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  2. I think there are a percentage of players who love the idea of exclusive items that they earned and no one else can get. Alternatively, there are players like you that hate exclusive items. I'm actually more in your camp right now, but Little Orbit lives in G1's shadow. We are applying a lot of caution in what we choose to put in ARMAS until we can get more free content into the game. Anything we release specifically to ARMAS needs to have a nice well designed, feel to it. Having said that, I also have no problem giving players a chance to earn items for free during a time limited period, then putting those things on ARMAS later, as long as we don't do it right away. For me, going straight to ARMAS cheapens the effort of some players who spent time to earn the rewards. Additionally there are a *small* amount of things that I do want to keep exclusive, but most of those shouldn't be desirable outside of the players who participated. I acknowledge that we haven't followed this strategy yet, but mostly because enough time hasn't passed yet, and some of the items we have given away so far aren't really ARMAS-worthy. Thanks, Matt
  3. Thanks for this Matt, this new mode looks like a lot of fun and clearly a lot of thought has been put into making it APB-compatible and distinguishing it from standard BR games.
  4. Wow, really.. i am so EXCITED for this mode.. only from now, damn.. you guys done an awesome work, all that new content for free.. with an addition of the Season Pass of RIOT and special/limited items.. im literally crying. Can't wait to join April 24, too if i will have something like 150/180 ms because im European, i don't care, i need to see this Beast. Sure, it will need work and attention but im sure you will do the best. God.. i wasn't happy like that since.. i don't even remember, thank you Little Orbit, see you soon on NA.
  5. Personally, my drive is to be "good", as per my definitions, i don't really care for the standards of others. I set a goal and work for it, once i reach that goal i set a higher one. Over the 11 years of gaming experience I've had you can reasonably estimate the level of my current goals. Any particular person i kill, beat, defeat, whatever, is just another number to me. Even then i believe in quality > quantity.
  6. I don't mind the idea of season thingy actually because like it said, it's better than 'burying it deep in contact progression'. I feel that the contact progression in this game is too long so this is kind of a plus. Let's just hope the items and decent and this riot mode is somewhat fun. (and that it's not that hard to get these items or else it defeats the purpose) edit: although this probably doesn't apply to 99.9% of the player base because they reached max rank
  7. Even though the kind of content G1 pushed through ARMAS was hyper specific themed clothing items, underwhelming or overwhelming guns, gambling and high prices which was fairly difficult to justify buying and left a stain in the community. Does this mean no new content will be coming through ARMAS as instantly and freely obtainable content? When the season pass system in other games, is content locked behind a combination of paywalls, progression walls and timed availability this seems like an odd choice for a game that besides gunplay is the overwhelming amount of freely available customization. It also still remains to be seen what quality of content will come through the season pass. What does this mean for future content as a whole if people have to pay, play and make time for content with the upcoming RIOT mode, what about content in other areas of the game in the future? I understand that i may be thinking too far ahead but these were the questions that came to me upon reading the new RIOT information.
  8. Yeah the seasonal reward system leaves a bad taste in my mouth, nothing about that system is consumer friendly. I agree with other posters in the thread. Feels like LO just lifted successful things from other BR's wholesale and dumped them into a game where nobody wants them. The gamemode sounds fun, the reward structure sounds like garbage.
  9. Well done LO, everything about RIOT sound AMAZING. To be honest, sound too good to be true, a ton o new content and everything is for free? I'm really excited to play this new mode, and i hope you guys can deliver everything this post is promising us.
  10. WhiskeyTangoFoxX said : Matt is a smart man, they'll come up with something that works and has integrity. it's a play on words ? No need to play that mode if you don't want to. p.s. sorry for frequent editing
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  12. I've no reason to believe Matt is smart or has integrity to be honest. . . He did buy APB after all. On a serious note though, limited time content is limited time content, and I don't care if it's through the season, the RIOT shop, or comes directly from Matt Scott's pleasant fellow, I don't want it in APB. If it goes on ARMAS afterward, fine, if it doesn't, just uninstall LOprogram. SO MATT, LIMITED TIME SHIT WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET AGAIN OR NOT?! PLZ ANSER AT YOUR SOONEST CONVENIENCE!
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  14. That is only in reference to stuff in the RIOT shop, so far we have no idea what that may be. Could be titles, could be skins, could be cosmetics. It's also possible that if stuff gets rotated out of the RIOT store it goes on ARMAS instead etc. Matt is a smart man, they'll come up with something that works and has integrity.
