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  1. Hi all, We’ve got a hardware issue with one of the FE servers. The team is working on it. Update as of 5am PST: estimating another 6 hours. Update as of 7am PST: we are back up Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi all, I have been fairly tolerant of this thread, but I think it has gone far enough. Hopefully the participants feel that the topic was discussed enough. I’m going to go ahead and lock it now. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi there, We have fixed this issue. Should be working better now. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi all, We fixed an issue that was disconnecting players in Sector 3 and elsewhere. Things should be working better now. Let me know. Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi there, Unfortunately you’ll have to open a support ticket at http://support.gamersfirst.com for us to help with this. Thanks, Matt
  6. MattScott

    Loss of Premuim

    Hi there, This really shouldn’t happen. Would you mind opening a ticket at http://support.gamersfirst.com? We’ll try to take a look at your account and see what is happening. Also, I wasn’t aware we had any 15 day Premium codes active. Thanks, Matt
  7. MattScott

    Mailbox of Death

    Hi there, Please open a ticket at http://support.gamersfirst.com and give us as many details as possible including the character name. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi there, We are working on this issue. Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi there, Unfortunately there is no ability to track your issue and do proper support on the forums. Please open a ticket at http://support.gamersfirst.com and give us as many details as possible. We are doing the best we can to drive support times down. Thanks, Matt
  10. Hi there, We are looking at this issue. Thanks, Matt
  11. MattScott

    Merge failed

    Всем привет, Если вы видите эту проблему, пожалуйста, создайте заявку на http://support.gamersfirst.com и дайте нам имя персонажа. Спасибо, Matt
  12. MattScott

    Error code 4

    Hi all, If you’re seeing this issue, please open a ticket at http://support.gamersfirst.com and give us the character name. Thanks, Matt
  13. I have posted many times on why we couldn’t bring across all the weapons. That was never the plan. Even with the limited scope, it took months to identify and test everything we did migrate.
  14. Hi all, The basic migration is done. G1C compensation hasn’t been done yet, and we are still looking into transferring mail with attachments. Thanks, Matt
  15. I appreciate the testing and feedback. We are working on a number reported issues from the patch. Thanks, Matt
  16. Hi there, We are working on a number reported issues from the patch including the shield. Thanks, Matt
  17. Hi all, We hand delivered the first couple codes and immediately learned that the ARG skin didn't work on Secondaries, so we stopped sending codes until it can be fixed. Thanks, Matt
  18. Hi all, Unfortunately, as has been my continuing experience with APB, the devil is always in the details. Our QA team turned up a significant problem late today with the migration, and I need to delay this just a little longer. At this point, once we have all the kinks sorted, we’ll notify everyone of the down time and do the merge that evening on Citadel’s off time. Thanks, Matt
  19. Hi there, This is a frustrating bug, and it has been equally frustrating to fix. We are working on it. Thanks, Matt
  20. Hi there, We are working with Vivox on this issue, but we have gotten mixed feedback from players on whether it is working again or not. Can you retest? Thanks, Matt
  21. We adjusted the drop rate for xbox JMBs too. But JMB21 and JMB22 are not yet supported on console till we get an update approved.
  22. Edit: these are not coming over in the merge because they are not available to the general public.
  23. There was some confusion with 4Games initially, because they claimed they had sent all the data. I pointed out we have character and account data, but not financial data. This took a couple messages back and forth to clarify what I was looking for, but once I explained that I am looking for all the financial transactions for each account, they denied my request. I cannot explain why you were able to get these transactions. They told me the data does not exist and that their IT group could not restore it from a backup.
  24. Hi all, I appreciate Cookie pointing out the actual rules, as he understands them. I’m not honestly sure if we are obligated to disclose the odds or not, but it’s the right thing to do, and I’m glad publishers are supporting this effort. I acknowledge the awkward timing of my decision with the new requirement from Microsoft and Sony. Sometimes you just can’t move fast enough. We had already launched JMB 22 with a significantly different drop rate for the New Glory to see what kind of impact it would make. We went from .5% up to .8%. Based on the reports I was given, I felt we could do better. The news on loot box requirements simply forced us to announce the change sooner than later. Thanks, Matt
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