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  2. APB community abusing things? No. Never. That said I'm kinda happy about this. Might at least let them investigate problematic players significantly faster with any luck. Have to see how it plays out.
  3. NotZombieBiscuit

    This never gets old

    Oh no. I've been exposed. What will I ever do.
  4. LordVegeta

    This never gets old

    We did yet you're still here being a hypocrite so I'm still here calling you out.
  5. Something little over 40€
  6. Boowy

    Least used guns.

    Well, my reson why i dont use all of these guns is, that they are outgunned by everything. I stick with same guns all time because they are mostly meta and its hard to compete against them when everyone else is using them. My daily rockers are Ntec, Oscar, JG & AP or FBW and i just enjoy playing them. But from least used guns i really like Cobra, Kakoe, Empire but i rarely use them since i get outgunned everytime and for example Empire for most people have only one usage and thats when it comes to destorying cars but for me its also good for taking down people and i actually enjoy it...
  7. Promising stuff as per usual, looking forward to it!
  8. CookiePuss

    will be there a sales for christmas

    I kinda wanna ask what "beef budget" is, but Im also a little afraid.
  9. NotZombieBiscuit

    2FA and new report system!

    I look forward to the report being used improperly many times. I assume the new report still has the old report system function of varying importance; where someone who reports a lot has their reports become less 'important' and vice versa.
  10. Cant wait for sales tbh. Gonna spend my beaf budget lol
  11. Hello everyone! A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 12/12/2018. Maintenance will start at 8 AM UTC (one hour earlier than normal) and will last for 6 hours. This patch will be introducing two new features. You will now be able to secure your account through Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and we have reintroduced the /report feature. To access the new window type /report in the chat and it will display. For more information related to these new features, please check out our post here. Patch Notes: Added in support for 2FA Updated the /report command to work differently than before Known Issues: Choosing the cheating category will not correctly update the submit button. The workaround for this issue is choosing the cheating category before the player name is entered. If the category is chosen first, then the player name is entered, it will work correctly.
  12. Hello everyone, In tomorrow's patch, we will be adding 2FA and reintroducing a new advanced report system. To see the patch notes for tomorrow, you can find them here! Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) New to this version is an additional layer of security to better protect you and your account. Two forms of identifying information will ensure you are positively authenticated and protected from malicious actors. Using an additional (yet optional) means to verify your identity will ensure you have total control over your account. TO USE: To take advantage of this feature, simply log-in to your account on the Gamers First site (https://www.gamersfirst.com/account/), from the main account page, activate TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION and follow the required steps to secure your account. You will need to use an authentication tool like Google Authenticator App to complete the set-up. For additional info on how to set-up an authentication tool, follow this LINK. Reporting We take the wellbeing of our community seriously so we are introducing a new means to flag those that abuse the service or fellow players. With the new Reporting feature, simply type /Report in the in-game command line to flag a player or scenario that needs our attention. TO USE: There are two easy ways to initiate the feature: 1) Select Report Player from the main menu or 2) type /Report or /Report (Player Name) in the command line to bring up the Reporting dialog pop-up and fill in additional info on the user or incident.
  13. Today
  14. I'll be doing these ripping for 1 or 2 months. Goal is to get 300 people. 500 is the maximum. I hope I reach one of those goals.
  15. Satisfy everyone with the skin and the winners for hard work. Everyones happy and its the right thing to do above all. Slapping someone isnt cool and we all know that. Nobody is going to get the sam exp when you have so many cheaters controlling the top ranks. Bots will get past and bugs np. It is a spoiled child lol Sooooo question, if your using a bot are you truly equal or are you compensating just to be gud?
  16. terms of service says do not tamper with files or get banned so do not tamper with files or get banned duh
  17. CookiePuss

    Least used guns.

    Sneaky sneaky!
  18. Yesterday
  19. wHisHi

    Least used guns.

    I would love that
  20. Danimal

    Least used guns.

    How to stay silver....use the guns listed.
  21. TheKeanuReeves

    R-2 Harbinger suggestions

    Make it accurate + slow in marksman mode. And "Fan the hammer" mode in hip fire.

    Least used guns.

    Lol, against golds works all the time with a 200+ ping lol
  23. PACwoMAN

    Least used guns.

    So LO you should make these weapons OP for a little bit to turn gameplay on 180 degrees.
  24. Are you going to be harvesting these over a few days Jenz? Don't think I'll be able to get on until late in the week / possibly the weekend.
  25. LoveForMatt

    OSCAR how-to?

    Even at professional levels cheaters were found, your opinion is not longer useful.
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