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  2. Your account will be unlocked, don't worry. Anti-cheat has long undermined trust and will soon be removed from the game. But the funny thing about this is that the company spent money on integrating an anti-cheat that bans honest players, while cheaters will continue to do their dirty deeds.
  3. I, who have never used cheats, had a profile banned... while CGI uses cheats and aimbots nothing is done to him... congratulations, that's not how using a game takes away the pleasure of playing towards other people . your antcheat doesn't work at all
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm pretty sure this happened to me in the past, but I can't recall ever finding a solution to it. I just was magically able to log back in after a VERY long time (months or a year or so). Wasn't having any sorts of issues the time I've been back, then suddenly started having this troubling issue just trying to load into Social of all places. I'm not sure it's a server side issue, but it could be? I can play every other online game I have without any remotely similar problems. If there's a solution, I'd be glad to hear it. I've already tried fixes with the firewall, anti-malware, connection reset, modem restarts, and others.
  6. Last week
  7. Little Orbit is getting rid of EAC. They can't even manage an anti-cheat that basically runs itself.
  8. Yea there's stuff to look forward too. It's rolling out slowly but the company has proved repeatedly that the work does get done. Just takes a long while.
  9. please tell me the correct IP address of the citadel that is currently in use
  10. please tell me the correct IP address of the citadel that is currently in use
  11. You can bind scrollwheel in the menu, it's not a bug. There, explained.
  12. Thank you for your mark. In the future, try to explain your point of view.
  13. please sell the game, stop holding APB hostage. apb and the veterans deserve better than LO. sell it
  14. out of everything idiotic you said in your post, this has got to be one of the most brainless things on this forum that I have read.
  15. More like injecting their own insecurities about customized content, claiming it's LO's position, even though no one from LO cares enough to comment.
  16. Concurssion Grenade should be removed out of the game. The grenade makes every anti vehicle weapon usless! Some other weapons need a hard damage reduction. We have many anti vehcile weapons but they are to weak in general use. For the Concurssion Grenade you dont lose a primary weapon slot and can kill every vehicle fast. I see so much players they can throw the Concurssion Grenade with 100% to high speed vehciles and players in far distance. The grenade mechanic is bad. We have grenade launchers no one use it (only OPGL is usefull and OP). The EOL Grenade Launcher Series is total useless... because you lose an primary weapon. Also the general weapon system need to be reworked, not the weapon itself. But if you are Using NTec + AC 50. Pistol + Concurssion Grenade = you have the best of the best for all situations, why using other weapons?!
  17. @MACKxBOLAN -> there you go mate you can watch the entire stream (think he said those car parts are done and will come, he also quite clearly stated that factions will remain): https://www.twitch.tv/littleorbit
  18. I was sick and did not attend, can anyone tell me if there was any feedback on putting cop lights on the new mirage? was it recorded, is there a link to watch it? Also I think that removing factions is really bad idea, people have spent years developing their characters, cars, and clothing. Some mimicking paint and decals of particular law enforcement agencies down to minuet details. When new players come they see these personal designs and want them. Therefore spending money for the cloths and or vehicles. If you take that away, you're putting a big dent in what is known to be the best feature of the game; the personal designing of cloths, cars, and character look.
  19. bro doesn’t understand the concept of a meta
  20. Your last line shows that you are confusing correlation with causation. First of all, you don't have an independent measurement for the actual percentage of weapons used, nevermind by what group of players (whatever "tryhard" actually means. It sounds mostly subjective and i doubt anyone here can come up with an objective metric to measure what constitutes as "tryhard"). So, aside from the fact that you can't objectively measure the things you mentioned, even IF you observe a correlation, it does not always imply causation. Nerfing weapons has been done and tested several times in this game, as a result of such an assumption, yet it made little difference overall as highly-skilled players will find a weapon, method, playstyle that is superior. At BEST, this is an issue of whack-a-mole, where changing one variable just means the "tryhards" find another hole to jump out of and dominate. So unless you want to game to remain static and never add anything new, this is going to keep happening, whether you like it or not. This is as honest and friendly of a way i can avoid saying "mad coz bad". Just because you lost in a game doesn't mean it's rigged. There are many other variables to consider. An obvious one is total number of hours a player has in the game. While total numbers dont automatically imply high skill, they definitely can outperform players with significantly less hours. And do not underestimate the no-lifers in this game that have VASTLY more hours than the rest. Add actual skill onto that, and you got yourself several high-calibre players that everyone will hate since they'll loose against them most of the time. Every game has these types of players btw. The real issue of APB is that the average joe encounters these guys more than in other games, because at any given time, there are like 100 players online.
  21. I agree with you. The game master's recommendation To study game mechanics is that the player should be able to use the bugs of the game. Quickswitch is a bug. Reducing the sight in a jump is a bug. Improving the accuracy of shooting when changing the display resolution is a bug. Rapid-fire shooting with a mouse wheel or a macro is a bug. A huge delay in the health interface for some types of weapons, such as PMG, is a bug. If a game master calls this the study of game mechanics, then he is an ordinary buguser!
  22. It doesn't help when this game has GM (ingame) telling players who complain about weapon balancing that "weapons are balanced, you need to learn game mechanics." If weapons are balanced we wouldn't see all the tryhards using the same OP weapons.
  23. Little Orbit has been solving problems for a very, very long time, because of which the population is declining. For example, the imbalance of guns, the developers could fix it at least every week without attracting large resources. There are a thousand such examples. But the fact is that the developers themselves ruin their project with their inaction and indifference. This game is like a dog on a chain. Every six months, the owner brings her a barrel of water and a bag of feed. Everything seems to be fine, there is food, there is water, but for some reason dog want to die.
  24. I'm a text guy, can't focus on long format talkshows. What else did I miss? 1. Is there going to be another anti-cheat? I feel like the EAC failure is not EAC's fault, but the way LO implemented it. For example, EAC blocks DXVK on Windows, but it works in Linux. That doesn't make sense. 2. From the customer perspective, the only issue I saw with the support portal is lack of clarity to what info is needed for the ticket. It was 1 giant form with every question customer support might need. The info text boxes should have been broken down, based on what type of support is needed. But, the layout wasn't an issue. If they added a tip stating "include relevant info", that would be good enough. No need to redesign it. 3. Revert to old system. There is no point in fine tuning matchmaking if the pop is too low to utilize it. 4. Which means new matchmaking will continue to produce poor results. I'm against removing factions, but there not enough players to refine the threat based matchmaking. 5. NO, DON'T PROMOTE THE GAME IN ITS CURRENT STATE. Ban cheaters who post on Youtube and Twitch. Disable super low resolution textures so the game doesn't look like poo on Youtube and Twitch. Fix the Mirage LOD model and textures, so the new content doesn't look like poo for returning players. Then maybe LO can focus on promotions. Don't use any streamers who play with stretched resolution, custom configs, or other modifications to the game's UI.
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