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  1. get a 4x4 and stick to a 1 slot star with mobility sling
  2. Eh can u increase the magazine capacity of cap 40 by 2 rounds and make it 30 ... OCD chips away at my soul when I play this gun.
  3. Yea I really prefer the left variant of whisper, all in all, I think LO should consider remodeling some of the existing guns, some models are seriously outdated and need an update. for instance, in the description, whisper comes with a "reflex sight" not a high power scope same as the hvr
  4. I'd really like agree with this one, they need to add 2 more rounds to the mag and bump it up to 30, only to soothe my life crippling OCD. Please little orbit I beg you @MattScott.
  5. My network latency has been the same as before the Easter patch, so my network and provider is fine, and I don't have latency-related issues in other games. to be exact it's not random disconnects or lag spikes, pre-patch I had constant 80-95 ms latency (to citadel) but now it consistently stays above 220 ms (no spikes). I'll send the log file as soon as I can, however I have one question, is there a specific title I need to use for my ticket as to not get stuck in the 3 week wait time?
  6. so after the Easter patch I'm experiencing a massive increase in my latency, just wanted to see if you guys have seen this or not
  7. idk why but after this update my latency is through the roof, again.
  8. How can I disable muzzle flash through advanced launcher? I've seen people stream with no muzzle flash and I wanna know which settings I need to disable in advanced launcher. Thanks.
  9. honestly I feel like I got scammed on this pack, would trade it for juggernaut in a heartbeat, shame I can't refund it. This pack in it's entirety is inferior to juggernaut.
  10. sometime about Q1 2014, (more like 2024) ...
  11. I'd really like to see a 3 slot CAP 40 on jt store
  12. I'd really like to help but someone's gotta pay rent lol
  13. Hey @MattScott hope you're doing well, I don't know if you read this or not but here it goes ... Thanks for being there for us, I know APB has been a bumpy road and that you've had many setbacks, just wanted to let you know that personally I am grateful for all the things you've done so far. Thank you for saving one of my all time favorite games. Best of luck to you and your team - A loyal long time APB fan
  14. get the kraken, if u r into ntec gameplay, reminds me of prenerf ntec
  15. yea there's one on jt store as a matter of fact, pr1 if I'm not mistaken. about 5 k-ish so if he has like 10 k stored, he can use the rest to get a secondary to match with it
  16. u literally said u were bad and are talking about getting a weapon "pros" use haha
  17. get a whisper or a raptor and pair it with nano
  18. I think they should change some stats on the CAP-40, since OCA is getting reworked, balancing Cap-40 could add more diversity to the SMG meta of the game. As of now specially in fight club, apart from shotguns, OCA and PMG are the dominant weapon choices while there are other SMGs that have the potential to diversify the niche and add variety. I think they should add 4 rounds to the magazine, increase accuracy by a bit, keep the same rate of fire and bloom. Since Cap-40 fills the gap between the spammy spray and pray OCA and the RNG of PMG, I think a balanced and capable middle ground can be used to add more spice to CQC situations. The reason I think CAP 40 should be worked on next instead of other SMGs is that a lot of people have it on their account unlike manic and the one you get fro pack of revelations or pretty much any other SMGs. Feel free to share your opinions.
  19. Back when the game was managed by gamers first (iirc around 2015), my main account was banned like countless others due to punkbuster going ham. It took them a year or so notice the issue and rollback the bans. That's why I created another account, I actually spent some money on it, it would be great if I can have everything on one account. don't you think you're a bit too judgmental for someone whose username strongly resembles a male reproductive organ?
  20. just a tip if you're on a budget go with the normal pmg since the reskins are slightly more expensive, or if you have spent money before you can buy other things and get a cbmp bolt as loyalty reward
  21. Muzzle brake, hunting sight 3 and 3 point sling 3 I suppose, though the last one can be changed with whatever you're more comfortable with.
  22. What if you have 2 different accounts on citadel?
  23. I don't think it is ever commin back
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