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  1. You´re absolutely right. Our Obir "Vlidivostok" is garbage now and nobody would pay real money for it now. The should at least change that preset IR3.
  2. What do u think i am doing? You even reached max rank? I guess no and just to tell you this takes more than 3 hours. I know how to play the game but not the 2 low ranks you get for 1 max rank enemy
  3. Im playing since 2010 best character is gold threat R130. But i had a max rank character until my account got hacked and the character deleted. Thats why i want to have something like an account Rank (not the threat its useless) which is used for matchmaking. So I would weight more in matchmaking.
  4. Threat tells you nothing about a plyers skill. (dethreaters, only 1 game can make the difference between gold and silver...) So theres only the Rank left to tell anything about your opponents strenght which is harder to manipulate (you could pledge to a max contect but would not unlock new stuff but you cant decrease your rank). A high rank means high play time which is very important in this game so you know all the positions and how to engage enemies in that positions, you know which weapon to use in which situation, you have better weapon handling, access to more mods..... To say that rank is not the best option to base the matchmaking on. But its by far the best option which is already in the game right now to get a decent matchmaking. I often see a team of 2 or 3 max rank enemies versus my team with much lower guys (like me + R50 + R70 + R120 versus R255 + R255 + R220). It doesnt help us to have 1 more guy in the team and at the end the GOLDEN R120 will have max 1 or 2 kills because the max rank guys destroy the low ranks so hard. Or a match me + R255 versus 3x R60 none of this R60 guys had a kill. In my opinion this is the reason why newer players quit or stop playing the game. Because they want to win games and get some kills too but this matchmaking system higly favors high rank players.
  5. Thats why i said this rank should be account wide. The gold silver bronze threat should be removed and only rank based
  6. THIS IS WHAT THE GAME NEEDS! 90% Agreed! In APB your strenght comes so hard from play time. And make the level account based so a max rank player will always be 255 no mather if he creates a new character I only would change the rank restrictions like: 1-195 = bronze district 196-254= silver district 255= gold district
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