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  1. Hi all, I meant to post the stats on Friday like normal, but missed it. Instead here are the stats from this morning with a small disclaimer. We tend to be at our worst on Mondays, since tickets accrue over the weekend when less staff are working. As of today, there are 1,064 total tickets open (unsolved) which is slightly higher than last time. However there are only 773 total tickets that have not been touched (contacted). That is substantially less than last time (even more so because its Monday). As of this morning, Customer Support was following up on tickets from March 7th, which means we've been able to pull the response time in to slightly more than 1.5 months. If your ticket is older than that, and we have not reached out, then I recommend updating your ticket and asking for status. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi all, Apologies for the extended maintenance. Servers are back up. Thanks, Matt
  3. It's actually both. Sorry for the confusion. Teams have the option of collecting PDAs and choosing blocks to close to get large amounts of cash. But if they don't, the game will close down blocks at random. The plan is to also sell he RIOT Pass on its own, and for players who have Premium, you'll get the discount.
  4. There has been a lot of planning and work done on the rollout. We need to properly test and tweak RIOT with the community, which is why we are rolling it out now. My hope is that we can line up the official launch with the engine upgrade, and then kick off all the marketing.
  5. Essentially there are 10 contact levels that all players can progress through each season. All players will get the rewards for reaching each level. Sometimes those are APB$ and sometimes those are items. These are entirely free. RIOT Pass players will also get RIOT tokens at certain contact levels that can be spent to get additional Premium items from the RIOT Shop. Over time, once we have enough items in the shop, we'll start rotating older items out and adding them to ARMAS. We might possibly do the same with the seasonal free items. We haven't locked in the pricing, but let's assume that RIOT Pass costs $5.99 (it will definitely be less than Premium is right now). Then players who have purchased that pass and been able to achieve all 10 levels will have tokens they can spend for a couple items in the RIOT Shop that might later be available in ARMAS for $9.99-$19.99 each. In other words, our hope is to make RIOT a less expensive way to get premium items. We're also lowering the cost of Premium (pricing hasn't been locked in), but let's say the new price is $6.99 ($1 less than it is now). In this example, all players will benefit from less expensive Premium. And there will be a new 2 month Premium deal for $13.99 that includes the RIOT Pass for free. Those players will get less expensive Premium benefits and access to the RIOT shop for no extra cost. EDIT: We didn't include any pricing examples in the blog, because I think it would have further confused people. However I am using hypotheticals here to illustrate our overall goal.
  6. I think there are a percentage of players who love the idea of exclusive items that they earned and no one else can get. Alternatively, there are players like you that hate exclusive items. I'm actually more in your camp right now, but Little Orbit lives in G1's shadow. We are applying a lot of caution in what we choose to put in ARMAS until we can get more free content into the game. Anything we release specifically to ARMAS needs to have a nice well designed, feel to it. Having said that, I also have no problem giving players a chance to earn items for free during a time limited period, then putting those things on ARMAS later, as long as we don't do it right away. For me, going straight to ARMAS cheapens the effort of some players who spent time to earn the rewards. Additionally there are a *small* amount of things that I do want to keep exclusive, but most of those shouldn't be desirable outside of the players who participated. I acknowledge that we haven't followed this strategy yet, but mostly because enough time hasn't passed yet, and some of the items we have given away so far aren't really ARMAS-worthy. Thanks, Matt
  7. Clearly you're frustrated by some of my decision making, and for that I apologize. All of the paid pass or extra token elements will launch down the road. So we have time to continue tweaking them prior to launch in order to be easier to understand. But we intentional did not toss new things in ARMAS, since that's what our predecessors focused on. Instead we decided to add a fair amount of new content for free to everyone who wants to play the new mode. RIOT is separate just like Fight Club. No need to play that mode if you don't want to. Additionally, we've built in a way to skip any seasons you're not interested in, which allows players to quickly grab the stuff they might want. Initially 15 Tokens will be enough to get everything in the RIOT shop. However, over time we might add enough that players will need to choose. Ultimately we'll work with the community to determine the right amount of balance there.
