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  2. Alright but again I won’t be revealing and identifiable information so.
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    these aren't affected
  4. Considering LO had only purchased APB in 2018, I don't understand why you're blaming Little Orbit specifically for not delivering on something that was promised about over half a decade ago, by different leadership, long before they had any say in the game's development.
  5. So, I mistakenly read through the whole thread. Oops, good thing I have lots of time. My take away from this, was, that this is a thread about how you FEEL, and what you WANT. You phrase your "poll" in a way that people agree with you or "agree to being selfish" and act like its a point towards your selfish view. You "entertain" what you consider to be a "valid" or perhaps well written response, but only so far as to exercise your rhetoric further, or simply voice your disagreement. Here is a simple solution: pretend they DID shut the game/and/or the forum down. Don't check news about it, if you can't avoid "seeing dimwits". The only thing you have convinced anyone of here in this thread, is that you should probably just not be on the forum, based on your expressed expectations and desires.
  6. Rally behind LO? Yea weve all done that from day 1. We want to see the engine upgrade SoonTM but we dont want to see all these bad ideas LO has brought in. Autumn Assault was a giant stain and is now the worst event in APB history. Any form of weapon balance changes has only made things worse and LO keeps listening to the wrong crowd. Q1 2014. That was when this engine was supposed to come out, add on the yr 1/2 - 2 yrs G1 put into it behind the scenes and its been almost a decade since this began and its still nowhere near ready.
  7. Dear heavens Yeah, they have a habit (and vision) of over-dictating what weapon should win at what range but the problem is that even this idea isn't seen through completely. But they took it further by giving OCA a built-in Cooling Jacket '1.9' when it wasn't needed. So when adding cj to it, we ultimately get a really quick OCA EW that in good hands, may only lose to an LMG face-2-face. The fact that OCA is one of the easiest weapons to use in the game (if not the easiest) makes things worse. No right clicking even required. Yes, one can abuse cover but that shouldn't be the case. As this is a shooter, every weapon should be dangerous in its own right. And of course, OCA 'Whisper' is on a league of its own. This formula existed for a decade now. I really hope APB's distance-based balancing becomes consistent throughout or better even slightly relaxed (also throughout, because it kinda is in the case of OCA 'Whisper') or this game will never appeal to many people. In theory, it is possible at that instance to assign GMs into assisting with getting balancing accelerated, but I fear there will be even more internal-conflicts towards the final result. Which would further yield outliers such as OCA and Med Spray. Balancing requires consistency throughout (irrespective of whether we get a decent shooter, a tanky one or something in between). SPCT team has a lot of people + LO's Devs + Possible LO-Personnel whom were on duty on running servers such as GMs = as much conflicts as everyone else on the forums makes when it comes to how should something perform, which could easily end with less-than-acceptable compromises (and they clearly happened numerous times). At this point, a re-structure is evidently required.
  8. Okie this is going to be good one lool pm me I want to laugh
  9. I didn't mention the name "Matt Scott" once. I briefly pointed out he regularly updates us as the CEO himself which is rare for a company. Please shut up.
  10. I'd pay a 5 year sub if LO placed all of Aroa's ideas in the trash can along with all their accounts.
  11. We have made progress. recently discovered discord allows you to download data. And that made me remember of a personal friendship I had with a GM (on his personal account, will not be giving the name to protect his identity), who showed me screenshots and told me what a certain staff member was saying toward me, and that they are glad they got me gone (didn’t realize what this meant at first because this was around/after the time I had already decided to quit). Takes up to 30 days for DC to send data, but I will post updates here (with accounts and personally identifiable information scribbled out of course). I’m glad I thought of the scenario. I thought it was a coincidence that I thought of that scenario in specific. Let’s get this motherf*cking account back boys and girls. Too much time and money spent on it for someone’s personal vendetta against me to have it be ruined
  12. sure, what ever. thread is totally derailed at this point. idc
  13. I like seeing news updates and engine progress but sadly have to see dimwitts constantly complaining about how shit the game is. and apparently no one reads posts around here as i've said multiple times that I haven't touched the game in months. I don't want the game to fail and be put down for as long as the earth spins. But in it's current state I have no desire to play it, but like to keep tabs on what's to come.
  14. there's a difference between complaining and campaigning to shut the game down more and more it seems like you're one of the very people you complain about in the community tbh, do you just want the game shut down because you're incapable of leaving it alone otherwise?
  15. Wow cause you have so much more of a life commenting on people who apparently have none. Your brain must be as big as everyone else Also learn to read posts maybe you'll come off less stupid.
  16. can you maybe get a life and let people do their stuff without filling up their usual trashbin of hate threads on these forums? they are human beings just like you... play other games if you really cannot enjoy APB anymore and actually get good at them. find other hobbies other than criticising...
  17. It's a shame that APB is a product and I'm allowed to complain about a product.
  18. Its a shame you cant seem to hear how shitty you sound right now.
  19. Hi all, I hope you had a great Mother's Day break. I missed my update yesterday. We made good progress last week. Serialization issues are fixed. Objects load again, and we're troubleshooting lighting now. We need to finish up one more piece, and then we will reimport all of the 1.20 packages. I had thought we would have screenshots this week. But nothing was as impressive as the Sphere shot from before. Thanks, Matt
  20. Yesterday
  21. sounds good, in the meantime we'll get the engine upgrade first
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