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  3. Same big lame excuse for years ''Changes only after Engine'' this ain't being produced get real, fuck...
  4. nyet, theme is fine i like the current login theme with its dark gloomy & bass-y login soundtrack leave it alone dammit
  5. guys, this game starts year and ends year and it remains the same, give up, free yourself slaves haha
  6. So they can't merge till this engine comes, Who's idea was this. Boarding the door shut? I voted Yes. That pretty much seals my wallet As far as desegregation goes, your gonna loose your casual daily players, n gain a bunch of tryhard golds that your not really gaining cuz they already here, they would just be able to goto bronze n farm. Meaning no place would be playable for casuals When i say casual I mean Legit non cheating players, non toxic in chat, non trolling. I got news for ya, theres already quit a few golds that come in bronze n call EZ n Noob, or just troll the Real Players. Im not spending a dime, I feel like ive been robbed. They cant even afford a GM to keep to keep the trolls out. Every fkn Day same player that goes by the name of an 80s Arcade game come in does his best to ruin the game. Why U dont have cookies like facebook games. I used to run several accounts and it was known if you cheated FB would put a cookie on you that said you were a cheat, n that pc would not be able to use that game afterward. so u cheat on one account, u lost them all. wasnt fb itself but Zynga games. Only way out was a complete wipe of the pc. couse tech has changed that was 10 yrs ago..fuck im old
  7. 'game updates link' just goes to the original announcement
  8. They are not continuing to waste millions of dollars. They bought the IP with a system that is that could be financially viable but not in its current format. Also if you have a business that sells burgers when there are other business's that selling expensive meals at the same cost. You should down that restaurant rebrand and reopen and re-price to attract new clientele as well as flushing out any "mafia" type elements that made themselves comfortable there.
  9. The problem is in the game(lags,cheaters,lack of significant new content for years)aint gonna be solved by mergin servers.Gonna make the experience for EU players even worse and the game will continue dying.Not gona change sht.They better remove the threat restrictions for NA-that may actually bring some players there p.s. plus the CEO already said that the engine also holds back the merger so cant be done before that..
  10. I would say you'll probably get used to it. I've had a clan mate from South Africa, playing with 300-400ms. Although he was always complaining, his scores were pretty good. When I first started playing APB I had a terrible wifi connection on the attic. The MS went from 100 to 2000 at randoms. Even though it's fucking annoying, It would always be better than not playing at all.
  11. intresting thanks for the link going to read...
  12. They are going to make district phasing with the engine upgrade so matchmaking is going to take from one pool of players anyway. There's no point to merge the servers at all.
  13. the login is nostalgic. i use it every week in my maintance streams. but i got also fond memory's of apb. and thats going to stay .
  14. Having played between 80-220 ping over the years from Australia (Han --> Joker --> Colby --> Jericho), I personally believe anything above 220-230 to be completely unplayable. If you REALLY want to push it, 250 is tolerable (though not fun), but 300 is simply too much delay. If you can cope with it go for it, but I'll take a smaller server over a larger one where everything is 2 seconds behind what I see on my screen.
  15. fallen earth is a brand that i personaly never enjoyed. for me its wierd to say that i got no problems if the game doesn't exist anymore. but compared to apb its also a game that some people loved to play. with apb having a bit more population than fallen earth had. i feel like they at least can put a donation goal on the website where people can pay to play on the servers.if that donation goal is not met for the month the servers wil shut down. thats the way i would see it.
  16. i m from the apb community and talking about APB things most of the time but seeing this pop up on the fallen earth i feel like this community is a more vaster community than APB is. if it was a possibility i would like to see you guys be able to play your beloved game back. even if it was run on a server where u guys can pay for the rent. but that said good luck on your petition
  17. personaly i would not like to rework my character that i worked on. but that on the side and also to notify that they can't build another APB Brand becous they sold the name to another company they kinda are stuck. but if the possibility was possible i doubt LO would be able to create a game like this from scratch. Your purpose is intresting and what it takes to build a game would definitly take a while to finish. if a game like this came out and was worthy i would directly play it. whitout any care.
  18. we had some content creators who wanted to do some stuff like community focused game creation. i feel like its a good idea to do that but i doubt it wil happen before the engine upgrade or even ever. right now we have the SPCT hitting the hammer of what can change and what would change.
  19. its not happening even if we wanted it. servers wil be a mess if the engine upgrade comes. some wil return but i doubt we wil see a huge change to the population. but i hope with new content after upgrade we wil see a change in the game final.
  20. Not sure if someone ever shared some insight on how Maintenance works of APB? What does maintenance mean on APB? Patching all servers, rebooting etc? Optimize databases? As technical person I am curious what makes a maintenance take up to 6 hours.
  21. The trust in people is not in apb anymore. to much people who go to silver servers who don't trust golds try to detreath and go to brons servers where they know that they can win and have fun . the mentality is not going to change at all even if we get more people in the game.
  22. I think the whole point is the lack of balance. Not the fact if the OP thinks they are dethreating or not.
  23. I would prefer 300 ping over no missions because nobody is online. I'm having a hard enough time leveling up my other character with Financial being the only active mission district. On Citadel.
  24. Idk, mate. I just came out of a game where cheaters crashed the official server nonstop until they forced it to close just to make ppl to play their own private servers. I don't think the code is bad (maybe some parts are) but the main issue is probably because it is too optimized to make a game like this to even run well on U3 engine. So I can imagine a lot of corners had to be cut just to make the game run fine. I am still impressed that they were able to pull off terrain streaming in such a heavy engine for its time. The reason the game is such a mess right now is simply because building on top of a code that is not fully understood. The fact that the companies that came after couldn't reproduce the same level of performance in their engine update builds just show how much more advanced the coding of the original game is.
  25. As if South Americans and Australians don't have high enough ping already.
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