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  1. I have heard things about a new apb reloaded coming and my only question is if you plan on scraping apb reloaded and only keeping the customization side and getting rid of all of the contacts / progress / items / cars etc that would decrease population as soon as you released the new game and my thought is maybe you guy's could come up with a process such as it's like refunds but its more like ingame currency for people who have spent tons of money on this game and basically it would be like a compensation method of keeping old players that have spent tons of money on this game another way of keeping population is figuring out how to transfer account data from character to character that way people do not entirely lose everything such as money themes and songs if you plan on remaking apb i would suggest that you also make it more with story driven and more new comer welcome also i believe with this game that has great potentional it is the only game of its kind to have unique customization such as clothing designing car designing theme making song making and so on i liked the concept of it i just feel it needs more diffrent types of game modes such as one map could be open world free for all like riot except they had teams or like the halloween event that g1 had where people had to work together to survive then you could have a whole new rework of missions and maybe make voice chat exist in the next upcoming apb .
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