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  1. Can't you edit the video, blur the names and post it here?
  2. I'd like to see more kits for it though. I own one two, and it's still one of the best tanks around.
  3. Jump from one side to the other, while in the middle press F That's the magic
  4. Jericho seems to be running totally fine for me even though i'm from brazil, and i usually get some more latency, it's running smoothly as it can be. (150 ~ 190 latency range)
  5. You got your own APB server? Which APB version is it running? 1.0.ToxicPlayer?
  6. Mussolini = Dictator Pasta = Origins from Italy Both Italian? Well, i need to quit drinking while posting
  7. surprise, butsecks edit: thread derailed and the train exploded. pls let this one die and this one live :
  8. thats not how metaphors work my dude Yeah, figures of speech are actually not my forte. Let's say it's a hyperbole before i get more embarrassed
  9. I would use "put salt on a wound", but as salt reminds overreaction or whining, i decided to change the "object" It's a metaphor, go along pls huehue logic huehue attitude
  10. We know Mud Squid 20 was the Mussolini Pasta boi around back then. Now we actually have good mods, Hooray!!
  11. his "gold" opposition isnt much better tbh, perfect car exit and still flubs an entire oca mag lol Indeed. Maybe they are too advanced, and we still can't catch their technique.
  12. Don't remind me of that week. That got me my first ban on this very forum account, and if i'm not mistaken, same to yours. (or to Word2) Clearly old Mud Squids were too sensitive to defend the out of order status quo that forums had going on. .
  13. Not with Unreal Engine 4.0 If it ever gets there, of course ( I hope it does )
  14. Gosh, that play in the beginning had me knocking my sanity. Who the hell would burst an entire clip in a Vegas, just to end up dieing?
  15. That would help dilute the many repeated kiosks we have around the galleria. That clothing store down the mail kiosk at Social could turn into an Obeya Co. Skin Shop or something like that to fit the lore.
  16. As seen here on this thread : Much was said about offensive symbols, but not getting into proper details. Some players are totally dull to understand what's actually "offensive", so they need an extra pat on the back with some slightly more force. Because the way it was written, offenders will start posting armless john threads here, stating they didn't know "that" specific thing was offensive, despite the warning first. So, to help our clearly dull portion of the playerbase, offensive could mean: - Nudity symbols (?) - Nazi propaganda (?) - Offensively Naming and shaming (?) - Furry Porn symbols (?) - Dinosaurs? Enlighten them @Selali (or any other Staff, please)
  17. I wish that aids would finally have its cure, but we all know illuminatis don't want it to keep making money out of tons of medicines and people's death
  18. If LO ever decides to call the cops or any specialized company (if there is) to trace who the hell has been ddosing the servers, i wouldn't be surprised if the attacker was ray the weeb. People who are doing it seem to hate APB to its guts.
  19. I've been griefed this way so many times back on 2011. At first i used to get mad, but then i burst into giggles right after. Also did it quite a few times back on 2011, and gotta admit it's hilarious to see someone standing behind/next to a car, and not have any evil thoughts seeing it. That's GTA vibes. This game was somehow based off it, so this kind of thing was normal.
  20. While griefing on one side is hideous, it's also pretty hilarious on the other spectrum. But we all agree as hilarious it could be, it must be stopped/avoided.
  21. Not sure if trolling or what If trolling, that's some new unbelievable level of trolling lol
  22. Some drinks around the galleria still have the RTW logo too
  23. If i'm not mistaken, his first place was at the roof of that club in the middle of financial, then he moved to a roof of a building across this very club, then he moved to his current position near to Kaspar Danko's HQ
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