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  2. Since you'll be using this to make thumbnails, I can see the ripped model being fine as-is. You'll likely be okay, since I really doubt LO is out hunting down potential copyright claims at the moment... I was mentioning engine age to illustrate that these are at their core low-poly models with low-resolution textures, both of which are flaws that become pretty visible as soon as you crank the render resolution above 720p. The rig that we use for our characters, JenzAmaka's, is definitely a big help, but it's not exactly friendly either when you want to get some animation going... All problems which are solved by a custom model, or at the very least, model modification. If that works for you though, then all the better!
  3. I always find it interesting that the OP of threads like this always just disappear after a post or two.
  4. Aim is transferable from game to game.. not sure what settings have to do with skill¿
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  6. Technically even using ripped models for thumbnails is illegal in numerous regions. But it lives in this grey area of admissible due to dev/companies not going out of their way to care about it unless a huge amount of attention is drawn to it. That sort of 'free use' standard that isn't actually a thing. I'd say go ahead though. Shrug.
  7. Sooo.. I spoke briefly to one of the GM's and asked the same question. The answer I got was somewhere along the lines of You'll either be kicked from the game or not be able to access anything, but it's at your own risk. Usage would mainly be thumbnails for on Youtube. I'm not planning on profiting from this what so ever. I knew that it would be illegal to claim models as my own and making profit would be bad news as well. I purely want to use it for I guess you can call it personal stuff such as Youtube thumbnails and just filling time in these long days. I've had someone else rip my characters before (before EAC) and used them in thumbnails, I did not credit Little Orbit or anything that is associated to them. I guess not claiming it as mine is already enough? I really do not care when the models were created and for which engine, I've played around with them before and it worked and looked fine Making my own models would probably be a step too far experience wise.
  8. Oh, I thought the FAR series was a Carbine reskin, that explains some firerate questions lol. DB Shotgun would be nice, 2 shots only, semi-quick reload. Problem being, make it kill in 2, 3, or 4 shots? Could be like the strife where it 2 shots, but with a double barrel having a dual-action trigger, it would mean zero chance of survival if you got close to them, although perhaps that could be countered with sharp damage dropoff starting at 10m and zeroing out at like 25-30m. That was all you have to do is not get close, pretty applicable tactic to most shotguns here anyway. Dual pistols would be nice, but Ill have to create a Neo outfit first lol
  9. @-MagK1ller- What pc components are you using? Gpu, cpu etc. also, what settings are you running on APB? Highend/midrange/low settings. what is your FPS ingame?
  10. Reading your notes, it seems that a lot of guns would be better suited to pre-nerf G1 stats. Makes sense, I wasn't around much those days so I don't remember them well. Anubis could use a small crosshair rework. Wonder what their plans are, after the engine patch.
  11. I know about the cooldown limits being made for everyone, thats what I literally just said!! Anyway, damn really, fucking 2 minute cooldown on everything? ....... Why though
  12. i5 6.6k 3.5ghz, 16gb ddr4, gtx 980, z1151 Krait G mobo, I get 134 fps stable, dip down to 70 very rarely, still get freeze frame/jitters occasionally though~ *edit* Default Installation
  13. Cuve

    Would this work ???

    Just play silver, you won't get better in Bronze anyways
  14. I had the same thought when I read you could get it. Honestly the only real reason aside from easy joker tickets that I tried the easter event.
  15. Premium cooldown was made the standard for everyone in April 2019 ... If you're gonna complain at least have your info be right
  16. Glad to see someone else taking initiative to get these dumbasses out of our game. I mean not that the main majority of community gives a single fuck, as you can see from the downvotes on any thread that isnt about bowing down to Little Orbit Also the fact that not all of us are degenerate 4chan users that use APB to spread hate but hey, what do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Can we have universal 1 minute " Premium " cooldowns instead of 2 minute? This is rather annoying.
  18. My 965 x4 be runs better than your i7 lol. You should learn to build pc bud.
  19. The idea for Gun Game in APB isn't bad and it can be fun and skill based but not in the form that it took during these weekend games. The first issue and biggest issue is the amount of players that can participate in a single match (80). There are multiple downsides to having so many people in a single match. First, it makes the matches extremely random and entirely luck based as you are constantly surrounded by multiple players who are just as likely to shoot at you as they are to shoot at anyone else in the vicinity. Secondly, it drops game performance to unacceptable lows even with a high-end PC with configs. Even with that, after 1-2 matches my entire game and sound would stutter for a whole solid second upon dying and the spawn selection screen coming up. Yesterday, my entire game crashed during one of those freezes. It's absolutely bizarre. I can only imagine what vanilla players are going through with these events. Many players also complain consistently about severe latency increases during matches. Gungame originally only ran during Christmas under the name "12 Deaths of Christmas" and it would only run in the Beacon Fight Club districts which were capped at 20-20 (total of 40) and they would be effective across the entire district. Currently it is extremely chaotic, it drops performance severely and it overall makes for a bad and unfun experience unless you're into dying to randomness a lot. Solve the problem by hosting it in fight club districts instead, capped at 20-20. The second issue is also a big one and it ties in with the first one and that's the play area. The play area is very tiny and is not marked so people are phasing in and out of the game area constantly either by accident or on purpose (which can be abused in some cases, despite the 5 seconds timer). Solve this problem by increasing the play area (or make it the entire district if fight club maps are used). Spawns are horrible, they tie in with the first two problems. In 90% of cases you would spawn outside of the gungame play area and you'd need to run 50-100m to get back in. Then when you do get back in, the edge of the play area is already completely crowded with players who've just respawned and re-entered so you are likely to die within 3 seconds upon entering the play area which makes it extremely random as you don't even get a chance to see your enemies before dying, let alone react. You could use a car but there aren't always cars available and taking a car every time you die in a mode as chaotic as this is nothing short of a chore. This would be solved by moving to fight club and making the event active across the entire map or at least increasing the play area radius by 3-4 times so more spawns are included and players aren't as crowded together. I'm personally not a fan of the explosives gungame nor the inclusion of explosive weapons in the other modes. I would also prefer not having weapons such as the RSA "Hunter" or Harbinger as a part of the Pistols one but I could overlook these problems if the previous three were solved. All in all, it's an okay idea with a bad execution and it would be much more fun and balanced for everyone if some changes and optimizations are applied. We've already seen 12 Deaths of Christmas and we all know it works great, people liked it, some loved it even. I see no reason why it shouldn't be brought back instead of this. It would make people look forward to it much more. The only redeeming factor of the chaos and randomness of the current state of the gungame minigames is the fact that the top 20 or so all get the same reward (150JT). But honestly, if you are going to keep it like this, you might as well double the JT rewards per match.
  20. Make your own? Shouldnt be that hard.
  21. I am a wh-0r3 and im offended by this thread.
  22. 100 hours and doing a review... i thought that having around 8k+ my experience ingame would worth something, imagine yours xD
  23. You should be fine if you keep the use of it personal, or at the very least, credited and non-profit. Though I have to tell you, these game models were made to run in a 2006 game engine, not in a Pixar movie, and it'll show every step of the way trough your experiments in Blender. Realistically, you're far better off making your own model and textures from scratch (Using your character as reference) if you plan on doing anything serious.
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