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  1. I think we can all respect that and see that it's a massive job to get through all the tickets. You mention that tickets aren't lost or gone unseen, but it really feels like that when there's tickets left unanswered for nearly 4 months.
  2. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/discover/16/ To see all of the staff members + mods.
  3. It excels when corner-camping and kills in no time when standing very close to your enemy, other then that it doesn't provide much. To me it doesn't feel like something I'd use, but the TTK is ridiculous.
  4. 'Not that kind of Dev' If that's not too long and is alright, thanks. If it's too long - 'Not a Dev'
  5. Getting a 1v4 mission would be absolutely horrible for beginners.
  6. I use Classic Shell aswell, haven't ran into an issue with BattlEye blocking it.
  7. iDev


    I'm more worried about my FPS being below 100 when running barely any textures and extremely low quality char/vehicle textures, than I am worried about my ping. Specs for those that feel like posting 'Buy a better PC' - i7-4790k - GeForce MSI GTX 970 - 16GB RAM etc. etc. You get it. Performance tweaked to enhance in-game FPS, upscaled res when running low game res. Basically, the game runs practically the same with maxed out settings, as it would with minimum settings.
  8. If you paid attention to the main post from Matt, you'll see they're going to resolve the copy & paste issue. Try not to focus on the negative aspects.
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