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  2. it’s their job and they are in charge listening to the community is necessary but if someone can’t filter out the unnecessary noise or gets their feelings hurt too easily, then they probably shouldn’t have a job that deals with the public
  3. it’s always been apb the shit performance has been complained about by thousands of people over the years, and it’s a major reason for why the game is dead rn
  4. Maybe its finally time for you to accept the fact that you are just bad at the game.
  5. Criticism is very important but I think what Jazeker means is to not flame LO over every little mistake to the point that we did with G1 so that they get burned out and apathetic toward APB. Flaming is different than harsh criticism. Flaming is when you're just saying "AAGH THIS NEW MODE IS BULLSH!T LO IS WORSE THAN G1" without giving any real reasons or real suggestions. Other than the shitty management one of the problems with G1 was that with everything they did, good or bad, a legion of screechers crawled out from under the rocks and attacked their every move, never a positive or even constructive comment. If you look back at the very beginning of Reloaded, like in OBT, they were actually doing some pretty good stuff. After years of said screeching they stopped caring about the game and it just became their cash cow. If you're criticizing LO, at least be constructive about it, don't just insult them over every little thing they do or we'll have a repeat of G1. You gotta remember that they inherited an insanely messy shitstorm of a game, and its less than friendly community. Whether you like RIOT or not you can't deny that they are at least trying to freshen up and modernize APB. Plus they have separate teams working on the Engine Upgrade and RIOT so they aren't taking focus away from the EU to implement this broken mode at all. We may not have asked for it (similar modes have been suggested a lot in the past actually, not saying I agree with them or anything) they saw potential in an area of APB because of its district size and they wanted to capitalize on that. Can you really blame them for that? "But everyone was telling them not to do it" There were a lot of people saying APB doesn't need a BR mode, myself included, but I'm a bit of a hypocrite in this situation because I'm also a fan of "don't knock it til you try it" because you really don't know until you do try it for yourself. Some people on the forum here actually said they were pleasantly surprised with how RIOT turned out aside from all the issues. Now that this much of RIOT is done it seems too late to turn back and scrap it. They're kinda caught in a "Damned if we do, Damned if we don't" situation. Some of the same people that hate RIOT will just use them scrapping it as more ammo against them for not being able to complete it, even though they got what they wanted instead of being thankful that it was scrapped. It happens every damn time something is reverted. There's a certain few here that do this constantly. I'm not white knighting LO or anything, I just don't want to see them fall into the same apathetic rut that G1 dug themselves into.
  6. No, Its more about "If the issue is on your site then stop blame other people for it and take action"
  8. ah yes, the old “i don’t have this problem so it doesn’t exist” routine classic
  9. would you trust orbit with your titles at this point?
  10. he’s right tbh riot is a battle royale at its core but it’s so needlessly overcomplicated that it ends up losing any sense of gameplay direction i have no idea how orbit thought this mode would bring in new players from what we were told by g1 the map tools and the maps themselves are all custom built and therefore kind of suck not really an excuse for how poorly the new map changes were done, but idk if it’s as easy as you say
  11. I'd rather see colored titles for hours played, rather than a reward based on the first time you installed the game.
  12. I don't know how their buisness work because they defenitly not listen to the community... Just give us a normal BR mode and new maps/contacts. Jesus it is so not hard to freaking understand. AFTER that you can work on unreal engine idgaf. Just don't work on multiple things at once Little Orbit or your game will die even faster than it already is.
  13. Today
  14. Same as any other mature human being who knows how to tie a shoe. Maybe add a constructive comment to this topic the next time instead of representing the toxicity of this community.
  15. @Mitne I wonder how bad your computer must be... that you're unable to play a 10 year old game on decent framerate. Or does your pc just overheat? I got my a RX 580 GPU downclocked to 650Mhz. 4 FullHD screens connected to it while multitasking with several applications and playing apb on ultra settings... Still getting more than 80fps in APB stable. CPU usage is around 10% ~ The whole system is not very expensive might cost 500€.
  16. I can honestly agree with a good 95% of what you said. The glowing effects everywhere look super dated, the random exploded cars models scattered around looks like xXRyan455Xx 's first map in unity. The overall mode feels clunky, and the last stage when you bribe is actually fun.
  17. That might be EAC. I have the same problem in other games using it.
  18. I'm not suprised but kinda my RIOT rant might brought shadow a bit on other problems with this patch. And honestly dunno who restricted possiblity of tampering with task manager priority. It's idiotic and actively harms my gameplay.
  19. Ya no se puede, Gamersfirst quitó el idioma español porque estaba a medio y no querían tener que estar pagando a traductores para terminar de traducir el juego cuando había pocos jugadores. Una lástima porque estaba traducido en su mayor parte así que lo podrían haber dejado, lo único que podrías hacer es mandar un mensaje al soporte del juego y pedirle que lo vuelvan añadir si pueden (con suerte aun tienen los archivos y podrían añadirlos en un parche sin problema).
  20. Are you really surprised? Everytime someone was touching APB in the past it was only getting worse.
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