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  2. ACT GM is the best choice if you want a long range secondary, next one is Harbinger, however most of you disagree. RSA Hunter is fun sometimes, but not a good choice for a fast-paced fights (which is 98% of all fights in this game lol). Personally,I like Pillager just because of the look and ability to put skin on it. Just IMO.
  3. They had bricks before and that was quite funny. I think throwables would be better than outright melee because at least we could accommodate every playstyle. Smokes, molotovs, tear gas etc.
  4. Tezzie

    Buff the ACT 44.

    I paid for this weapon, and even if I didn't pay for this weapon it's horrendous. The cooling jacket is supposed to remedy the lack of a fire rate, however it doesn't make up for the fact that the weapon's awful damage output. Any other pistol clearly outshines this weapon and the recoil doesn't make up for the fact this weapon is supposed to be a hand cannon. Make it a 3 shot to kill weapon and please for the love of God do something about this damage based on distance malarkey. How we have it now it's impossible for anything BUT the meta to be viable because most weapons are always used within their effective range.
  5. 3 grenades? Maybe if they were poison or smoke. But a fourth?
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  7. Pleasant Good-day, i like legit need to spend 1 g1c for my JMB Loyalty reward. Gamers First and Little Orbit can u add a 1g1c item Armas marketplace, could be 1 ammo box for April fools or ANYTHING... Thanks in advance.
  8. Because, 1)i want to test if the MSU has effect on the cars, as you can see, answer is: no 2)i want to find if the WCW and regular montane have differences, as you can see: no(because Varzuga and Varzuga RXS have them) 3)the WCW have installed mods and also MSU which consumes 3 slots of trunk, so it's different in terms of practically cathegory but not for the cars(this still need to be noticed) 4)i want to demonstrate perfect car for newcomers(which you can see on a tittle screen), so WCW is a very good car for them for price-quality value and 5)I recommend to buy WCW(for newbies mainly), but do not recommend to buy regular one, that's just an exception and a pleasant one Thank you for that, i really appreceate this and i also agree with you, there is no creators such as GTA 5's to compare different cars into each other, so that's why i found it a good idea even if doesn't collect much views, it's interesting first of all for me to see very good examples of cars and also sharing my thoughts with otherc ;^) it's old one(oldest tbh) and then HBF doesn't have -15% HP debuff as well as V4x4 had 1350 HP Also, Coywolf is preseted one that i got from joker store so i cant change it anyway
  9. FunPlay

    Blue Screen

    The first photo is a "Critical" level." On 1 photo it is written that " The system rebooted, finished working with errors. Possible reasons for the error: the system stopped responding, there was a critical failure, or the power went out unexpectedly." https://sun9-1.userapi.com/impg/uTFrojK-8MKCmk7QOSc_OBIs0-U_Lk2R8TElKQ/2ky0FGd2nNA.jpg?size=1384x610&quality=96&sign=6ba10ec88922c9218ae64cc62a279eec&type=album .2 photos are up to the blue screen. The Level Of "Error" The previous system shutdown at 21: 02: 38 on 03.03.2021 was unexpected. https://sun9-37.userapi.com/impg/BcnpIvvtD-kp9uYIxf59yjsoOFJFn3p54xxAVg/QVcMxPJ1feA.jpg?size=1806x684&quality=96&sign=c8ab6f982803b7060fe8e09f5fa77a33&type=album
  10. get the non legendary one and put CJ2 on it and you have a bootleg vas C2
  11. I also don't think they will do something. Only thing u can try is to reach in a support ticket. (If someone there can help than pls tell me i missed thousands of bonus g1c too)
  12. don't buy one. I'd use .45 / fbw or if some range needed the ACT 44 Golden Marksman
  13. I prefer to not use any sight mods on this one, HS kills its advantage - hip fire accuracy. Try CJ or IR. IMO it must be 3-slot.
  14. But that's strange, I find that like firing it I get accuracy on the crosshair but my shots miss?
  15. hunting sight is the best option, which level depends on how much hipfire you want to sacrifice (for example i use hs3 because i almost never hipfire and it boosts marksmanship accuracy to a tolerable level) i've seen people run cooling jacket on the raptor series for some discount oca action, but in my experience its just horrible and i'd rather use an oca keep in mind that you're using a weapon that sacrifices overall effectiveness for exceptional ease of use, while you should basically always be mag dumping you probably won't win many straight face trades
  16. I think this guns have weakness vs guns with more mobility.
  17. I'm genuinely struggling with this gun, it's silenced and the accuracy is good but the damage is just poor to say the least. Any tips on what mods to use please?
  18. A gun range would absolutely be sick !! We really should ask LO to put one when they will be done with the engine upgrade !
  19. Mh... it's very unlikely that they will do something for you about that Otherwise, what about the people that bought several times more than 10000 G1Cs over the years ? If you wanted the bonus of 100 G1C you should have bought the 1000 G1C bundle from the beginning
  20. I was waiting for that one Blue cheese is just ONE kind of cheese there are millions of different kinds, you can pretty much avoid it (I personally dislike blue cheese, I prefer cheeses like Mont d'Or, Saint Marcelin, Epoisse....)
  21. @nattsvart_katt Can you reference me the link to that second quote 3/1/2021 apparently by me? as I'm struggling to recall it? just so I can read the context of that convo. if it an input error your end please adjust/remove it .
  22. Hi all. just wanted to pop by and say I took a day out of the post after we finished the February Daily., There will be 4 More uncut coming 1 over each of the next 4 days. Saturday is a Special Episode. Unfortunately my personal life is tough so its difficult to do both. Make sure your sub'd to the channel so you don't miss anything if In case I cant get to the forum to post. Thanks all
  23. @FirstCommander - Well done FC, great to see you back on duty! @Officer_Foxtail - Outstanding work Fox, thanks for sharing your latest video!
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