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  1. Yeah, i have a rope for apb, and also a tree. There there apb.
  2. Hid in LO's Basement. Last one seen there was Tiggs, and then we all know she went poof too
  3. That's basically it. The game has been left to rot after they saw themselves trapped in a corner. If they're about to turn back around and re-do things, they should at least keep getting us updated. Now they just hid in the shadows, and nothing else has been said ever since. Even Matt himself isn't posting anything else. That's a major letdown for me.
  4. Matt doesn't even post week updates or even month updates anymore... as if we weren't in it before, we are offcialy in a limbo state. *Matt enters Tiggs' ninja mode*
  5. Well, this is a big letdown for me. I was waiting for the new engine like everybody else, but, to see that they will spend time revamping the actual version instead of keep the focus on the new one, i feel like we are about to enter inside a dark hole we're not going to leave for some good long time. They decided to apply some bandaid on the actual broken version, because the other new-but-yet-broken one is giving them headaches. Well, news is that the actual one will yet give them headaches, but with some shiny "new" stuff added to it. APB got ran over. Doctor starts a conversation: Doctor says: "Hey, your legs are in critical condition. Your left leg is critically injured, it's 99% doomed and we'll have to chop it off. But hey! Right leg is injured, but if we give it some more care and attention, it will stabilize, so you'll likely have to ampute only your left leg. If we try to save your doomed left leg, you'll lose both with plus a 100% of death too." APB says: "No Doctor, leave my right leg in standby, and save my left leg!" Doctor says: "But... you'll los..." APB says: "FIX MY DOOMED LEFT LEG!!" *Patient ends up dying because tried to save a leg with no salvation* That's LO trying to bandaid the actual doomed version.
  6. If they ever sell it, it should be sold to Epic Games. Isn't the game made using Unreal Engine? Maybe Epic would give it a little extra care...
  7. We could get a mega "last post about Engine Upgrade of the year" before the year finally comes to an end. Last post by Matt was on December 03rd, since then everything went dark. Waiting for some love from Matt
  8. My favorite clothing pieces are: Devil Dog's outfit WASP Customizations Fingerless Gauntlet gloves that we can't have yet
  9. I'm sure people are still around forums somehow, but just pass by and go away from time to time. As said here before, there's not much to discuss lately. I'm one of those... i just come here to check the Engine Upgrade thread, and i go away right after i finish reading it.
  10. Linker, my old friend, nice to see you were still lurking around somehow. Thought you were gone from this community =/ Ainda estou esperando também alguma mudança, infelizmente esse jogo vai seguir em desenvolvimento pro resto da eternidade. Arrumam um bug no desenvolvimento, criam mais 10 pra arrumar. It's a rabbit hole. Vê se não some hein!!
  11. I just wonder how my computer will handle the new engine and looks... i'm still running an i7 960 from back 2010 (LGA 1366), along with a GTX 970 OC and 16gb. Since multithreaded CPUs are going to get benefits from the new EU, im eager to see the results. Specially for old grandpa's like mine.
  12. I miss the old times where the only thing people would cry about would be the "end of this game". Those at least guaranteed a good laugh or even good memes...
  13. This. And i also think N5/P5 should be shown in the map, but as a recognition to a player whos on a rampage. Its not so different from a Killing Spree announcement on CounterStrike or LoL.
  14. I hope that, after everything gets sorted out, we get the old login screen back. Matt said they would try to get it back, but i think that obviously there are a bunch of other top priorities over this silly one.
  15. It's been some time since my last thread here, lately ive been just roaming the forums in ninja mode, but today i realized something needs to be adressed. Well, APB will always be fun and catchy (for me), but truth is: it's an old grandpa on steroids by this time. But no matter how much steroids it uses, organs keep aging and start to fail. But that ain't the critical part, the main thing is: What about consoles? We currently have APB on PS4 and XB1 on steroids too (and with organs failing too), but what will happen when PS5 and XBSX finally go into business, and earlier consoles start to fade away? As Engine Upgrade progresses, and Dev Team discovers a bunch of newer rabbit holes, unfortunately by the time it gets launched, things will be outdated af. Will you then launch APB on PS5 and XBSX? I could imagine it being launched, but updated to a newer Unreal Engine 4, 4.5 or 5. But yet, that would take a lot more time for the port to be done, and i just see it becoming another loop of waiting. Hope this thread doesn't get deleted, because it's not a rant or anything, it's just an honest question/doubt from an old player. Been a player since 2011, and i really hope that this game truly gets the spotlights it deserves, but being a functional game (even if it's PUBG level of "functional"), instead of spotlights like "hey, look at that doomed game. someday it will even destroy humanity" or "APB is soviet russia midas touch". Kind regards to you all !!
  16. So, you're a bee who drinks sake. Noice Welcome to the front line sir! Take a weapon seat in this battlefield called APB Forums. Wish you the best!
  17. We know that Client wise it's getting better, but what about Server wise? Is it still necessary a huge NASA Datacenter to run it without setting everything on fire?
  18. I really hope Scaleform got sorted out That doo-doo was a painful "fix" to UI
  19. Good ol' days of glorious Soviet Union San Paruska, 'memba? Used to be quite fun
  20. The highlighted part in bold is basically the most important about that divides "pure stupidity griefing" and the "let's have a good round of laughing griefing". A run with a dump truck is always ideal. But i think griefing has been decreased to a no fun status. As far as i get the reasons behind it, it's no longer like before due to turds blocking other people's fun. For example, we can no longer pit manouver or straight hit someoneelse's car, while the owner is at the trunk probably reloading their weapons. I found that pretty funny to do, and people would think twice before parking their vehicles out in the streets, bearing in mind they could be hit out of nowhere by a dumptruck or people running around from opposition while in another mission. Even with the fact that there's a line about griefing on LO's Code of Conduct: So, even if you try to just have a little fun messing with someone's car while they're in a mission (get a bank truck for example, and move their vehicle somewhere else and so they'll get surprised their car is no longer there lulz), if the person finds it offensive enough, you're screwed. So mostly, for the safe of your account, the chances it's not worth trying are quite high?
  21. Car thief is quite easy to achieve. Now talk about that one where you need to be a passenger in someone else's car, and kill an entire team while sitting on the window. That one can be done if you get a cool opposition to help you out, but in many cases (mine was, at least...) you may have to work hard to get it.
  22. TheJellyGoo brought up this video on the thread about Phasing, and man... the feels. Just here to state that Griefing is plain cancerous and stupid at first, but look how much fun it was; even Summit was having a good laugh. Having someone blocking your path during missions could be outrageous, but that also would make us think about other methods or paths to complete a mission, and forge us into better tacticians. Having a "special dumptrucker" designed to screw you up was not fun at all, but i surely had blasts of fun/giggles after being hit randomly by a dumptruck that was roaming the city while in a mission. Exploding random cars into the walls, seeing someone behind a car (maybe out of mission, or not?) and "gently knocking" the trunk and getting them dead... Priceless. Griefing was stupid, but surely a good laughable part of APB. I miss those days where we were all "unregulated" by the antigrief policy, and driving around San Paro banging songs like Gimme That Punk, things we don't have and we probably will never have again. Retardation was a fun part of APB. It at least imho, was one of the cool parts of retardation. The real point of this thread: Nostalgia doesn't need any reasons. Bye!
  23. Do NEVER tell any bit of information about it, or how it behave or if the badoo-doop-dowe-do of the system needs to be fixed or changed or whatever. This piece of information must never be known by anybody in this toxic community. We have evil minions laying around the shadows of this community in hunger for this kind of information, to get back to attacking the game sadly. I highly hope it succeeds! Cheers!
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