don't have to shoot good to get kills.
  2. SeventhAce

    just explain this

    You missed most of the shots. You hit 1 and the last looks like a ghost shot or latency problem.
  3. SeventhAce

    Everything wrong

    8/10 only? You lucky lucky person.
  4. Oof you bought the Pillager.
  5. Just explained the old system to him is all.
  6. Used to be going to a district where you didn't belong you'd get a reward nerf. iirc it was 25% when you were a gold going to a silver district and 50% going to bronze. The only way to bypass this was to just click the district button on the main screen and hope you enter a lower threat district.
  7. Done the achievement, but I have not yet received the valentine quiver backpack. Am i missing something? I've gotten the day 4 titles.
  8. I have done the achievement and got the titles. Yet for some reason I haven't been able to find the Quiver. I have checked NPCs if they sell it and the clothing kiosk, both do not show it anywhere.
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