  8. Hi all, As promised, we've just put up the full walkthrough on RIOT. You can check it out here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/4/19/riot-rundown The goal of this article is to provide as much information going into Wednesday's stress test and Friday's open testing of the mode. This mode has undergone lots of changes during development and testing. Some of the territory control elements have been changed. We still want to introduce those mechanics, but it's more important to launch with something simple and fun before we add anything else. Our hope is that each season we can change one central gameplay element to keep the mode fresh. With this in mind, I view RIOT as something that we can build and evolve alongside the community members that enjoy it. For those that don't enjoy Battle Royale style games, then this likely wont be for you. Just know that RIOT != APB. I walked through some of my thoughts in yesterday's blog. This is a very specific way to get new content to the players, but we fully intend to roll out new missions and contacts to the main game once the engine upgrade goes live. Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi all, I made an update in my blog yesterday, but I'll repeat it here. Innova / 4Game have made every attempt to retrieve the payment backups, but they have been unsuccessful. According to them, it is impossible to send that data now. We are looking at other options. In the meantime I am going to unpin this thread, and I'll make a new one once we have a new plan. Thanks, Matt
  10. Everyone with Key to the City will get the 420 symbols and decals. I had to look up the Designer VIP pack, because it was removed from ARMAS before we took over. Based on the wording, it looks like the pack was a 50% discount on the existing symbols and decals at the time, and didn't include future symbols or decals. However, we might update the VIP pack itself to include all the symbols and decals so far, and then re-release it. Thanks, Matt
  11. Hi all, Email from APB is hit or miss across the board - this includes the Forgot Password emails as well. This started for us since GDPR last year when we had to spam 9 years of players. I have found that some providers direct our newsletters to spam because they have links to the site in them. Others direct them to quarantine. I recommend going to webmail for your provider and seeing if you can find the quarantine folder and then whitelisting our email address. Thanks, Matt
  12. Hi all, The tier 2 weapon skin is nearly complete. As soon as we have it tested properly, we’ll send out the codes. Thanks for your patience, Matt
  13. Apologies. There was miscommunication about the event explanation and rewards post. We corrected it as soon as possible.
  14. This is fair criticism. The plan is to revisit the ToS and EULA prior to launching 3.5, so that we can provide the concrete ruleset that the community is looking for. We're close enough now that I didn't see the point in amending the rules and then amending them again once the engine upgrade comes out.
  15. Hi all, It's been two weeks since the last update. As of today, there are 1,025 total tickets open (unsolved) which is slightly less than last time. There are 828 total tickets that have not been touched (contacted) which is slightly less than last time. We're adding two more supporters next week. As of yesterday, Customer Support was following up on tickets from Feb 15th 2019. If your ticket is older than that, and we have not reached out, then I recommend updating your ticket and asking for status. Thanks, Matt
  16. Hi all, I think this thread has gone far enough. I’m not sure what the role was for SPCT in the past, but they are focused exclusively on RIOT and the engine upgrade for us. They are volunteers, and none of them were asked to look at the Easter event. The misfire lies with Little Orbit. The team is stretched a little thin, and we simply misconfigured the Easter district for the wrong ruleset during the patch. None of our QA staff were online early enough to catch it. Thanks, Matt
  17. Hi there, Reloaded Games has nothing to do with APB or FE. I assume that no one has updated the site since the acquisition. Thanks, Matt
  18. Hi all, Sorry for the confusion. I am hoping to get some screenshots out soon. We have 2 blockers at the moment. Thanks, Matt
  19. Hi guys, Just letting you know I’m catching up on this thread. Thanks, Matt
  20. Hi there, Clarification: Reloaded Games is a different entity from Reloaded Productions. We bought Reloaded Productions Inc and Reloaded Productions Limited but not Reloaded Games. Thanks, Matt
  21. Hi all, I think this thread has run its course. We are still working out how to handle Nekrova. Thanks, Matt
  22. I like Hawken, but it has deeper issues that need to be re-worked. I think we have our hands full at the moment. Ah yes. ‘The Heavy’ was a small UK-based gangster film with Vinnie Jones. A friend of mine brought a nearly finished game project to us based on the movie, and we were briefly going to publish it. The project had a GTA feel, and it was very ambitious. It’s been many years now, but I seem to recall we ultimately didn’t do the project based on development issues and quality with the game.
  23. Hi all, I’m afraid, I’m quite boring. Ran technology companies for the last 20 years. I am a programmer by trade and have worked in most languages but mostly c++ and csharp. Started game development 16 years ago. Became a publisher about 9 years ago and mostly developed and published kids games. 2 years ago I decided to change the focus of Little Orbit and moved the company into original IP and digital games. Thanks, Matt
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