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  1. Lixil and IT are aware of the situation.
  2. A couple things come to mind when you bring up that issue. Firstly, I'd open Task Manager while playing and see if anything is running causing the game to lose FPS dramatically. It's definitely possible something is clogging up your CPU usage and could affect APB due to it being a very CPU intensive game. Secondly I'd use a different program to monitor your CPU temperatures. Not because the one you're using is unreliable but it's always good to get a different sample from multiple sources. I've had this issue before and it ended up being my CPU cooler that was failing; causing it to throttle so it didn't melt. Considering you said you formatted your PC to try and fix this issue I'd say it could definitely be a hardware failure. Additionally, you could run your PC through some CPU tests with CineBench or other stressing software to see if it is a hardware issue. Hope this helps.
  3. This explains the forums downtime.
  4. Have you tried backing out to the launcher and repairing your game?
  5. I've been experiencing it too. Flying out into the street when I am trying to peek a corner is not fun. Hoping it gets resolved soon.
  6. I've done all of your suggestions. My OS is a brand new install on an M.2 SSD so I don't think that's the issue. Thanks for the help, though!
  7. I have two odd bugs when launching my game from Steam. One is that it always reinstalls DirectX when I boot the launcher. This takes like 30 seconds which can get annoying. The second bug is every time I hit "PLAY", after it's done with DirectX, it opens my internet browser with a page saying "LIKE us on Facebook!" with a piece of art from APB and a blank box. Is this common or just me? Any way to fix it?
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