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  1. There are already good questions on the comments before than me, so I want to suggest something else. Could there be a map where players are not against each other or a new mod where both enforcers and crims fight together maybe. Something PvE but also rewardful. Could be a mod that everyone is trying to survive, there can be many other scenarios. I have been playing fight clubs only and I would love to play such map/mod Just for having fun. It's like playing aram and fun mode games instead of rankeds in League of Legends for example.
  2. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10km running. EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
  3. Classic style never loses its charm. https://imgur.com/QjB0o2o
  4. Thanks for the work. I just want to suggest something about the matchmaking system; When a side is a group, the team they will be playing against must also be a group. It's not fair when one side is a group or clan playing together and the other side is a mix of people playing together for the first time. Thanks in advance.
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