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  2. Now I just need to find a way to play this on Linux, as I don't have any more windows machines
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  4. Ok They cost $1 each, I'll keep you updated on the progress. It's going to take a while I'm busy until 11 pm so 18+ hours before i can start.
  5. After I put three in the auction tonight it wouldn't let me duplicate any more so there must be a limit to how many I can do at once so it may take a couple of days to sort out. Shouldn't be difficult to edit crim into cop cabs. Are these characters all yours or are they different people?
  6. Okay, please give. I need four copies. I’ll pay IGN: Hellscape
  7. I forgot to mention I'm on the EU server, I put the cars in the auction there I restricted them to the names of the people requesting.
  8. Is it really that hard to believe that people blatantly lie? Considering the topic, if advertising happens, you did in fact lie about lack of new content because there is PLENTY of game time and things for New Players to explore before they even hit R195 to experience the real world yet even reach R255. Lack of "new" content is a problem to those who have played for years, not for new players.
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  10. What is with all the butt hurt people? Once Matt doesn’t post a update for a month, you all start claiming the game will shutdown, Matt is got no money and that’s he’s juicing the money from the game? You need to chill and stop making a bad impression of the game.
  11. Repetita iuvant: reason why you - in general - wanna promote/advertise/whatever this game in its current (read: past (and near future?) state is something beyond me. Besides the EU, besides lack of new contents, besides all the problems APB community highlights every single day on forum, you are "interested" in "getting the numbers up". Long story short: "let's pull the wool over people's eyes over and over". Mind you, it can work for some days, but people is not that stupid, realizing spending money in this game is useless if you can't see any improvement in short time. Advertising an already well known (infamous?) "broken" game is not a smart move. Read what people type on Steam: this can/should be a good start for everyone (except if you think, like LilyRain, people purposely lies). Ok the "endless" customization, ok the fact it's a unique game, but if we all know how APB is and perceived now, well, it's much cry and little wool. Pax et bonum - Ite, missa est
  12. Heya, welcome to the July Crafter's Market and Destruction Derby! For those of you new to market, it was established in beta before auction was created (nearing 12+ years now!). Almost always on the first Saturday of the month, it was the main way crafters sold their wares. Now, it's a way for the community to get together and have a little fun! I do welcome crafters to come set up a tent and sell your wares, we usually get at least a raid full of people. This month the market will be located in Rest Stop S1, (north of the town, south of the pvp zone) to accommodate our event Starting at 1PM CST (GMT-6) on Jan 5th Market Site: /waypoint 4119533 3736891 All level players, and GMs are welcome to attend! For events, I'll be hosting a combat buggy demolition derby, and the usual trivia. The tournament will be hosted inside the pvp zone to the north. Players over level 15 will receive a de-buff, but that shouldn't be a problem for participants and spectators. I'll have tents setup for ramps, and campfires to mark the bounds. Do be careful heading around the left side of the zone, Project 432 and his handlers aren't too friendly. I won't be handing these out the vehicles advance, but will have many ready for the event. Combat Buggies will be handed out to as many people who meet the requirements, and want to participate. It'll be first come first serve, but I will have enough for everyone. Requirements to participate in tournament: Already have a combat buggy (I'll throw some ammo your way) Must be lvl 25 with 55+ dex, you'll receive 3 dyes, a combat buggy, and ammo. Rules for the derby are simple: Be the last buggy standing to win a prize. If your buggy is destroyed, head to the sidelines and wait for the next round. **Don't go past the marked play area or you will be disqualified** Spectators can watch from the opposite side of the fence, or on top of the satellite dish. Trivia will be announced in region, first to answer correctly wins a prize. All my trivia is fallen earth related, some questions easier than others. I'll also be doing /roll for items in the main team. Contact me if you have any questions, or would like to donate towards the event. Hope to see ya there! -Op Hooligan aka Hoolicodone
  13. you've been around for 4 years.... the ones needing protecting are the sub 3-6 month.
  14. Hi, I would like to join this clan
  15. 2's are unbalanced literally makes it impossible attacking a lot of the time
  16. If you see this freak, don't run away he doesn't smell as bad as he looks Don't feed him after midnight or this'll happen
  17. Thanks to helpful moderator I can now post images here's my car on a drive without me
  18. I just wish people would just try and revive APB instead of hating on it and giving it a bad name. The community knows the lack of care companies give this game but it doesn’t need to let down by the players
  19. This is why I've been giving away vehicles and mods, it's probably guns they need but I only use the rented guns for cash that expire in 10 days so I have no guns to give.
  20. Go to steam charts and search apb, the peak is mid 400’s I was just rounding up.
  21. advertising current apb is worthless, the game is already infamous for being a flaming trainwreck, and any unfortunate new players who didnt already know about apb wont stick around for long enough to significantly affect the population anyway
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