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  2. Make Med Spray as a new green character mod.
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  4. sorry some of us don't have 10 million apb $ burning a hole in our pocket from playing this game for 10 years.
  5. Yea that makes sense man, if only LO balanced weapons in this way...fixes instead of turning everything into a potato
  6. my understanding of the g1 yukon was that the four round burst basically became it's defualt setting due to some error by g1. issue is instead of firing four rounds with a delay as a rfp would it fired them with the same delay as a normal mountie all while having the bloom and spray of the 4 round burst ADS which in turn meant it could dump a full mag in roughly .2 seconds killing any one in front of you thank god that isnt the case now
  7. this is what runs through my head each time i see flak med spray ran by some cuckadoo with any cqc weapon who spends the match hiding running from me and being an annoying patootie aswell as spamming them like beers at a frat party
  8. Medspray was overpowered before Little Orbit added the double healing speed buff. Being able to start healing instantly made running no Clotting Agent very effective in cqc fights. Now, it's basically a reset button. Also, STOP SPAMMING MY INBOX WITH CONSUMABLES! Make them normal mods.
  9. Noted With thanks...ill give it a chance...because thinking about it if it had more accuracy what would be the point of ul3...i am not so sure about the a SMALL fire rate buff...ill keep it in mind though.
  10. R3ACT3M

    Buff the ACT 44.

    Please do. The .45 is dominating range side arm combat....wtf
  11. It's kinda of weird. It's VERY good at being an ambush weapon the Nunavut in particular because of the extended mag 2. So good that you CAN if lucky beat an OCA with one. I haven't been playing it recently though favoring long range pistols. It's just one of those side arms you can't touch too much in fear of making it broken. The Yukon apparently fired WAAAAY to fast, compared to the Nunavut which what made the Yukon Brok- I mean... more desirable sidearm. Since the nerf no one wants it. So perhaps it is fair to say give the Nunavut a small fire-rate boost. SMALL!
  12. Why?... Can u solidly get kills with it, talking golds....do i need more skill (i am bout half way to gold)....how many months u playing it? can i solo it? what's ur playstyle in it and lastly in ur opinion is it better than any other accessible automatic pistols from JT store.
  13. Hello, recently I was unable to join any district. I always get stuck at the loading screen.... I tried exiting Steam, uninstalling, installing without Steam (with the APB downloader). Nothing worked. Once I was able to connect to social district. After that I tried financial and got stuck again. What can I check? Is it maybe outdated battle eye? Some port forwarding thing? Firewall? DNS? Something else?
  14. plz don't. Maybe buff the yukon, but as someone who plays the nunavut. DON'T!
  15. Started in RTW time. The people I play with still play. If I was solo I probably wouldn't touch the game tbh
  16. guess it depends on when you got into the game. 99% of the people from my era have moved on and it reflects in the US player population.
  17. It's like an itch you can't scratch. Doesn't matter what game comes out regardless I'll still play this game the most. Even tho Valorant is taking my attention away slowly.(finally)
  18. designing is the only thing worth doing in this game bro, like creative mode in minecraft ya feel? it has been the same for like 2 months already, no reason has been mentioned thus far
  19. ...or it might be just be me needing more skill.
  20. how do you guys like this game that much?
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  22. Hello , Special episode as a huge thanks to everyone who has been watching and continues to watch the series . you legends ! Don't forget you can watch this in 1440 hit the videos cog icon. + full screen if your net can handle it, you can enjoy the games graphics at max just as if your playing the game. Enjoy ! oh and Do you guys want more Criminal content??
  23. That was the idea, I see it fitting in perfectly into social
  24. Hi all, I'm going to keep the weekly updates going as best I can. Last week, I walked through our four part plan to get APB 2.1 optimized properly. This week we finished troubleshooting the scripts and got those compiling. For those that aren't familiar with Unreal, script files are written in Unrealscript. It's sort of a janky language that Epic has since done away with in Unreal 4. Devs in Unreal 3 used it as glue between the engine and C++ files to expose variables and functions for non-programmers to build off of in the Editor. Now we're working on #1: Getting the Unreal Editor working. I'll admit upfront, I shouldn't have tempted fate when I said "In theory, this part shouldn't take a lot of effort." Turns out all of the shaders for the game have to be compiled and working before we can open the Editor. All modern day engines use vertex shaders and pixel shaders to render geometry and perform calculations on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Vertex shaders handle data that relevant to geometry you're rendering. Triangles. Normals. Vertices. Pixel shaders handle data at the pixel level which can output textures or entire screens. I'm going to make some sweeping generalizations for illustration sake, but during each frame, the game grabs batches of geometry it needs to render or process. It runs that geometry through a vertex shader and then it pumps those results into a pixel shader which results in.. wait for it: a color for a single pixel. Unreal has a modular design that allows the behavior of both vertex shaders and pixel shaders to modified and then compiled over and over with different features. In fact, vertex shader and pixel shaders are reusable. They can be mix and matched to produce different effects. APB has hundreds of shader files that each have inputs and outputs with a bunch of logic in between. That logic is written in yet another language. High-level Shader Language (HLSL). Original, right? Fortunately it reads very similar to C. Right now we're going line by line through all of those shaders to diagnose areas where code was merged from 1.20 into 2.1. There are two categories of issue here: The first is that the shader is simply invalid and doesn't compile. The second is that the shader compiles but the results are broken based on data that is missing or not processed properly. For Getting the Unreal Editor working, we are only focused on the first category of shader issues. Once we get into the editor, then we'll start sifting through maps and characters to find shaders that fall into the second category. This week we made steady progress, but until every shader compiles 100%, I wont be able to show any screenshots. Thanks, Matt
  25. Pleasant good-day, the Mountie secondary suffers from too much bloom/inaccuracy when automatic, supported by first hand experience of in firing pointblank range and not killing WITH the NUNAVUT. honestly feels like i'm shooting a damn nail gun i might add. From the big pic perspective the Mountie seeks to Combine the Joker rfp9 and Ul-3, SO where did 28cm at 10m come from. If it comes down to a sacrifice-gain, i will gladly take 20cm at 10m with 35m range or 24cm at 10m with 37m effective range than 28cm at 10m with 40 range. The yukon is good as is... a legendary version of Joker rfp9. thanks in advance
  26. Could try advertising this thread in the FE discord, its slightly more active than the forums. Not sure how many more would add in tho. https://discord.gg/Def2wnW7su
  27. one of the issues for hit reg comes from players with high ping. like BRs because you know brazil is like 500 miles from any American server 2nd issue is people like to use cheats here and 3rd comes from the fact small kids do stupid shit get banned get mad then DDOS the server making it hard to play for everyone also the fact LO keeps changing guns in more then one way some issues have come up with in them. like i noticed shotguns seem to have pellets from in a right to left pattern half the time or HVR being dead on a still target and i miss and hit some poor pigeon 5 feet away there's also the issue of hitbox's not forming to models to keep one gender being better like fallen earth had which in turn makes cover 90% useless and causes you to get hit "randomly" when in fact its because a red heir might pop up because the hit box is sticking out or could be your ip provider or if in US east tends to work better then west or vice versa which can have various results on game play.
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