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  2. The Raptor 45 'Condor' (Joker Mystery Box 17) is a he legendary assault rifle has a one of a kind mod call "XTD-7s Silencer", At this time it is the only gun in game that will not show up on radar... However this only applies to the first 3 bullets fired. Not the greatest benefit to the user, but the first 3 bullets being masked may just give enough of a delayed reaction from the target.
  3. no I mean like why would you think i care
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  5. I believe the CSG was just in the right and perfect condition for it, after years of struggling to fix it's "Ghost Shots", It's Damage was too high when it came out at 800 hitpoints, then nerfed to 650, then 600 which was when the Shredder was introduced, then buffed again to 650 hitpoints which I have no complaints about whatsoever. The main Edge of the CSG is its Range, having 20 meters of effective Range is its strongest point and has its own gameplay advantages. While the JG has higher Damage with slightly lower Range, offering a unique taste to each weapon, each having its own scenarios to shine. This change makes the JG a far better pick than the CSG for an Increased Damage and an Increased Chance of landing more pellets because of its wide spread at such a Range, without the necessity of perfect accuracy while also shooting faster. Even Though the CSG-PR1 offers Improved Rifling 3 to increase the Range to 27 meters, it's still not worth sacrificing the Increased Reload Speed on the CSG-RT1 for the PR1, which is totally needed in close quarters encounters. Main Points: 1. JG Shotgun now having an edge over the CSG by having more damage, better spread at close range, ability to put 3 modifications on it while the CSG either you go for Range and pickup the CSG-PR1 but sacrifice Reload Speed (which the JG will still have because it can be modified) or go for CSG-RT1 which will give you faster Reload Speed but still Outshined by the JG because it can be modified. 2. The added delay to increase the Time-To-Kill on CSG, I think is totally unfair for a gun that cannot be modified, while it's expected to rival the JG, and all SMGs which can all be modified, And its only Edge which was Range and 0.68 TTK over these weapons is now gone.
  6. You are free to check for yourself whether that was anecdotal evidence or not. Plus hexerin didn't bring any hard data to the table rather he was expressing his frustration about shotguns going back actually requiring some skill to be able to min. ttk enemies with them.
  7. I remember that skins broke blue muzzle flashes for sure. Tracers being busted happened later IIRC
  8. First up, no. I was using that as an example. Right now I have 3 characters between r223 and r150. I'm concentrating on grinding JT for perma-weapons at the moment, but I'm much more of a RP freak really. I like playing my characters. When I max em out I'll buy more slots! Yes, playing is fun; but a certain level of playability is required for that. Right now it's not there for me and that's a shame, because it was about as good as it has ever been (since Singapore Han server under G1) between Halloween and Xmas. However, it is not fair of me to hit K and drop into a random team when hits aren't registering and I can't drive because the car controls lock for up to 5 seconds at random. Not remotely fair on other players, so I don't K up. Team work and strategy are supposed to be part of the fun too. I miss it. Don't get me wrong, I love this game to death. I wouldn't be concerned otherwise.
  9. If I remember correctly the addition of the weapon skin system is what broke them. I've always liked the look of them. APB isn't really a super realistic looking game so I think they fit well in the environment.
  10. Thanks for putting the shotgun testing in Asylum, but I'm really not feeling the Heat 5 change. Heat 5 is meant as a sort of balance for players that are doing too good and if they aren't on missions when they go Heat 5 then they aren't going to have objectives to keep them busy so they're just going to go and interfere in other missions. Heat 5 is a core feature of this game that I don't think should be changed other than making a teamkill get rid of it. Teamkilling shouldn't lower of your prestige/notoriety if you are already at 5.
  11. Ohhh so it was that! Sadly I started playing APB soon after tracers broke I can't believe I've thought silencers hid you from the radar for this long thank you all
  12. They didn't take them out. They straight up broke them and didn't bother to fix it.
  13. definitely a step in the right visual direction but imo the real issue was how long tracers hung around, hard to see that in a picture not like im going to stop playing apb depending on tracers anyway
  14. The screenshot that was shared before showing the tracers being back (From an older build, around June 2019):
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracer_ammunition basically all guns (except ones with a silencer) used to have visible bullet trajectories, but they were accidentally broken in a patch years ago and have yet to return - silencer mods list this as an advantage because it removes a way for opponents to receive a visual indication of your shooting location/direction personally i think they always looked pretty cartoonish, more like a matrix bullet trail or a laser pointer than an irl tracer round, but we've been informed that apb tracers are returning with the engine upgrade iirc
  16. Every gun used to have tracers except weapons with suppressors. At some point G1 just took out all tracers. The suppressors on the DMR are now just decorations since there are no tracers in game.
  17. depends on how they implemented it i assume if it's a complete block on reaching n5/p5 during a mission then a player who only does missions will probably just never go n5/p5
  18. What does this mean? Most (if not all) silencer mods read this. I've always thought it meant you wouldn't show up in the radar but recently I found out that's not the case. At least not for the ATAC Watchman nor the OCA Whisper Could anybody please tell me what this does?
  19. At least before the Heat 5 change, heat players were kept busy - had objectives to do, and enemies focused on them due to the mission. Now it's like congratulations, your mission is now over and you are now allowed to freely roam and kill anyone! Sounds like it's gonna backfire.
  20. hexerin isn't really bringing any hard data to the table either, he's just repeatedly claiming that "no one used shotguns" despite them being nerfed several times for being too strong
  21. Imagine using anecdotal evidence in an argument with someone that has hard data.
  22. Shotguns were fine. Lag compensation in this game never was...which led to crying and hitreg issues
  23. a "true player" should suggest that LO should do a survey about such systems... on forums AND at login. But first of all like Selali stated... Engine Update!
  24. Hello everyone, Unfortunately, there is no way of doing this process automatically. We have to first find all the accounts that have the Key to the City pack and then redeliver all of the symbols that we have made since the last time this process is run. It takes time for an engineer to run this process. We are looking into alternative ways of this process running but for now its manual. You can contact support at support.gamersfirst.com and they can deliver the symbols to your account as well. Thank you for your understanding as we look into a better solution for this issue. Selali
  25. Did you even give yourself an opportunity to read what was written to you? As a vet and a shotgun main i can say that shotguns were not inconsistent and i was almost guaranteed to 2 shotting my enemies 95% of the times if they were in my shotgun's range. Do not blame the guns for your own shortcomings as u were told above.
  26. a “true player” should seek to help better the game, like for instance asking to change a system that has more negative than positive effects on gameplay
  27. The updates are always appreciated. Yet, there's now controversy regarding the Heat 5 removal/changes. As someone said here, making changes based on players frustration doesn't seems a good idea, because a true player will try the game as it is and try to adapt to its design instead of asking changes over things they don't like. Also in regards of game immersion and lore the N5/P5 is like the core element of the game, it is the only thing that makes the title of the game make any sense, it is called "APB", they call an "All Points Bulletin" on someone that is too dangerous and requires all available units to take him down. That's why you turn yourself on bounty, because you're too dangerous and all the heat from the whole city will fall over you now. If you are an enforcer or a criminal you're gonna try to call everyone in your crew/gang/units to help you taking down a dangerous subject, and that's why you would put a bounty on them. I think is time to bring some suggestions to improve this in the future if we don't want it to be gone for ever, otherwise I don't see where anything that happens in the game would fit with the title "All Points Bulletin". We need a way to trigger an APB on a player.
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