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  1. Not sure but scovs is most memorable guy for me, didn’t met famous skillers much tho.
  2. APB itself is one big game of nostalgia...
  3. It's a life saver when you're in the middle of the road... thanks to terrible map making, we have a lot of open spots like these. In case of some other situations? Nah, you'd most likely getting naded or shotgunned lol.
  4. Pay to grief? More like GTAO‘s motto lol.
  5. Check the news, there’s no engine update until they unfreeze it. New something probably coming soon...
  6. They forgot about Armas half a year ago.
  7. It’s been less than a week lol, r u serious?
  8. So, they gonna do something with current version of the game now? ffs rly...
  9. Aren’t game already sold to some sort of fake Chinese company? If yes, it is the end... right?
  10. There’s not gonna be any new content until the engine, but better yet, LO can’t provide us simple qol changes which is just a few numbers in code lol...
  11. Well, before unsegregation we had relatively stable pop, only then we started rising it, then we started losing it again (approx. after Halloween event ended).Perhaps people quit due to even more terrible matchmaking, add some closet or not closet cheaters up here. Add some average apb problems had since release and here we go.
  12. You know situation is really bad when Cuve himself starts these topics...
  13. idk, i got bored on 9th char agreed with glaciers tho
  14. So true, LO won’t take any actions against cheaters unless you spam them hard with reports/support tickets.
  15. I’ve seen this guy once... in the chat.
  16. Same... i didnt played any mission today means i never lost. ez.
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