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  1. Thank you very much for this, and all the work you guys have done and are doing.
  2. Thank you so much for the communication and taking the time to actually get in there and see what what going on. It's a lot more eye-opening to experience it for yourself. Anyway, I'm interested in this celebration! Thank you for your hard work.
  3. As much as I'd want to, I can't afford to buy a lot. Maybe one day. So maybe just premium. Though, I do like that high roller clothing bonus pack and the skateboard backpack. I'd probably get mostly cosmetic items, rather than guns. And probably joker boxes because they're fun to open.
  4. Same here. I simply can't afford to buy an entire pack of stuff just for a couple items I'd actually use. Anyway, I want to thank LO for all the details and communication. It makes us all a lot more hopeful. I love this game, and I can't wait to see what it can become.
  5. I fully agree with all of this. I love APB's customization as is, but I do wish there were more options like this. The height and weight sliders only do so much. Also, I really hope they do more with the hair too.
  6. It does take time, and practice. Same with your aim and everything else (though that is something I still struggle with). I'm nowhere near as talented as a lot of people on here when it comes to customization, but I often look at others and get ideas and try to come up with things. I only recently figured out how to make skin tone symbols to put on clothing, and I'm really proud of myself. So, I think you'll definitely get there one day. But I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying yourself! I hope you continue to have fun with the game!
  7. Ooh, I really like this one! And your little dancing cursor
  8. Moruci

    Evocati (Criminal)

    If you're interested in joining, head over to our Discord (link in OP)! :)
  9. I would recommend going to Options on the launcher (bottom left) and clicking Repair. If it continues to show the same error, have a look at this: https://wikifixes.com/errors/0x/0xc000009a/
  10. They all look amazing! You're incredibly talented!
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