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  2. Naw, thats common everyday everyone thing. LO won't ban any cheaters or toxics, only legit types. Thats like 99% of NA pop right now is. If there is a GM watching from the 'Tower' they are letting all this go on day after day. Half of the toxic cheaters don't want you to even make it to a mission, they have their friends in a constant all day Troll. Crashing up players cars so they can't even try to K up. n Ya know these are real hacks cuz even the people I would consider or suspect are calling em hackers, but ya can't get to a mission to get hacked because of all the trolls. And they refuse to ban anyone right now. Unless its Me, because I won't just Lay down and uninstall. Its come down to actually needing the big truck just to keep trolls from crashing you. N if ya get into a mission the Golds stick together, if golds on your team he will tk you while standing near the point and not capping it, basically exploiting for the other team. They haven't banned anyone since the unbanning, they tried to ban me. Game is a dead carcass in the road being picked at by Birds, Ravens. I gotta add that U people using cheats and or just being Gud, it is kinda counter productive to have your buddies crashing everyone so they can't k up. Why reduce your kill count by preventing opp from coming to the mission with your troll friends. Ya know the ones in the Vegas'. So I guess I'll give the gm's what they want, which is a chance to ban me. Nobody else has had to put up with the amount of hatred from LO than Me. I no longer have anything to lose, there is no longer a game to play. There is no communication from LO as to when this tribulation will end, when staff will come back to the game, when an anticheat will come, and this pipe dream of more contacts and content. They have abandoned the game.
  3. Yeah your absolutely right I actually got banned for hacking. Because I get 40+ kills a game and snap and kill 3 players with one clip and I rundown every spawn and only die 1 or 2 times a mission LOL Just kiding like they would ban me for that.
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  5. no, more like all that's left is the bridge and an alarm going off... no controls left on the boat
  6. idk, that is something I can see LO actually enforcing. pleb gets upset that silver wont fight, they record and submit their issue to support and then support goes and looks at the account and sees it's stats... believe it or not, ban. i can see many apb players, even cheaters, using support to get people banned for not vs'ing. APB players are a different breed.
  7. Azukii


    I have moved this topic to the PC Bugs & Tech Issues section of our APB Reloaded forums. Could you please elaborate on the exact issue you are facing ? Also, it seems that the link to the image you posted is broken. - Azukii
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    I have moved this topic to the PC Bugs & Tech Issues section of our forums. If you are greeted with a chat message that specifies you have been trade locked for a few days upon entering Social District, then you just need to wait this time before being allowed to trade again. However, if you are not seeing this message, it might be that your account was given a permanent trade lock. In this case, please contact our Customer Support by creating a ticket on https://gamersfirst.com/support - Azukii
  9. I have moved this topic to the PC Bugs & Tech Issues section of our APB Reloaded forums. Regarding your issue, Customer Support response times are longer than usual due to the current backlog of tickets. We apologize for the inconvenience. - Azukii
  10. I mean, unless you got specific info stating otherwise, who are you to make that determination? It's obvious there's blatant ragehackers running around both in Jericho and Citadel right now, so the "you consider" part is a very dumb thing to say. My entire team of 4 quit the game and I was the last to leave upon being matched against another team of 4, where 2 of the opposition were such blatant ragehackers that there was no "you consider", they were known to both sides throughout the server without question to be obviously cheating. So what would be the case if he was going up against such players like that and voluntarily not playing, like many current players are? Yet you're here stating otherwise? As far as I can see, you have no position to deterministically state such things.
  11. Similar or same issue for me, launcher just says "Downloading Updates" and sits at 0% forever, are FE servers up?
  12. You definitely were not banned for refusing to play against opposition that you consider to be cheating.
  13. Start Logon Process Does Collating Data Get Retry in 30 seconds Does Collating Data again Get message - The updater has detected a problem updating your game files. Only option is to click Close and try again. This is the same issue as happened on July 4th 2024 Also game maintenance happened about 2 hours ago. Thanks for looking into it.
  14. Sir, we are sinking, we have a hole in the bottom! Don't talk nonsense, sailor, we just repaired the engine!
  15. After 2 weeks my ticket closed and 0 answered Gg support. Perfect 2nd chance
  16. Literally this. Ever since that update, I've literally just stopped playing APB all together. 5v5 should be the ABSOLUTELY largest a game should ever be. 10v10 is way way too chaotic to actually have a coherent, fun match. I've not heard a single person I play with say they enjoy it, and was actually surprised to see a few people saying it's good. I played on NA, and it was glaringly obvious how flawed 10v10 is. When there's low pop you are stuck waiting, IE in a 40-60 pop server there could be literally 3 games max at a time happening. I'm sure on EU it's a bit better, but then when you get to the actual gameplay it's horrid. If you're on attack you're stuck fighting large groups, and almost every single time you lose, because it takes a lot more coordination to push together than it does to sit and wait together. Without VOIP it's borderline impossible to get that coordination you need. Even as a mid-tier gold, I can only push in, maybe kill 3-4 people with a good push, but there's still 6 other people who will just swarm you. This is especially noticeable in some spots, you spawn out in the open across the street from where you need to be and have to essentially go through D-day to get to cover, or a decent spot in general. I've never made a forum post in my life, but this is something that I feel needs to seriously be rolled back or changed. Again, 5v5 at MOST otherwise it's way way too much.
  17. And to think 4 guys that didn't know how to make video games made Palworld, moved it from unity to unreal and finished it in 3 years.
  18. I agree something needs to be done, I understand a company doesn't want to lose players, so I understand why they did the unban to bring people back but they are losing players daily due to the massive amount of cheaters present in apb. for some of us returning players it is highly discouraging when playing in fight club or missions against cheaters that are blatant as day ( if you need footage i have PLENTY) so why undo the work you put into unbanning people to bring back some of the player base, when players who have BEEN playing are now leaving, along with players who attempted to return. it truly is shameful, APB reloaded was acquired because there was a vision and a goal and now its just a lawless game that seems to condone cheating and foul play with updates that come out few and far between and when they do its holiday events and such, not anything that gives players reassurance or things to look forward to.
  19. Give all players an cheat option, and all players come back for play. Like this no more problems
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