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    Sudden trade lock

    Correct, got some major Windows update yesterday.
  3. Hello, Matt. Thanks for such a good migration, ppl got a lil bit more that u promised, but, a couple of things are still behind the scene. From the very beginning, it was said: "Legendaries that are from Joker Boxes will be brought across with the character they are currently on as long as they are those exact weapons. This does not include any items that are limited by a lease time. These items will also be trade locked.". Now after migration, the most valuable things from my account disappeared. I packed my weapons on Innova server from boxes, which i bought for my money and also can back up it by proofs. Then, i contacted support and got a final answer like: "We are unable to restore any of the listed weapons to the account. Our logs did not register any of these items on the account and this is due to the fact that they were bought on Innova (4game) and are versions that are not restorable in the Citadel(EU) server." So, where is the truth? I had big hopes, that i will still have my weapons, that you promised, and now im so upset. Also lost my Nano from contact mission, that is very sad. Comment this somehow, ty. @MattScott
  4. Well that's why I said it's slow instead of saying it is bad. It's the change to the consumable I find bad.
  5. The game being slow does not equate to the game being bad. If you want instant twitch gameplay on every level, go play like CoD/BF or something. If anything, APB could do with being slowed down more... They had the right idea back in RTW, just needed to be executed better.
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  7. progress town has bunkers and buildings without generators that don't leave game when cogs take over and cant place new bunkers
  8. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way. People usually counter this statement to say that weapon switching shouldn't be a thing but that is the exact reason that makes the consumable so good. If you decide to use something else, you're giving up the ability to switch weapons in favor of another pro found in another consumable. That goes for any of them, such as losing your +speed ability should you switch out your epi pen in favor of another. Limiting grenades is a change I'm okay with seeing balanced. I enjoyed nade fighting someone else with a box, but it's understood why this had to be changed.
  9. I mean this in the nicest way possible. You are a barely silver player even after years of playing, and you play in bronze districts. You clearly have no idea what is or isn't possible by legit players. You should not be spouting off about cheaters.
  10. Going to assume you're also the type that doesn't believe Big Oil controls the US governmental elections.
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  12. Why should someone who has no interest in playing APB even want to keep their name?
  13. there is no point in fixing it anyway, the new report is just as the same as the old one, its there to shut us up and make us "think" it makes a difference, ive reported a few people and they still have yet to be banned, even if they arnt cheater, i shoulndt have to face them but no, they got rid of the gm's too so there is no way to tell a gm to look out for xxx and hopefully have xxx kicked form the misioan for being suspisious (im sorry but when someone is able to get 30 kills when the rest of his team can only get 5 is not legit but sure, defend his sorry asss you botter lovvers)
  14. Illuminati confirmed. You should have consulted a lawyer before spouting off. Would have saved you from looking foolish.
  15. This has been brought up on the forums several times already, and LO is aware.
  16. They don't supply nades the same either. It's a limited amount. I just hate not being ables to access my inventory. APB is a slow patootie game already, and having to constantly drive to car spawns and such to change weapons slows it down even more. Switching to orange ammo just removes all other orange mod options. Just a shit idea imo.
  17. i had the same issue last night, but also after i tryed to use it , got stuck where i coulnt drop it, died with it in my hand, then when i respawned i was unable to enter cars (good thing i was 255, with car surf) unable to do the objective, unable to kick doors open, unable to jump fences, anything that required a press of the f button was not allowed, i was allowed to shoot tho , it finally fixed itself but i had to die 5 times (which was not hard due to the amout of hax this game has now and the fact that little orbit doesnt care and lets botters play) so as cookie said, dont use it unless you dotn want to use the f key anymore
  18. How do I sound toxic when I'm pointing out the true facts about this game... idk, you just manage to do so with ease. no clue how. even this answer just screams TOXIC af plus, please stop with the unneccessary highlighting/formatting
  19. This bug has been in a game for a bit although there is a workaround. Players may not be able to shoot the objective to destroy it however if they ram the shop front with a car (doesn't have to be with much speed at all) it'll progress the stage to the next one. This trick has never not worked for me so if it happens to you or you want to be a good sport then let others know about the workaround by whispering them. I totally agree that this should be fixed tho.
  20. Some people are toxic to begin with however others are reacting to how you act as well. It is a common denominator in society and how people functions. With that said can you tone it down please? sure some people upset you but it is coming off as you taking it out on the rest of us. Yes there are some cheaters. Ctadel has more than Jericho for some reason. and there will always be cheaters since no anti cheat is 100% effective. also keep in mind APB has a uniqueness to it and even if you are excellent at other games it is easy to get completely defeated here because of its own game mechanics. Not everyone is cheating. Some guns shoot more accurate than others , and some are made for close range only. knowing what gun to use in what situation helps. Little Orbit is a small company that has to fix APB as a whole. The game engine has not been updated to even unreal engine's 3.5 version yet so that they can update to the unreal 4.0+ engine (the most updated current one) Wit that said , all funding is currently going to fixing core mechanics of the game that must be done first. They can not afford to moderate chat when that funding is desperately needed to fix the foundation of APB so that other things like encryption and other such means of stopping cheaters can be done I'm not sure if they plan to encrypt it is just an example. Currently the SPCT team made of players who knows APB mechanics is testing the 3.5 engine Upgrade. with out the 3.5 Engine Upgrade done nothing else can move forward. with that said , if someone is being toxicly offensive use /report and their name in game and report them under griefing for the chat. keep in mind if you are being offensive too it can affect you as well. with all of that said : welcome to APB and the forums. nice to see new faces.
  21. Cheating is not out of hand, learn the game instead of listening to the people who cry hacks instead of accepting that people are better than them
  22. Hello I have moved this topic to the Social District section. - Mina_
  23. SPCT are still testing. confirmed by MattScott and multiple SPCT on numerous occasions including I believe 2 days ago by a couple SPCT talking in threads that there is still testing.
  24. and its not. why are you saying otherwise is beyond me.
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