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  1. That's ok, I am an evironment aritst so I know how long things take, if it was 3rd person you could make things less detailed I suppose. You can make a building in a few days if you had all the assets made, it's building the asset library that takes the time, a lot of time. I applaud you trying to make something, but I would start small, don't try to do what normally a 100 person dev team would do in 2-3 years by yourself!
  2. You've linked my topic here for some reason, which you're posting your work in, I'm not remaking apb, don't give people false hope please. You'd be lucky to make one building in 10 weeks let alone a whole city!
  3. It was done in photoshop. I take a screenshot in game and bring it in, then layer photos on top, using the persepective tool, layer blend modes and opacities. Brightness/contrast etc to match tones and values and all that. Then a bit of post-processing/sharpen/vignette and voila. So no there isn't more it's just this static image. I made a gif for you of the process. This isn't acutally how it's made in order, I'm just unhiding the layers one by one but it should give you a rough idea. Glad you like it! https://i.imgur.com/kzBwiyK.gifv
  4. While we wait for that fateful day when APB will be the shining light on the hill and end all the world's problems, I made a thing. I'm planning on cooking this up in UE5 just to torture us all a bit further, we can take it!! Kaspar Danko's 2.0 BEFORE AFTER
  5. I think you do a great job and should keep it up, I've only just found your stuff but I think it's quite inspiring. I'm working on some stuff too, we can only hope that we can help improve the game, if that ever happens it was worth it, screw the nay-sayers.
  6. Did this get created in the end? The link is dead.. I am doing some environment concepts that I will hopefully share soon..
  7. does anyone have any ripped environments from the game with textures they can share? Going through that process sounds like a proper mission if it's even still possible...
  8. So I've got this right, is this about the size of it in a nutshell?
  9. I think it's really rude to say that, when Matt and others are crunching their asses off to try and push this through for years. You come along and say oh they're just lying and not really working hard, that's one way to guarantee the engine upgrade never comes out, when the most loyal supporters of the game (forum users) are no longer supporting the devs. If I was a dev and read what you just wrote, it might make me want to just quit, so maybe just don't say stuff like that if you ever want to see this come out? I mean, we literally played the engine upgrade last year, why does everyone say it's never coming? They had to strip back some systems further and rebuild in order to get the lighting fixed which was a big bottleneck for performance, it looks like they have now basically done that. Yeah the "screenshots" that Matt is putting up don't look good cos there's currently no lighting, but give it a couple more updates and I bet you'll see it coming together really quickly from now. I am a game dev, so I really appreciate the updates Matt puts up from a technical stand point, but probably they are doing more harm than good to the people who just scroll down to the pictures and don't know what they're looking at.
  10. Thanks to the team on APB for all the hard work on the engine upgrade, I am a game dev myself and know how much goes into it. I am patiently waiting for the release, even though I'm not actively playing, I have a few friends who are also eagerly awaiting the return to create new characters and experience the game again. I first played on RTW beta around 10yrs ago, and haven't found a game since that offered the same experience. It will get done, and it will be good, thanks again.
  11. I assume they'd just update APB Reloaded to the new engine and assets once it's ready, just like the current engine upgrade
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