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How have LO changed the game?

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Sorry if this question has been answered before.

I've been AFK from APB;R for a while now, and have not been updated on whats going on with it. I'm wondering, since LO became the new owners, what have they added/changed/removed etc?



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here's a nice list 

On 8/29/2019 at 1:23 AM, Snubnose said:

well, since LO took over there have been quite some changes... sure, no real gamechanger, but I wouldn't call it minor.

  • trading system
  • yukon fix
  • HVR nerf
  • some more underpowered guns buffed
  • finished the RIOT mode RP has left over (I enjoyed it for a few days, but it's nothing APB can have as a main gamemode)
  • showstopper legendary + regular version
  • new glory legendary
  • a nice set of new decals
  • tons of guns permanently available for JT's
  • a few new weapon skins
  • nice price reductions on armas overall (even though it could be cheaper.. maybe if the game ever grows bigger...)
  • better customer support (not as useless as the old RP one, but with higher wait times)
  • got rid of the falsebanning trash anticheat called fairfight - replaced.
  • rebalanced some deployables slightly - could use more work though.


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