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  2. half the people i know want the ntec nerfs reverted, should we balance based on that? seen plenty of people top frag scout without "maining pistol", as if a weapon having good synergy with your secondary is a sign of poor balance anyway people jumping off the easy meta bandwagon after the scout was balanced doesnt really prove anything - people did the same thing with the troublemaker, and even the heavy hvr after its initial nerf scout didnt need a buff at all imo, a sniper designed around being aggressively versatile and landing precise shots should have drawbacks for not doing so and while the effect is fairly small (only an extra second to land the second shot vs ca3) its part of a worrying trend of orbit mucking about with weapons that are just fine
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  4. The oca whisper has a Built in red mod. Meaning its fire rate and range cannot be manipulated so it acts as a counter for the tommy gun and joker carbine.
  5. Well macros are essentially making normal pistols full auto. So they would have to be rebalanced around this idea
  6. kERHUS

    Macros countermeasure!

    I think there’s a difference between aiming and dps. Conditionally, of course. Colby 45 never forgives a misses, etc. Otherwise, all people can smear macros and use obeya and colby 45\obeya fbw *handles sideways*
  7. This thread has been moved to the Game Suggestions section of the forums. ~@mayii
  8. OCA Whisper still 30m dropoff range pepeLaugh
  9. Yes do it FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! Anyway, never tried the advanced launcher thingy? There should be an option to decrease the particles and the lifespan of the smoke.
  10. Here are three screenshots from yesterday's "Chipp's Car Club" event (made by the official CCC press photographer Xenise). CCC was pretty fun, with quite a large crowd and even some new faces! To see more images of the different custom paintjobs head to the CCC discord page linked above.
  11. It's tanking the fps very hard and obscures vision so much. Pls.
  12. Preme

    Bishada kissaki sport

    Is it possible to make the beautiful kissaki kit available for crims to purchase of armas? Ofcourse this along with the removal of the enforcer parts that are included. So we can have a crim version of this bundle. It would be a sweet add and i would be very thankful to able to customize more bishada's with the clean looking kissaki kit.
  13. Thanks for the .45 remake, it would be a cool new add as a legendary. We havent had a new legendary secondary weapon in a long time.
  14. guy's we need to give the team some support and hope it well be a live soon it's mainly this virus that been going around that been putting so much damage on the team like them so who know if any of there team is in hospital or at home sick so we need to hang by there side through this hole virus.
  15. I like that now you have to choose between CJ3 and IR3 on SMG's. Did someone already try it out?
  16. Seems illogical, yes, but does it matter? APB never been p2w just because half of Armas guns was bad, and still bad.
  17. sad that you put known cheaters into a "tournament" for a dying game instead of rallying the community to do something useful
  18. make the people who want to play the game into moderators, not the people who want to moderate people (ie people with furry avatars)
  19. This is obviously a PAY 2 WIN change and confirms any suspicions that APB 2 will be worse than the original game. Also it doesn't even make any sense, what on earth is effective range in contrast to dropoff range? Who knows, also it doesn't matter what matters is that this is a pay2win change which makes the whisper better in everyway by a massive margin.
  20. Because they are SMGs not rifles. As someone who liked the oca before the buff they made some good decisions. The oca and PMG can compete and are great counters to each other The Tommygun can now compete with the Joker Carbine
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