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  2. I remember Little Orbit being open and mentioning that they were not told the full truth on apb's state
  3. And lets not forget the coding for APB is so old and unencrypted that people can make cheat programs easily but with the new engine can make that harder if not impossible for many ( it wont be all someone sooner or later can/will ) to make cheats with proper encrypting and other means Little Orbit mentioned in the past.
  4. Matchmaking has a pool of 40 people in its current state so tell me then how would YOU fix it without the engine upgrade since you just claimed it can be without it? How would YOU do gun balancing and fix the guns that have been broken and add in new maps and events to keep the game alive with the current engine only allowing so much before it breaks again? How would YOU change maps for new events and how to go about it when anything changed had to be rotated in and also tended to break APB in unexpected ways? And how would what YOU want be more important than new content that any gamer would want ( hundreds of games make new content for a reason - too keep and also bring in players ) And by all means say how YOU say it is better than the engine upgrade that will help with all of this in better ways ( like phasing for a massive pool for matchmaking )
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  6. They can make Enf cars cost $100 sense it is extremely difficult to make any cash outside of missions And Crim cars $500 sense they have a sweet large a$@ abundance of opportunities to collect cash outside of missions for spawning of their vehicles.
  7. My opinion does not differ much from what holiwood says, at least in its content, not in the forms. I do not see any progress that makes me think that the game will be released soon but quite the opposite and by the words written by matt it means that the game is in the queue, but at the end of the tail end. I see opinions of people who have been very toxic in the game and who have written things like "if the game is turned off I will not play it anymore" or "if there is a reset I will not play it anymore" (verbiage of small children) and now they defend at all costs the game (quite the opposite of what they have doing not much ago). The worst of all this is that these types of people "insult" and "disrespect" other people on the forum who do not think as they call them trolls or similar things, when they are the authentic "trolls". I'm just saying one thing, this is a public, democratic forum, where there are different opinions and they are debated in an adult way, whoever does not understand this is an authentic child or a fool's patootie. Greetings and thanks For the images, matt, but in my opinion we need more merchandise than the progression that I hope you remember us, greetings from Spain! Why doesn't someone put the same as you have to ban? Democracy and freedom of opinion is the opposite of what you represent. You are the one who should be banned / ignored. And if you are offended that people do not look like you, just go to a wall and head butt.
  8. I keep getting kicked, I'm not banned. Did you get banned?
  9. If cost is really an issue you can ram raid for a few minutes. For me, just mugging and picking up stuff off the ground until N5 is enough to cover vehicle expenses for the day. If you need money on enforcer, trade with a friend and then trade back to your enforcer character. You can also just mooch off a friend and ride passenger. You'll get more kills that way. For balance sake, I think the Jericho, Bishada, Cisco, Vaquero, and Micro could be dropped to $50 or $75. They have too low of HP for mission play. Jericho and Bishada have that wheel bug. Cisco is only good for role playing an air hockey puck. Vaquero and Micro have good acceleration and tight turning, but lack the trunk space. Can't fit a medium item if you have ammo mod.
  10. U have to move a little right/ left and meanwhile tracking your bullets spread... What mainly make good the oscar it's not its time to kill, fire speed etc.... it's his mobility
  11. As long as mobile spawner exists players need a way to quickly disable them. Even then, if the vehicle has armored engine mod, spawner won't be disabled from one concussion. Also, I like getting 60M kills with concs. Don't make me need to switch to the HVR to do that.
  12. getting repeatedly kicked for a false positive =/= people getting automatically banned for cheating. They had it set up to issue a 3 day Temporary ban while the team reviewed what it caught, and then manually perma-banned them upon affirmation. All this means is that they're satisfied with what they're seeing in the temp bans, and that they don't appear to have a major issue with falsely temp-banned players. AFAIK, the players who get banned after this update, can still dispute it via Customer Support as always. As far as your complaints in that thread about not getting a ticket response in 4, or even 8 days, you can check their weekly updated status on the support ticket backlog at https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/810-tracking-customer-support/page/4/ It's not malicious intentions by anyone at LO or BE that you're getting kicked for a false positive, thinking that is conjecture at best. Even if this game has the same anticheat as other games by name it has a much, much different implementation, and as such, unique issues do arise.
  13. Whilst I agree that golden boxes aren't gambling it could very easily be argued that they are: People can buy a load of stuff specifically to obtain golden boxes in the hopes of getting a legendary. I know you or I probably don't do that but since someone could see it that way then it is seen as gambling.
  14. Carbine for learning to tapfire on target, OCA for tracking the target. Force yourself to be a active aimer (always move, preaim corners) instead of a 'walk into my crosshair pls' type.
  15. Hahaha may the flamewars begin I am preped for autobans since i was born. Roccat mouse software deactivated, no overlays, no macros, cheats or any other software known or unknown to be banable. COME ON BRING IT!!!
  16. Thx for the Beacon event.Playd it couple of times only and was nice.Only this small event shows what potential the game have.I play other shooters as well..our game is just fun
  17. I am not into anime or similar, My gf sent me this when she was recovering during her last days in hospital for corona months ago but really the only thing I may probabily share with others it's her music taste... thank you god and all good souls for give me her and the strenght to us and my dearest for going forward
  18. yikes this thing is over a decade old... did it always do this or did you use to not get any freezes and crashes ? also can you post a screenshot of the error ?
  19. Who is still playing? I am thinking to play again
  20. Are you people kidding me? BattleEye prevents legitimate players from playing the game and now you added the ability to permaban people automatically?... This is just getting ridiculous now, issues section should be the first places for devs to go to, yet it's completely disregarded...
  21. So all the rewards are now gone, and none of us having this problem can get them anymore, great. To make it even funnier, this crap implementation of the anticheat is now able to ... PERMABAN PEOPLE AUTOMATICALLY! I guess this game is just destined to die, no answer on steam, no answer via support ticket, nothing on forums. Seemingly this game was getting better, but this just proves that current owners of APB have literally 0 regard for it's community, which makes me sad. I will check those threads and tickets until the end of this month, if the game remains in this unplayable state, I guess I'll just delete the bookmarks and the game completely. It's not something I want to do, but the current situation leaves me with no other options.
  22. seems to work now, altho it didn't prompt me to complete any capcha
  23. Hey everyone, If you have been having trouble logging into ARMAS, this issue should now be resolved. Please let us know here if you are still unable to log in properly. Sakebee
  24. I've been informed by the team that these issues should now be resolved. I'll be locking the thread as this is resolved. ~@mayii
  25. I got a legendary but its still stuck on a alt account and the worst is its on a r20 character. #Dutch/Belgiumlivesmatter
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