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  1. You know, things take time, time takes money. It's been some years since G1 tried to fix the DDoS attacks and they couldn't achieve it, LO won't fix it in 1 single day. I'm sure they are really worried on fixing it, otherwise time will eat their money like it did to old G1. God bless them, and Good luck! .
  2. SI CABRON SI, TIENES RAZON ERES MUY INTELECTO LOLQ Notes taken, professional IT consultant. Anything else Mr. Trump? Also, if you didn't notice, Matt has already statted they are about to test some new countermeasures against the DDoS attacks.
  3. You are the chosen one, our saviour whos gonna lead us to the miracle we've been waiting for so long since q1 2014, please, spend some more, we believe that your money is the missing piece of this hard puzzle we've been living!
  4. Have you never tried sniping with the Joker RFP? It works wonders
  5. Yeah, i did a barrel roll on mouse scroll too fast Pardon my ignorance pls senpai
  6. 90% of what? (again) You say for yourself
  7. @MattScott, my question here would be: Is FairFight running along with BattlEye, or Have you guys stopped using it? Because BattlEye + FairFight sounds really good! BE alone is totally fine, but the more protection, the better!
  8. You clearly don't know much about the science behind farts. It's a fact that: the more silent, the more deadly it will be.
  9. That's a hard thing to find nowadays. We've lost tons of creative creators, and theme prices are super inflated. The veterans would / will clearly notice a difference between old themes and newer ones.
  10. No, before we start buffing the buff we need to rename this subsection of the forum from Social District to Nerf District. Then we will have our bodies ready to buff the buff
  11. I'm here to ask LO because nerfs need a nerf, urgently. Matt ma boi, it's barely 1 month and you guys still didn't nerf the nerf, come on!! It's been so many years before you guys took over, and the old mismanagement didn't attend our individually asked pledges on nerfing every single nerf. Also, i don't care if you guys doesn't even have 1 month running this company, i'm a patientless person and i demand that you guys finish the engine upgrade TOMORROW!!1!11! HEARD THAT???????????? (bold text and multiple exclamation points so i seem more demanding) E3? WHO DO U THINK U ARE TO HAVE DIS RIGHT? YOU DIDN'T ASK US, THE ALMIGHTY COMMUNITY, YOUR OWNERS, IF YOU PLEBS COULD ATTEND IT! (now things got really serious, all in caps *rage*) LIFE? U CLEARLY DONT HAVE ENOUGH RITES FOR IT. JUST WORK, WORK AND WORK ENDLESSLY!! (you don't dare to try to have a life outside G1's headquarters office!!) So i came here to talk to every one of you, Matt, Lixil, Devs, Mods, the Pope and the stars in the sky, YOU MUST NeRf ThE nErF before you get to the REAL CRITICAL THINGS THAT ACTUALLY MATTER. Sincerely, Your beloved community that demands attention and creates the same threads all over again every day to keep mods busy all day over with nerf threads that actually don't matter right now and could actually be adressed later when more important things get actually fixed. < 3 #savethenerf #nerfmovement #nerf:reloaded #nerfengine4.0
  12. It's because reading threads like this one hurts my sanity. OP can't be that dense, 10/10 must be a troll.
  13. So, in your twisted logic, if anyone has a million dollars mouse, that person should be banned because reasons. Ye boi, let's mass ban everyone so. Perfect words. I really hated the old Mud Squids, but lately we've seen a bunch of useless threads asking if X or Y weapon should be nerfed, and whatever else. People gotta understand LO just started, and didn't show yet a roadmap. But i'd consider the first thing they need is to get out of Custom 3.0 Unreal Engine. They can't build solid things in sand. The least they could do for now to keep people entertained while we wait for the upgrade, was to overhaul the support system, and add Battle Eye to check things.
  14. If you have any proof of that person admitting it, you can clearly send it to support or personally to Lixil thru DM if it's "utterly urgent". There's no such thing as a "black hole" in the database of APB. They can easily backtrace all trade operations made by an account just by searching for its name. So if this scammer send legendaries thru 100 accounts, it can take some time, but they will get to the items sometime. But this only means he will probably lose his account and items; but this doesn't mean the ones scammed will get their items back. That would take LO to individually search for the ones scammed.
  15. Isn't it that one where you should turn cars in to the pound lot? (enforcers side) That took me quite some time also... Nightmares...
  16. But anyone who has half a brain will notice right away that they barely have 1 month (not even this yet) running Gamersfirst. They are still learning the tools, etc. No need to come here "anyone else laugh" ... they're trying to undo the old management BS, it won't get solved from one day to another. If they need to retrain, or they're hiring more staff, isn't it something good? Showing that they actually care? Or do you prefer Puck's automated answers back? Would it be much wow enough for your Likings?
  17. Probably they won't want to ever return. The only possibility i could think of, is if APB breaks the curse of its long lived bugs and lack of content, and turns out somehow to become a great success. Maybe if this happens, and they see the game turned into a major hit that keeps on growing strong, they decide to return and be part of it again.
  18. Great news showing up here, keep them coming guys! I thank you all for the participation! Many devs left the game abruptly, Omocha was one of them. Maybe they got dissatisfied with what was happening, and seeing they were running in circles for years, with the old bad management decisions. Maybe some better oportunity showed out of the blue for Farf, he was/is a cool guy as it seems. Or what if he got dissatisfied with the community? We may never know what really happened I'm seeing all this as positive too! I'm not sure if Matt or Lixil had played the game before they acquired Gamersfirst, but if they didn't, they are now doing it and seeing how much life and desire to live and get better APB has in its guts. They and their staff seem to be really enjoying the game and its mechanics (apart from the roten ones). It's actually a VERY GOOD game, and as many say and know, it has yet one of the best customization systems out there among games. It's just not SO SO SO much better and enhanced, due to the fact the game has stalled for so many years without any further development on avatar customization areas. No new hairs, we got "a limited" customization bar that could certainly have been increased among years if game had its proper development, etc. We can only keep faith and hope for now, but as things keep on moving, it seems the right company has acquired the game. .
  19. But i still think we should buff the snubnose to finally rival the ntec !1!!1!11!!!!
  20. But is there anyone else who misses Farfletched? And thinks his remix of Love at the Speed of Light is one of the best sounds around APB? @Ketog : Thanks for the heads up! If the old login screen wasn't so good and perfect, this song could easily be a main theme for APB imho. Posting this here also, maybe @MattScott and @Lixil had no knowledge about it yet. Cheers!
  21. Some would say that "He's just experiencing packet losses" RIGHTTTTTTT BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (Dunno why the forum keeps pulling my separated text from the quote, and adding into the quote. Gave up trying to quote the video that Luminesca posted...)
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