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  1. The population won't grow if players can't get matches and it won't grow if players get nothing but bad matches. The matchmaking needs to be made better as they advertise for the game. The other thing they need, especially in today's gaming landscape, is that instancing thing they've been talking about. If they can get that working then matchmaking will be better even at lower population because it can pull from the entire game. They also need to implement an mmr system.
  2. The WWE Day of Reckoning games on GameCube come pretty close.
  3. Thanks for getting all the pics together. I'm gonna send this to the boss man and see what he thinks.
  4. I would really like to see a vehicle that resembles an El Camino/Ranchero. In fact. You could totally release various kits that make them look like different versions of both. Having it start as a 78 El Camino and having the 68 El Camino SS as a kit for sale. Then having the 1983 Plymouth Scamp Pickup and 1971 Ranchero as other kits to buy. I think having this vehicle be Charge's answer to Patriot's Vegas line would be great. It should handle differently of course. No wheelies. I think that's something that should remain only for the Vegas as its quite iconic for it. Besides that, it wouldn't really look right given how light the rear is and how long the wheel base is. It would have the same top speed as all the fast cars, but it should handle closer to a Jericho. It should have a better acceleration than the RWD Vegas but less than the 4x4 his would get rid of the need for a 4x4 variant. It should actually have a good amount of storage. Maybe 15 like the Dolton Montane. Here's the pitch for in universe. "Charge is finally answering the call to muscle with the brand new charge Matador. The Matador isn't all motor though. Sporting a full sized truck bed and long wheel base for stability, it's built from the ground up with utility in mind." And yes. Having it handle closer to a Jericho means the pitch about wheel base is bs. But that's the point.
  5. SaturdayGhede

    Armas Weapons

    No. The OSMAW and OPGL need to stay off of ARMAS so that if they decide to can them because they have no place in a game like this they can without people getting mad because ThEy SpEnT MoNeY On ThE GuN!
  6. Everyone talks about the customization in this game like it had never been done before as if WWE Day of Reckoning didn't come out for the GameCube in 2004. They didn't do much different except streamline the process. You could design logos, make your character's body look even more rediculous than you can in APB. It's literally the same. And the music creator is just a trimmed down FL Studio. What this game did do was take the character creator from wrestling games, a professional music suite, and gta with some minor free running elements and smooshed them together. The game was not and is not revolutionary in any of its mechanics. But that combination of things is still pretty damn awesome.
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