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  2. By free u mean by apb money $? Or like actually free...?_?
  3. No...once u buy it from the joker store it then becomes apb money so if a gun was 10000jt and u buy it, it becomes $10000apb money for all purchases after. I don't understand, other than decreasing the price of 'character permanent option' from joker store weapons...does it have a 30 day option in joker store....the Christmas event from last year looks like it may become permanent i spent only 10 bucks to get an act 44 pr1 and joker cr5 jt 3 thanks to the event. Maybe if we just wait or for events in general.
  4. 300 players in game right now.Remove premade groups-maybe 150-200 will keep playn.70-100 gonna be in social.The mission districts-total collaps even in Citadel.Case closed
  5. LO doesn’t listen to their community. “Critical gameplay update? Nah let’s just add the Corsair for more money!” G1 vibes. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d much rather have an actually enjoyable and playable game that doesn’t look very good and doesn’t run as good than having the same shit over and over again but looks really good.
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  7. You can learn to play solo against them, as i did. Some of missons can be unwinnable, because they really is, but using good tactics would help. Also, you can get friends and gather your own premade
  8. I have no Threshold, The more the hax dc me, the more I am motivated to come back and troll them. golds hate to see me in silver so they code me out. they get mad cuz i dont use aim assist or bots. So Ya they knock you off, then the stupid launcher has to 'Repair' for 10 minutes when there's not a fuckin thing wrong with the launcher to start with. Thats the way the golds keep casuals out. Tell ya one thing, If I were to try another game, I would start off with new emails n cheat my patootie off, Why should I try to be Legit, fkn Tired of being the Only One. Not just this game, Warthunder, WoT ect. Hax run all games. 'It Is What It Is'
  9. I do not suffer from random disconnects, but I do have a tolerance threshold, once players' insolence and impudence passes 75%, I tend to disconnect myself.
  10. Oh dear lord it's such a simple yet so much accomplishing concept! It would be a great touch! Shame the team is busy porting mediocre game to new engine rather than improving it to be a competent one.
  11. Here is a collection of screenshots from the "Chipp's Car Club" (screenshots were made by official CCC press photographer Xenise/xKurokax): To see more screenshots from the event visit the CCC discord page linked in Steven's posting above.
  12. i like the idea of just removing the ability to see what your threat is, because A: I have gotten "bullied" more because i'm gold. Had things said to me like "fake gold" or "you play like a bronze" which puts this unwanted pressure of having to always do good in the game vs just trying to have fun B: It will make dethreating much harder because...well...you can't see your threat. C; its more common for golds to be called out for cheating than silvers or bronzes for obvious reasons. It just becomes this toxic mess of either, you're a shit gold or a cheater neither of which are fun to deal with. I imagine once LO can somehow make it so the matchmaking pool is much wider than the max of 40/40 matchmaking will be much better and more fun. If anything I hope they reset everyone's threat level so everyone can have a fresh start. I could loose 10 games in a row, bottom frag and still be gold when I play more like an upper silver. We'll just have to wait and see.
  13. Just me ... I quickly Startup the APB executable, it goes into "repair" mode.. (downloading) and hop back on. Noone else was effected. I think God hates me After the 3rd disconnect of the evening. I call it quits. I figure God wants me to do something else with my time. YouTube surfing, another game, hell, even doing my laundry without any issues.
  14. I am usually in a mission when I get the disconnects. And almost ALWAYS, our group is winning. Typically, we are on the tail end of a mission, we're gonna win, and then BAMMM. I get a disconnect. I just want to cry.
  15. I only get kicked when trying to login sometimes.
  16. Who is "everyone"? Look around. There is no one left to play this game. Even if someone decides to return they get thrown vs those few groups several matches in a row even. Also don't you think pre-made groups should be facing other pre-made groups anyway? If that was the case i wouldn't have an issue with it.
  17. Eh, depends. Most low rank bronze are fine. They're new and willing to play the game. Better than these high silver, low golds that sit afk or throw the mission.
  18. Been playing this game for a number of years. Will be probably be playing this game for the foreseeable future. I am sure we have all experienced the proverbial Game crash and the Windows Pop-Up to Send a Report or Dismiss. Admittedly, I was dutiful in the first 6 years of game play to click "Send Report"... Now a days, I ask, "Why bother" and click "dismiss" Even posted on the forums for some input from the gaming company as to the value of these reports. Never heard a word... c'est la vie...... But my threshold for "when I call it quits" for the evening has always hung around 3 disconnects. This usually occurs within a 2hr game play session. Have not been very successful in passing that threshold. Typically, in a 2 hour game play session, my avg disconnects has been 3. and then I call it quits for the night. What is your threshold before you end your gaming session ? 2 3 ... more Curious what the avg threshold is . Hell, not much else to talk about .. let's talk thresholds.
  19. R3ACT3M

    JT Store refund

    By don't like it, I mean (common complaints) it sounds bad compared to the ntec, the material makes most of the custom skins look bad, and some people say that it's weaker compared to the ntec (which is just placebo im sure)
  20. I have it, it's my favorite long range side arm
  21. Yep, I see nothing wrong with this at all But hey, free mods and cars. So it kinda feels worth it. hitting max rank has it's satisfactions as well
  22. 2 years have passed since the creation of this theme... Unfortunately, during this time the APB is no longer interesting to me. A lot of hated players, including on the forum.
  23. you literally have a thread where you complain (still incorrectly, at this point in time) that orbit only takes actions against the people reporting, do you not think that instating a system that actually does punish people for reporting will lead to even more frustrated players?
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