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  2. apb runs faster if you stick a fork into your gpu. Go to jam it in good or it won't work
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  4. Don't Forget the Flying Rockets with Vegas stunts at full speed (damn LO and especially G1, We were all agree for nerf, but also for the community wish, at least for some events, they release the pre-nerf version of Osnaw... ofc it has never happened -.-)
  5. Looks like they listened and decided to make EU just as much of a charlie foxtrot as US.
  6. 5 shot kill FBW. Instant shoot OSMAW. Spam resupply button while next to vending machine to shoot obir faster than SHAW.
  7. can we have that back pls. at least for the exclusive armas ones
  8. Wasn't it at least 2018 if not 2017? Can't remember now...
  9. What happened LO? What's with the garbage updates? From the start of your takeover from G1, you made this false promise to get the engine upgrade running, and years later, you make an excuse as to why this isn't possible. There was a basic matchmaking system in place, where bronze, silver, and gold were seperated, you've merged these ranks, and now bronzes can't get one match without facing either a gold from 2011, or a cheater (Most likely one that YOU unbanned, which we all knew was a grave mistake from the start), but here we are, and we've reported, and reached out to support (which is garbage) who CLAIM that they've banned so many players, and that's a rotten lie, ROTTEN. You took away the gift system, so I can't buy anything for my friends, or treat them to any goodies that they can't currently afford, a curse from the past, that again YOU created. You were supposed to be the savior of this game, you were supposed to bring the delayed promises, and where the hell are they? Now you have a 64 bit update, which actually has made my game looking worse than BEFORE. Not only that, but no new maps, no new contacts. Everything that I'm seeing, seems to be full of nasty money grabbing tactics, and half brained decision making. I mean, people that you've unbanned have REMAINED unbanned. I've seen it with my own eyes. You should've stuck to Adventure Time and My Little Pony ffs, because you don't know what the hell you're doing. And one of these days, if I ever get the money to buy you cheap bastards out, that's exactly what I'm going to do, and give this game the love that it deserves. You're trying to turn this game into seemingly something child friendly, and that's not what it's meant to be, And your report system is garbage, because you're not allowed to call people out, and every time someone does you just wave a sassy little finger and go "ah ah ahhh, not happening". You should really consider offering this game up to someone who knows how to treat it, cause you guys are a bigger disappointment than G1. You've had 5 years to get your S**t together, and you have just dug this game's grave deeper. I'm so very much disgusted with you, and I just don't have anything but negative things to say. Not to mention, I bought 2 freaking name change tokens, and only got to use one, tried to reach out to support, but you need "day of registration, IP Address, characters names, character's involved, purchase ID" and much much more that's just not worth the hassle. Not to mention, reporting something, and then having to show "video" or "photo proof" and not willing to just use your freaken own smarts to review the player in question, is just downright stupid. I think that's all I have to say. I'm coming for you LO, and when I buy you out, you're going to work for me, and if you decline my new ToS, my new regulations, I will fire EVERYONE who defies me. And I will make this game HEAVENLY
  10. "Nobody cares M8". Tell me you are part of the problem, without telling me you are part of the problem.
  11. The GMs are just other players with GM titles. Then there's the gm in training title, that also has whispers blocked. What's the point of having them if they can't do GM stuff?
  12. Last week
  13. i have noted. It seems like it's just ritual running this clown care. most of the others have just poofed. and as for gms? well they can do little more then fuck all when on and have to report to our lovely support group
  14. Sets macro to shoot slower so weapon blooms less
  15. I'm more of a High Mag + Muzzle Break pre recoil curve M-1922 type. Feels good to use my whole desk.
  16. people that use overlay program are the same as people that use macro.. noob gg eac undetec As wrote in the cursed genesis book of APB, True badass players ascend to legendary skill level training and playing without a crosshair at all... noobi puss
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