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  1. Looking for someone in EU, who has a watch unlocked and could make 4 of them like this. Ill pay 40k for your time.
  2. imV

    Want to join USEC clan

    Trying to find USEC clan to join.
  3. imV

    New Interface Design

    Thats what i wanted to do at first, and somehow it turned into this mess
  4. imV

    New Interface Design

    I know, it looks bad. Its ugly. Really rushed this one. In my mind it looked different. I'm making a better version.
  5. imV

    New Interface Design

    What if we could have different loadouts in a character section? Outfits, mods, themes, symbols..
  6. imV

    New Interface Design

    It's not how i imagined it. Its just an example. It is a bit ugly.
  7. imV

    New Interface Design

    This game seriously needs a new makeover. And i mean, Seriously. The old design is so boring and brutally mundane. For now i only have 1, bad quality image. I could make more, but not sure if i should remake the whole game. Devs should really consider this after but first they fix all the core problems. If they like the idea, i'll remaster the whole game design. I still believe in them. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/832569317266686002/1062081519805530163/apb_inventory.png
  8. imV

    Apb premium

    I've contributed a lot of ideas, maybe they will be used, maybe not. But money. Naah man. I need money to buy bread, i'm not paying for game stuff no more. Paid enough to this game already. I was never mad as the devs, i'm aware it takes time to fix this mess. Maybe there re better way to help the devs.
  9. I've heard that some others are cosplaying as him too. I want to see. Doesn't matter if the cosplay is done ironically. I'm interested. Me, personally, i've done it unironically. He helped to change my life, so of course i would do something like this. If i do cosplays, i take them seriously, and i don't care about being criticized for "this" character.
  10. Whats not normal with them now? I dont even remember how they were in the past.. How are they different now?
  11. imV

    APB: Most Wanted

    true. Sadly...
  12. imV

    APB: Most Wanted

    I was thinking, that apb was being reloaded for far too long. If it actually gets revived and remastered, maybe it should have a new name? I thought, that most wanted fits the best. And the new game could actually have a 'most wanted' rank, and only one player of each faction could have it. Idk, maybe you could achieve it by having most daily kills, or least deaths, or winning most missions, or something, idk And before you write a 'need for speed' comment, just know that "most wanted" and "apb" are crime related terms, so it has absolutely nothing to do with need for speed. This was my first attemt to make a new logo. Looked way better in my head, i would need to make something better than this mess, but eeh...
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