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  1. Thankyou and thanks to VanilleKeks aswell, I rarely look at forums or let alone use them. I will take this on board!
  2. Kim Kardashian will run for president. (not a troll)
  3. Thanks man. I sent in a ticket 3 weeks ago when i heard about littleorbit and the upcoming updates, no response here. Apologies for the post if it's a bit out of the blue.
  4. I can provide all information, including passwords, previous passwords, character names, transation ID's and also hundreds of hours of video gameplay. Can a Moderator please address this situation? EDIT: or perhaps alot of other peoples situation? I have access to the original email, but it no longer exists... as hushmail is a temporary email service which lasts about a year.... unless you're paying for their premiums.
  5. I've tried contacting hushmail... they are a temporary email service which ( i think ) lasts for a year before you start paying for their services, which i never ended up doing. Wherre do i go from here when i have my email and password for APB and yet i can't access it when i have an 'expired password' in order to change it?
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