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  1. Good luck with that when you are on missions. If you opponent is using a long range weapon and you are using a short/medium range weapons. Chances are that your out gunned and will lose missions. If you are new player, dont join the SILVER districts! You'll get destroyed by veterans. Join the BRONZE or GREEN districts instead, there will be veterans but there will also be new players! You'll have a better time there. that seems like hog wash. How do you join green or bronze. A lot of hogwash if you ask ,me 10 - Don't be toxic, if you find yourself being toxic or getting mad, give the game a few hours and return with a fresh mind. Tell that to the rogue team members instead since there more than a gaggle of them. My advice for new players or someone thinking of joining APB reloaded is don't do it. The odds are stacked against you. It's the new casino compared to gameplay
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