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  2. Thanks for the many interesting words, wordy person. I try to write a collection of wordy words myself but I'm too tired, what rhymes with cat?
  3. Tomorrow is Wednesday and thus the weekly installment of the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is being held! As always, it takes place in combination with the "Chipp's Car Club" (CCC) player event, which is scheduled after. The starting time for the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is around 19:00 GMT*. We usually meet up at least an hour before CCC starts and do regular patrols together as well as custom high speed chases (depending on whether or not open world crime is going on). If you want to participate - on the cop or the criminal side - just let us know. The CCC player event does start at 20:00 GMT* (an hour earlier than it used to be) and the location for this week should be in one of the Financial districts (see the disclaimer below). Please use either the CCC Discord LINK or the CCC APB Forum LINK for more details about the CCC event and the specifics about the district's event location. Members of LAPD Squad will again take care of traffic control during the street races after the CCC car show (where participants present their newest customisations). Any other enforcer or criminal interested in helping out - and thus doing something entirely different in game for a change - is welcomed to keep the traffic at bay with us. If you have time to attend, we'll see you on the streets. In any case: Please stay safe out there and use all necessary precautions to stay healthy! ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEWARE: Due to the removal of threat levels (September 2021), and thus threat districts, there could be serious issues with finding a moderately empty server to run events, as only very few servers are available when logging in. This usually means that whether or not any player events can take place in a specified district can only be decided upon on short notice. It is also impossible to say if there are going to be enough free slots for all who want to participate (if the district is not empty). Whether or not those random players present will grief and interfere with the race and traffic control on purpose is also a hit and miss thing at the present. The same issues exist regarding open world crime activities, and it sometimes amounts to pure luck if units on patrol in available districts come across any of those. --------- * Links to a time zone converter, showing your corresponding local time, have been inserted for your convenience.
  4. i think dat some funeral song is more convenient for LO at this point..
  5. cant believe its computer generated by ditto. That a pretty riffy tune. Mack likes it.
  6. Today
  7. Ran into this song, posting it for Matt
  8. https://www.omgwallhack.org/home/jrayhawk/vid/apb/maz/lump instant replay mlgcam-80G7f6RHQas.mp4
  9. thanks you for your words of wisdom oh whyze won.
  10. bro that was the best poem i ever read. Thank you sweet lady tiggs for instilling the lightning stick straight into my heart.
  11. i can metaphyse you i can be the chimes in truth I can slam my fountains goup Just to get a sailours truth baybe we a mansion troop riding on energy from the hoop bro i take a million loops just to come out as uncouth but i ride a million ways just to stay up in the faze i ain't takin mental strain cause i drive a mountain range that's how far the people go straight into the clouds of gold as we spy from high on top to see them falter and to stop the tide is coming again once more the sea creatures are visible at at the shore they'll sneak up while you sleep at night i hope you end up holding tight because for some... luck doesn't exits. we just are.
  12. bro half of these players are cheaters and i beat eveyone on the list you also claim to be a different gender i think you're the one that starts with an A and ends with E. you harass nice people daily. no wonder we have a problem. Get off our game. bochie and tko were right about you.
  13. ftfy But in all seriousness it's usually the non regional players who cheat. Exception being China. Cheating is worst on those servers no matter what game you play.
  14. 16 series has issues running APB i some times have had issues due to the card. the game isn't made to handle new hardware, also if you use the adv loader make sure particles isn't set to zero that will crash the game as for a fix? beats me i stopped playing a year or two ago
  15. hehe, i feel yeh, but it's not naming anyone specifically. Half the Americans cheat in APB, and West Coast Colby players are the worst offenders. :trollface: I'll never forgive LO for removing the :trollface: emote D:<
  16. Ive submitted a ticket, but I have NO idea how long that will take to get a response from so I thought Id try here too. Ive played this game for over a decade and have never had any issues. No lag, no crashing, nothing. I recently upgraded my Graphics card, and My 2nd monitor. Since then every time I log in to play I crash at LEAST once and its always in the middle of a mission This is what the error box says when I crash: m_VertexBuffer->Lock(m_nNextVertexData, Size, &pData, VertexLockFlags) failed at Src\D3D9DrawPrimitiveUPWrapper.cpp:293 with error D3DERR_DEVICELOST History: 01:48:39 - Log: Log file closed, 27/06/22 21:48:39 All drivers are up to date, I tried limiting the framerate on the game in the nvidia control panel - Still crash tried turning off the second monitor - Still crash ive messed with every graphics setting in game - still crash Tonight Ive crashed 4 times in a row in less than an hour and im losing my mind here. Anyone have any insight into what that error is? here are my specs: Intel i7-6700K 8 CPUs at 4.0 GHz 32 gig ddr 2400 ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 1TB ssd help?
  17. make a melee alt for this. need bullets? que them up go to melee alt and do what ever till more bullets, or if you have a high end crafter always have there que full of what ever your current alt is
  18. they handle it. if you contact support theres a 90% chance they will tell you to go fuck yourself/we can't do anything lol
  19. Yesterday
  20. When crafting an item, we have the option to pause it. However, we cannot click on another craftable item and prioritize crafting it instead. We can only choose to cancel. Please let us stop what we are making so that we can begin another project that we need more. Example, we were making food items but run low on bullets. We shouldn't have to individually cancel each item in order to make bullets (and lose mats on something that was already started). We should be able to stop making food then make some bullets and go back to making food or whatever.
  21. VerreckDuSau

    Sex change

    I love apb reloaded
  22. plz Tell me, does the report in the game itself work at all, or what would be the result, you need to directly contact the support service? if the report from the game works, then where can I find out the results, can the community here tell me or still contact support or the results are not disclosed?
  23. discord:paccolin#1500 wir suchen aktive member https://discord.gg/heaven-rp
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