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  1. you talk a lot for someone who doesn’t care
  2. my brother in christ you own the website, the blog post can be as long as you want it to be
  3. Anarchy and Chaos mode didn’t work in the past because there were no objectives to push players around the map With objectives, it would essentially just be a better version of fight club but without the issues that come from the too-small fight club maps, and then could be expanded upon with additional mechanics that would never work in fight club
  4. yeah frosi you should be more patient with the illiterate
  5. worth noting that the system also uses confidence values when calculating elo the longer you perform at the level the system expects you to the less effect performing above or below that level has on your threat, in the short term at least
  6. well this came out of nowhere i predict insane wait times
  7. im pretty sure he's complaining about the other player warping back into cover, not reg issues
  8. my only gripe with carsurfer is armored truck final stages, other than that its a detriment to use and looks dumb as hell in a perfect world car surfer would never have been needed, because the vehicle combat system was overhauled years ago to allow the use of heavy weapons only from truck beds, SUV tailgates, and van rear doors but between the lack of care, competence, and staff it never happened so we're stuck with goofy magnet shoes
  9. you couldn't vent in one of the other threads?
  10. are we talking about different things? the bolt timer equals the fire rate, which is still the same as its always been
  11. when did the scout bolt timer change, last thing i remember was a slight equip time decrease when they pushed the damage down to 575
  12. tbh i was expecting an open slot scout for $50 bucks also, i guess we’ll never see the original little orbit halloween event again?
  13. what kind of psychopath leaves contact map markers on
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