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  2. At first it seems like a silly idea, and the argument that: bronze -> silver -> gold -> platinum is very valid. But as someone who doesn't want to try-hard anymore in the game I find myself bouncing between silver and gold a lot. In theory, for those who want to try super hard would get sent to Plat and would fight other plats and golds, while maybe it will keep Trainees and bronzes from fighting platinum. Or Everyone will just get bumped up a threat and no difference will be made in the end.
  3. god damn baby all of this im liking what i am rreading here baby lets go
  4. every system is perfect in theory, we should find which is perfect for APB.
  5. There are too little players to make threat segregation work anymore. We need to start bridging the gap between the higher skilled players and the lower skilled ones. And one way is to look at how we can unlock the essential arsenal of weapons and vehicles for the newer players earlier and much faster. Secondly, I've been playing this game since 2012/2013, and my main observation of the people who complains about removal of threat segregation are that they are also often the ones that dethreat so they could fight easier opposition. Threat segregation has only truly hurt the really good players as there are not enough people within gold ranks to play amongst themselves unless you fancy playing against the same 2 teams all night. We need to remove the threat icon, and start using hidden mmr. Revo also mentioned a really good idea of disabling 'unready' in action district which is worth exploring. All these combined with a full arsenal unlocked, newer/less-skilled players would be able to fight on fairer grounds.
  6. Today is Wednesday and thus the weekly installment of the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is being held! As it always, takes place in combination with the "Chipp's Car Club" (CCC) player event. The starting time for the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is around 19:00 GMT*. We usually meet up at least an hour or two before CCC starts and do regular patrols together as well as custom high speed chases (depending on whether or not open world crime is going on). If you want to participate - on the cop or the criminal side - just let us know. The CCC player event does start at 21:00 GMT* and the location for this week should be in one of the Financial districts. Please use either the CCC Discord LINK or the CCC APB Forum LINK for more details about the CCC event and the specifics about the district's event location. Members of LAPD Squad will again take care of traffic control during the street races after the CCC car show (where participants present their newest customisations). Any other enforcer or criminal interested in helping out - and thus doing something entirely different in game for a change - is welcomed to keep the traffic at bay with us. If you have time to attend, we'll see you on the streets. In any case: Please stay safe out there and use all necessary precautions to stay healthy! ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEWARE: Due to the recent removal of threat levels (September 2021), and thus threat districts, there might be serious issues with finding a moderately empty server to run events. At the moment only very few servers are available when logging in, so it remains to be seen if CCC can even take place in the specified district. It is also impossible to say if there will be enough space for all who want to participate, if the district is not empty and whether or not those randoms present will grief and interfere with the race and traffic control. The same issues exist regarding open world crime activities, which seem to have almost ceased entirely, making our usual RP patrols pretty much moot. So - unfortunately - the future looks VERY bleak at the moment. --------- * Make sure to take "Daylight Saving Time" (DST) into account in regard to the starting times for both the LAPD Squad Meet Up (19:00 GMT) as well as Chipp's Car Club (21:00 GMT) in case you hail from a country not using DST! Links to a time zone converter, showing your corresponding local time, have been inserted for your convenience.
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  8. Indeed, lol! I thought this was APB Forum, kek; sorry
  9. why would they nerf low yields further when they're currently almost completely unused?
  10. Western Holster, Old Large pickup Truck. Open world for Cops, so a cop could Search for drugs, ect. Gaining a few xp and money. Similar to the Crim's Mugging. So cops could progress faster and not be dependent on crim's playing to progress. Again, Western Holster
  11. -Remove the R195 limit on mods that have it (or make it restricted R85) -Make low-yields a grenade role unlock instead of contact unlock (also give nerf the count u get from 3 to 2) -Give people who earned the respective lvl 16 weapoan role the ability to purchase (free) 3 slot character permanent weapon -Buff crouch movement speed and make consumables a permanent modification. -Remove car spawner and remote detonator, make CA3 default regen and rename CA2 to Clotting Agent (remove CA1) and adjust other mods accordingly -Make all cars be able to hit the max speed of the game before it starts crashing (or whatever the arbitrary limit is that you've set) All of these suggestions were from the Suggestions forum, which you seem to just not care about apparently (even though Matt stated they are) Why are these subtle and seemingly very easy, but good QoL changes not being implemented? What's wrong? Can we get a comment on what's wrong with them and what's hindering you from implementing them? The old forums have been deleted sadly otherwise I would've quoted more of these QoL changes that have been suggested from the community for years now. (Dopefish, Ketog, Esther, LUST and many more amazing dedicated people which would love seeing this game prosper a lot) Oh, make scout/hvr/obir accurate (as per my recent suggestion thread) and pls lengthen ttk to ~stabba ccg ttk already with less rng/bloom altogether
  12. believe your wrong ... there will be a wipe and really it has to be that way to make all the time and effort pay off rebuilding game they need new money and new players, which just won't happen if old db is restored ...
  13. I never liked those max rank badges. The other ones are nice looking.
  14. To be perfectly clear: You can't modify an application from 64 bits to a 32 bits one if the code is based on 32 bits. (as a user) What he means is the colour depth of the application, 16 bit colour, 32 bit colour. Different from code architecture being made on 32 bits.
  15. intentional griefing is not part of the game, that is no fun for anyone who gets 'targeted griefing' people stopping them from playing the game normally. Driving around and hitting another player can always happen, that is part of it.
  16. The game have(EU)2 finan. dist. full and 1 waterf.If we separate somehow the players by threat we gonna get like every dist with 15-20 vs 15-20 for finan and waterf gonna be unplayable.Plus we gonna get same oposition over and over again.So current missions without threat dist is the only option i think.With this small playerbase just cant be otherwise .Other way is to wipe out the missions entirely like already suggested and replace it with some free for all/50vs50 mode where players can get exp,money,JT but they not gonna make this change so it is what it is
  17. Remove weapon role rank 16 and give the players who already complete it-special weapon skin for free.For the rest of players-put it for sale on armas
  18. How does this suggestion still pop up in 2021? I swear this forum is like an existence running in it's own time. Be gone for a decade and you will come back as if nothing happened. Or is it proof that new players are still joining
  19. They should just bring back the threat stats to the foreground, so people know if they are silver 1 through 10, etc etc. I am sure a lot of the silver ranked people will realize that the gold threat they fight against and vice versa are not very skewed in terms of different level, and then when they do go into a mission with a silver 5 fighting a gold 10, they can come here to complain and scream.
  20. use apb advanced launcher and play on fullscreen windowed https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip
  21. FakeBungo


    this is happening to others and we don't know how to fix it. if LO doesn't address it then we will be waiting until the engine upgrade which is probably 1-3 years away.
  22. its basically impossible that my PC or internet is at fault cos i have family in tech background who deal with that for me. i have around 1000mb/s upload and download. the issues with high latency are newish (didn't happen a couple/few years ago). the US East server (which is further than West for me) is extremely bad and i see people teleporting around often. west has decentish ping at 110-120 but it goes up randomly due to LO server provider having issues presumably, or are just simply not good enough quality servers to manage APB... the crashes/freezes people are reporting are happening to people with old and new rigs. i have the exact same PC that i have used for years to play APB and its getting these issues so its definitely not just new graphics cards at fault. basically your game randomly freezes, and if your unlucky it will crash or force you to close the game due to being frozen. there seems to be no way to fix this.
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  24. scout is not meant for 70m+ thats what scout means, did you even play APB before?
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