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  2. how should i know? i haven't played since 2015
  3. Changing name but not the product would only make it look more lazy.
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  5. cowhorseman

    Crash every day

    the newer your equipment the worse apb runs. this game was built around a certian set up, but not made to handle newer hardware leading to issues. and we can not not just use mod glue like new vegas to hold this game together not to meation NA has like 20 total players
  6. At least post a recent screenshot. We haven't had large resupply boxes in a long time.
  7. It was said that game was *launched for community* (so it's *running*), then there are 2 simple questions to Little Orbit: 1. When are you going to address general game performance issues such as: - unplayable due to lag on weekends and not only on weekends - sometimes down without any warning/ETA to fix - no warnings about potential performance issues and outbreaks Any plans to address that issue in general? Any plans to warn users (yeah, there are *some* warnings in LO discord, do you consider it enough)? 2. Who is your game community? - how do you see your game community? - whom do you want to be your community? - what do you want/not want from community? - do you in general want feedback from your community? - will you continue to host the game, if there are no players (no community)? etc. Please, describe your game community, as you see it. @Emilydid I tag you correctly? @Alarisasked me to tag Emily dev from LO team
  8. Nahasch

    Crash every day

    Hello, I haven't played the game for many years. recently, I returned to the game by noslagia, but the experience has not been good... Every 30 minutes the game crash with the error message "ran out of memory", and it always happens when I respawn after a death. It's so frustrating I can't do anything ! it's not from my pc ( i9, RTX 3080, 32g memory). Does anyone have a solution ? If not I will just uninstall this game... LO WAKE UP ! do something to this broken game !!
  9. The basis of this game is the confrontation of teams. All messages about scammers, macros, as well as a spoiled mood appear due to a sense of injustice. The game does not fairly dispose of the selection of opponents, there is no balance of teams. The game does everything for the player, giving no choice but to turn it off. If I don't want to fight with a particular team or player, let me do it without turning off the game. Make a scale of danger areas. So that the player knows where he goes. Make the score multiplier responsive to the level of the opponent's game. If the opposing team is clearly weak, why give points for defeating it? And of course it is necessary to reconfigure the selection of enemies!
  10. Imagine patchnotes in wednesday being: - Addressed all problems within game by changing name of game from "APB Reloaded" to "APB Reloaded Reloaded"
  11. Changin the name aint gonna change sht at this point dats absurd.Only can confuse the majority.If the game is gettin upgraded to unreal 5 for example and we call it APB Revolutions(nothin taken from the matrix btw :p)then kinda make sense
  12. no only dat hes/shes gold and in a win streak of 9
  13. Last week
  14. the APB is over because of the garbage companies (K2 NETWORK, LO)
  15. 1. Remove bad screensaver with bad music. And to replace it with something of artistic value, the first impression is important. 2. Release a patch that solves the problems of stuttering, long loading, crashes, incompatibility of rtx cards, support for multi-threaded processors, support for modern anti-cheat, painless adding of new patches. 3. Change the balance of opposing teams. Earn experience points based on the level of the enemy's game. Make it impossible to mix opponents with a huge difference in gaming experience. Add a button to exit missions, without restarting the client. Add the ability to refuse to fight with the proposed team or player. Keep statistics on the use of weapons for subsequent reconfiguration. Reconfiguring top weapons will lead to a deterioration in performance. This is necessary to increase the TTK. TTK should be increased due to the delay in processing and transmission of information packets between the server and clients. 4. The game has development potential. Developers have always gone in the direction of shooters. The game can be compared to a tadpole with a large tail and small paws. Grow paws! The game has excellent customization, but few people need it in a shooter, APB has the tasks of a racing game, add secondary activities for relaxed communication. Develop sociality, add goals to be achieved only by clans and teams. 5. Do not add things similar to the ship from version 2.0. It looks extremely bad, tasteless, hacky! There are similar things in the current version of the game, for example, tuning IO Growl. 6. The game lacks photogenicity. Many streamers use potato graphics, this is not allowed. 7. Listen to the opinions of players, especially new ones.
  16. I still do the joker jobs, I come in early, get mine n get out. But I don't Need the joker tickets, like right now im working the .38 for all chars, just to have it. As far as I can see Resegregation will never come, even with an engine and anticheat. Ah its too bad, it was a fun game, we used to ham it up, make chat jokes. Golds n Hax don't allow fun in district, not counting missions n getting bashed by aim jockeys. So there's not much Fun to be had n I'm gettin a lil old for this chit, pushing 54
  17. I don't want to be snide but, That would be like Me making a new character name, and expecting to become 'Most Likable Player' Ya can't sugar coat shit n get rid of the stink. Those that know about the game as past/current players, know what's under that sugar coating. Changing the name wouldn't fool them. Those that have never heard of APB, still won't know about a new title cuz they don't know what Advertising is. When I talk about APB in Public to younger folks, they have never heard of it The best I can do is say, Well it's like GTA
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