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  2. Eisena

    Genger change

    Pretending to be a female will not solve your problems.
  3. you're a very special kind of peanut, anren't you.
  4. Eisena

    Are we there yet?

    I like sex.
  5. True. I've been playing DBD a lot for some time and if host was lagy or was a toxic face camper then it was a russian 9/10 times.
  6. WITCH DOCTOR by Senclaire Citadel FULL ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/rHNK71Y Colors used: DARK PURPLE (25, 4, 2) ACCENT PURPLE (24, 5, 5) ORANGE (1, 6, 7) MUTED YELLOW (3, 7, 13) ACCENT YELLOW (4, 7, 11)
  7. Today
  8. wayfie

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Sounds like they're going to make it like how Xbox/PlayStation has it, you just join a game with no other server instances.
  9. I mean, it will be so op. +15% +3m is so much for obeya
  10. No, the slower firrerate downside will be removed. and only the range buff will be kept.
  11. so, obeya and obir will be broken. minttk 80+m is coming
  12. Fayeth

    Genger change

    It would be too difficult for a genger change because this parameter is not found in the game.
  13. exactly, but only until they release other downsides^^ You can read here:
  14. who said this? can u give link or quote pls?
  15. yes, but as far as I know they want to keep percentage
  16. there was no percentage on old IR... just 3, 5, 7m
  17. I would be happy even if there won't be anything new. Event itself seem fun.
  18. You are not very good at reading are you?
  19. Obeya and obir with ir3 are going to be a new meta with 82m of effective range with percentage system and ntec with 60m range is so huge for the most popular gun in the game
  20. Huh, interesting. It's still primary to secondary but, this is the first time I actually see someone clearly state what original QS really is. The images appear to be broken though.
  21. It's true that as far as 6 shots are concerned, the difference isn't very big. The Scoped does have other perks though, The reduced recoil and increased zoom are helpful for 16:9 players, and for the most part I just whip out my secondary (such as a .45) in CQC which allows for better mobility than any N-Tec will give. Not to mention that at certain range intervals above those 55m the Scoped will need one less bullet. I've just adapted to the walk modifier thing which in turn has taught me to use cover more effectively when playing the Scoped N-Tec. Of course it's not going to be the ubiquitous meta weapon that the regular N-Tec has been for so long though, unless that proposed OTW change of setting "standard" ARs back to 45m dropoff start range comes to fruition. What's also interesting is that the Carbine does have a 6 STK range of 40m (Heavy Barrel aside) which is a lot higher than the 35m where the drop off starts. I have the suspicion that carbines also use the "Rifles" curve on Beastie's post, even though back when curves were introduced, they were said to work differently. They have very little drop off which was compensated by them starting to lose damage at what's basically SMG range. Now after IR3's downside is reverted, we'll have 49m carbines and potentially even longer range OSCARs which might actually lower N-Tec usage quite a bit.
  22. Revoluzzer

    Genger change

    Swapping factions is actually very similar. Not only since they technically have different progression-trees (even if it's "only" factions on a surface level), but they also have unique mechanics (e.g. Less than Lethal and Ram-raiding), which come with different roles. Of course at first glance these seem like trivial changes, but I wouldn't be surprised if these are integrated as complex as an avatar's gender.
  23. Revoluzzer

    Community Discussion Topics

    As a player you are investing time in the game, however. And without these investors the game is dead. So as a developer you need to listen to these investors to an extend. Otherwise they might stop investing in your product.
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