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  2. I have discord and mic and all that shizz prefer teamspeak tho looking for a clan with nice people, no toxicity pls
  3. Like is there a point where your ELO stops going up? Yes. Once you hit “gold 10” you can’t go any higher.
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  5. My reaction when opponent says "gg ez" after mission end:
  6. How So? I believe it would curb some cheating/hax But what I'm pointing at more-so is the toxicity towards non golds. Oh Yea I can see why Ya'all be mad, Take that pretty gold away, n U sweatys wont have any reason to gloat n talk down to non golds. Which seems to be the main objective of most toxics is to be gold so they can bash others in chat. What do you socio's think that new players are gonna join just for that golden flag. n what about all u toons that abandon constantly, which screws MM. All cuz U worried U gonna loose your pretty flag, n can't take an L. Looks like Mack struck a Nerve. Gold cries for weeks in forum to selali to desegregate Gets desegregation n then cries about seeing silvers n bronzes in dist. Oh n Now ya want the forum too, greedy toxics. I'm sure you will get your way, cuz we know selali hates silvers n bronzes too, only listens to golds, n matt still after over a year, has no clue deseg even happened.
  7. What kind of anti-cheat system does APB need? VAC? The one that CS:GO uses, it seems pretty good no? LO should be able to afford it from all them ARMAS bucks! $$$
  8. Not sure if this was mentioned, - warping into drivers seat by crouching on the edge of the roof of the car. works on vegas anyhow.
  9. Yes. This surely won't lower the population and push away players at all! Also cheaters have money to pay for premium.
  10. I wish Matt Scott would comment on this thread, it's important issue yo
  11. Lo orbit kills apb with the love for cheaters. As legit play you can only quit nd dont waste your power here.
  12. more like it'll be even easier for people u call hacks to roll players like u "trash people" will stay "trash people" for once i agree with @NotZombieBiscuit lol
  13. That's not a bad idea, still need a new anti-cheat system though, BattleEye is a joke.
  14. Hackers don't care about being gold. You will be first to be blocked under the gold only forum.
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