  15. the game is stable in the population . people come and don't come back . the first time I left the game when I got my 255 lv (with about 7500 murders) the second time I left was when I had about 25,000 murders on my main account . breaks were about six months .
  16. He also said that they might be rotating out old seasons, so it's ambiguous.
  17. "Players who enter RIOT at any point in the future will start at the season one." Already been answered in the blog post. Doesn't matter when you start, you first unlock season one, then you can upgrade to s2 etc.
  18. Okay, I'm willing to give this a chance if the content in the season pass (barring maybe titles or something) is in permanently available. If the content is limited time though, that is my major issue. Season passes are, traditionally, a trick to prey on people's tendencies both to need to try to get limited time content, and inability to understand accumulated costs, at least in my opinion and to my understanding. If, for example, you allow people to get everything in the current season for free, and then put up every season on ARMAS for, IDK, $20-50, then I'd think that was totally fine, perhaps even good. What I don't want, and what I think would destroy so much of the fun of APB, which is cosmetics, is for, I don't know. . . let's make up an example. Say you add a German riot police helmet to a season, and you have a system where you can only get season specific items for a year. 16 months later, Joe Shmoe comes back to APB 'cause some friends told him it was good again or some shit, and he sees some dude with the German riot helmet, and he thinks, "oh shit, that's cool, and I've always wanted to make a GSG9 cosplay in APB!" Guess what, he can't, and he never will be able to. IMO this is something that should never happen to APB. So much of APB is about having fun with customizing shit to your hearts content, and if there starts to be any sizable amount of limited time cosmetics in APB the game will quite honestly start to suck. If you do that, I.E. allow players to be able to get anything from any season at any point, even if it's behind a paywall, I'll be 99% fine with all of the things you're saying you're doing, even if I think RIOT is a huge waste of time and resources on your part, and makes fuck all sense from a lore perspective. If I don't need to play RIOT or buy every season pass soon while it's running, then sure, whatever, have a ball. In general though, every season pass system I've seen has been morally despicable, and in my opinion as bad as lootboxes. There, there's my much longer explanation of my issues, with a lower concentration of cussing and insults.
  19. Agreed on that. This is the very definition of a "too early to call" situation. It's hard to say how RIOT will impact the population and it's distribution.
  20. This is certainly, imo, an issue and One already exacerbated by fight club. But if I understand correctly, the overall long term plan is to have RIOT and later 3.5 bring in new players, raising the overall player count. While initially this might not help higher threat players such as yourself, eventually it could spawn a whole new generation of skilled gamers. Fingers crossed.
  21. Still sounds like cheating. I say we let equally matched bots play, and humans can only spectate.
  22. The problem with this is the fact that the population keeps dropping and having yet another mode is going to divide the community even more. People who hate BR games (me, included), are gonna have a hard time finding missions in mission districts now that there's APB and APB:BR, in the same game with the same population.
  23. Stays 3 bursts to kill up to 75m with IR3, and never goes higher than 5 bursts to kill even at 100m.
  24. Yes ! got a problem . all packages are very old armasa , all the goods in the social area (for the railway) is not relevant and all the things in the game needs to be updated . First, let's see what they give us . buying a new game currency will be correct ? (when will we know the full list of rewards for players using a premium time subscription ?)
  25. Clearly you're frustrated by some of my decision making, and for that I apologize. All of the paid pass or extra token elements will launch down the road. So we have time to continue tweaking them prior to launch in order to be easier to understand. But we intentional did not toss new things in ARMAS, since that's what our predecessors focused on. Instead we decided to add a fair amount of new content for free to everyone who wants to play the new mode. RIOT is separate just like Fight Club. No need to play that mode if you don't want to. Additionally, we've built in a way to skip any seasons you're not interested in, which allows players to quickly grab the stuff they might want. Initially 15 Tokens will be enough to get everything in the RIOT shop. However, over time we might add enough that players will need to choose. Ultimately we'll work with the community to determine the right amount of balance there.
  26. Very good, can't wait to get seasons rewards!
  27. PotShot Event (Saturday 4/20) Rewards : 2x PotShot Decals Citadel (EU) 'Find the GM' will be from 2 AM to 5 AM PST. (The GMs will reveal where they are on the forums). The social event will be from 3 AM to 5 AM PST. Jericho (NA) 'Find the GM' will be from 12 PM to 4 PM PST. (The GMs will reveal where they are on the forums). The social event will be from 12 PM to 3 PM PST. the event lasts 3 hours . we can get a common code PotShot2019 to make more players interested in the event ?
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