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  1. I can understand their need for income cause surely nobody want to work for free on this.. but it would have been a way better move when Matt would have posted before. Show us something that you are making significant progress on important things like Matchmaking(!!!) and new content/balance/fixes. Would love to support matt and the devs but I dont even have motivation to play in its current state.
  2. I can get to district join page and after it says connected it goes right into exiting mode and stays stuck there..got to kill it with task manager
  3. For me a big factor are the spawns in this again..not fun when half of the round you spawn and die immediatly. Also the fact that it can drop to under 50 fps can ruin the fun for me. The event at all isnt that bad but those things make it way to random to farm it every day for weeks I think..just my opinion
  4. I hope this time it wont give blue screens again at game start like it did before you changed to Eac. Not sure if this was a win7 issue tho..hope it was so Im safe on win10
  5. Has anybody else noticed the hitreg beeing way more off in the last 3-4 weeks? I know its always been a big problem in this game but at this point it just becomes too much and its definetly not my connection. Cant count how often I put a half mag into people where I clearly see all hitmarkers but they just dont seem to take much damage at all. So whats up with all the damn ghost shots lately? Really cant imagine Im the only one noticing this
  6. increase at least the bunny spawns.. the event is already random enough and it takes ages to get enough eggs for just 1 rank
  7. Same for me..gets stuck at 0 bytes on apbeditor.u.zip Didnt help :(
  8. This^^ Exactly...and I think it also makes the game way more boring when literally almost every mission becomes an ntec sweatfest sooner or later. The game has so much more guns that are good and fun to play but much people dont even think about using them because meta guns like ntec. I mean why give yourself a challenge when you can have easy kills most of the time right?
  9. This happenend to me 3 times now in 2 rounds of the 3 I played. They should really lower the hazmard suit countdown to 20-25 secs and put more of them on the map. Also there are lot parts of the map that seem completly empty without any loot at all. No weapons money or anything. I think you guys should increase the amount of loot on the map. Those 2 things would imrpove the alot for me.
  10. Im having the exact same problem here on Windows 7. Sometimes its Driver overran stack based buffer and one time I had a bluescreen with ram error..only happening with APB.. the ram Bsod happened on OTW client yesterday after I got stuck at district spawn loading and closed the game with task manager and then restarted it. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes Bsod on apb start right after the spash screen opens :S This never happenend to me before like 2 weeks ago so I assume its maybe caused by one of the last patches that cause this Battleye Bsod for win7 users. Can a Mod tell about this to Matt again pls?
  11. Normally I dont Like BR at all but I must admit I really like the mode. Probably cause its still APB^^ One thing I really noticed are the kinda broken spawns. I did 6 rounds yesterday and in 3 of them I lost 1 or even 2 lives because the game spawned me in middle of fighting people with primarys so I didnt even had a chance to go for cover or fight back. Iam not sure if you guys at LO can do this with the current engine but maybe try to put in some checks where the spawn system makes sure you only spawn at least 100m away from any enemys. To make this spawn check also work at end of round when only 1 or 2 blocks are free, make the game spawn you in a toxic block but with automatic hazard suit enabled so you have a fair chance to leave the toxic block and get back to fight. Oh and pls add some more sounds to the map it feels kinda too silent. And also a increase of random weapons over the whole map would be great
  12. Just was able to go to district select but had infinite connecting to financial..saw a few peole on there tho
  13. Yes it should be disabled.. I really would like to farm at least a few ranks of the event. But always waiting for this stupid event to end is kinda driving me away. Dont even wanna talk about that 15 ranks of this egg role are waaaay to much. Also whats the jt rewards for ranking up and at which lvls we get them?
  14. There still seem to be problems..just got randomly disconnected while playing asylum on Citadel...now it says my account is in use by another client but I guess this will go away in 15mins. Hope you guys gonna have this server problem fixed soon
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