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  1. 1. First couple of days Escalation missions were very common, like 80% of all missions you were called in a backup in these big, chaotic messes where no one knows what is going on. They have been becoming less common over time as some people are starting to understand that it`s no fun at all. 2. An option to NOT get called into an Escalation mission would be great. Sometimes when playing with couple of friends and you want to do some teamwork, it is useless for these type of missions as these simply are too much enemies everywhere to coordinate properly. 3. Only thing that could help would be DECREASING objective completion time the more players are on each side. Not the mission timer itself [which is still just too long for some stages], but the hacking, spraying, investigating etc. That would help significantly for people who attack, as they almost never get to the objective itself in a lot of cases [open antenna hack which can be sniped from every direction]. Even if they get there, they just need to sit in the open for too long [too much enemies]. 4. I think that APB was never designed for 10vs10 matches to begin with. I would leave the max escalation at 4vs4 as I think a lot of people would agree that it`s the absolute max where you still can coordinate with your team. Anything going above that makes the missions simply more unplayable and chaotic. 5. Lots of new players think this system is fun and I`d agree from their point of view: ''the more= the better'' as a lot of them would say. As a veteran myself, even though I`m not that good at the game, I still enjoy less crowded missions a lot more that the chaotic ones.
  2. Not that much, actually. Usually people are just surprised and don`t understand how they died
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