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    Like that's ever going to do shit anyways, 80% of my matches when threat districts was around was mostly me going against dethreated golds (men thank God I was able to payback on most of those imbeciles) or either the nicest gold teammates (which is rare) and the one's that give autistic people a bad name
  4. Last week
  5. See this post, I managed to solve it on my computer.
  6. I'm on Windows 7 and it works fine.
  7. I am also having this problem after this update. I hope they fix this.
  8. Dude u cant upgrade to win 10?if u bought the og win 7 u must be able 4 free..if u didnt-still can find on internet from where u can get it without payn.But the worse is ur antivirus.Had AVG in the past runnin and this protection is poor.Better install 360 total security u not gonna have a problem and also comes with performance tweaks all in one(is free no trials)Anyway sry im not a tech guy i guess try to reach support.But my recommendation is -change the antivirus and desinstall/install the entire game again.Check the FAQ battleye topic also on forum
  9. Windows 7 now.. but i will try Win10.. when i change OS and if i don't have problem i will write under this post..
  10. u on windows XP?cause it looks like it..
  11. Try restarting the PC. Sometimes is enough to do just that. If not, some program may be interfering.
  12. After the last update it is giving this error in my game. Edit1: I play it through steam. I uninstalled the APB and installed it again, but the error continues. Edit2: I "think" the problem is with Battleye. I removed the advanced launcher files from the APB directory, temporarily disabled my AVG antivirus, repaired the apb launcher and opened the game through the launcher and it gave the same error. I tried to open the game through the binaries and the same error also happened. Edit3: I thought the problem was in battleye, so I uninstalled it, opened the apb launcher, then it asked for permission to install battleye automatically, I accepted, battleye was installed again and the error persists. • Solution: Guys, I managed to solve it with the help of youtube and with some friends from apb, llMomoll and Kethellen. I'll break it down into steps: 1 - Check if your Windows has Service Pack 1, in my case it is Windows 7. To check this in Windows 7 you have to do the following: Windows start menu > Right click on "computer" > go to properties > And look in the windows edition tab if it says "windows service pack 1" * If you don't have Service pack 1, download it and install it. 2 - Now that you already have Service pack 1, you will download the following updates and install them, in the sequence that I will leave below: * Before downloading each one of them, check if your system is 64 or 32 bits and which version of Windows you have. Each of these updates has the option to choose 64-bit or 32-bit and choose between Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. First: Download and install the update --> KB3020369 Second: Download and install the update --> KB3172605 Third: Download and install the update --> KB4474419 * This third is something referring to the SHA-2 certificate. Use this site to search for these updates: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx
  13. what windows cost? Merged. i have exactly the same problem
  14. Probably because APB community is full of deviants, just my personal observation. Noticing how much time ppl waste in the game, y’all should be still virgins.
  15. I reinstalled the operating system. I reinstalled the client. I also installed the client on Steam. I'm still getting the same error..
  16. I am not having any issues, but where are the patch notes? We get updates every week when nothing changes, but the day there's an actual change we get nothing.
  17. can't say i have but i do think you are the type of person to do it for sure
  18. Is it just me having this problem?
  19. Maybe you are. I've had sessions where I would struggle to get a single match an hour. For multiple hours. Of course this was when grouped up though, but even solo I've struggled sometimes.
  20. Not really what the OP and others in the thread were suggesting. Though I'm not completely against this approach. The issue is you're never going to not get false positives. And if you do get a system that detects cheaters, you might as well just ban them out rather than messing with putting them in 'cheater queue'. Which even then doesn't really do much, because anyone that would be deterred from being in cheater queue is already a multiple re roll cheater that does it off a ban anyway, so you're just delaying the reroll. It becomes more effort than it's worth.
  21. Here is a screenshot from the "Chipp's Car Club" (screenshots were made by official CCC press photographer Xenise/xKurokax) You can see more pictures on the official CCC event page. Just look at the links above.
  22. doesnt have to be shown. can be a hidden flag. they do this in GTA online and it puts all the problematic players with other problematic players. threat level already works kinda like this. if you are super super high gold with many missions under yourbelt and your threat stays super high and cannot fluctuate normally, you will usually have imbalanced matches or not get op at a normal pace. so now if the system could flag a possible cheater, maybe just make it so that they cannot get op or matches and have them just waiting there with no opposition.... till another guy with same flag can op vs them. normal players wont ever have to face them ever. for this to work well, would need proper logic to flag actual cheating players properly, else we will end up with fairfight 2.0 if it works properly cheaters will get the idea that they are flagged because of lack of opposition, then they will just leave since no games to play. Possibly they will come back and either cheat and get flagged again then be forced to reroll or they might actually stop cheating and play legit so that they cannot get flagged again.
  23. Well, you are not playing much if all you get is no opposition matches. The other option is to at least give minimal reward for completing non opposed missions to encourage staying to the end (which to be given only at certain server population to prevent farming on empty servers)
  24. because the more the matchmaking system is forced to follow the rules, the less matches it creates the alternative is no unopposed matches and no unfair matches, but 30/60/90 minutes waiting for a mission instead
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