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    New weapons

    Made some new concepts, dont mind the names, some of them might need some changing ^^
  4. https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/ Just set Aim to All, not Hipfire, because for whatever reason APB Hipfire is a premium feature of the website. Its essentially the same value however.
  5. Anyone know how to convert csgo, valorant etc sens to apb sens or vice versa ?
  6. Given the amount of veterans and dethreaters who ran rampant in bronze district, I have a hard time believing things have gotten much worse for newbies. Really its more of the same.
  7. I REALLY would like to experience for the first time after watching some youtube videos. Where can I get (free or paid) version that would work with those classic servers??
  8. Matthew Scott @mattpscott · Oct 22 Development progress is backed up behind some other projects. But I have been considering putting a wiped set of classic servers back online for players to mess around on while they wait. 'Fallen Earth Classic' has a nice ring to it.
  9. Under consideration per Matt on Twitter - https://twitter.com/mattpscott/status/1451443275336986633 - and on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/fallenearth/comments/qdqhms/fallen_earth_classic_anyone/
  10. The newbies can't learn when they just instantly get gibbed the moment they show up. For learning to happen, stuff has to happen to learn from.
  11. this applies to the fourm mom any time i mess with people for fun. even though she could just look over at the left and see the little title i got or ask people and you know learn i like to be a banana for fun becuase i feel that people who take words on a screen made of pixels from some dude somewere in the world seriously they got issues
  12. i bet you couldn't hit the brodside of a barn with a shotgun standing inside of it with the doors closed
  13. Yesterday
  14. so its been 8 years ? is that really true ??
  15. https://massivelyop.com/2021/10/22/fallen-earth-may-be-returning-soon-in-classic-form/
  16. I really like the overlays and the filter you gave to the screenshots! @Officer_Foxtail Makes them look even better than the original ones. I just decided to take a "complete tour" of the whole topic here... (I know... a bit late, but still). And all I can say for now is a huge THANK YOU from me and the whole Chipp's Car Club Event Team. Just want to let all of you know, that we really appreciate your time and effort spent for us and with us. Honestly, a thank you is not even close to the level of gratefulness and respect I have for all of you... It's a honor to have the "LAPD SQUAD" with us, during our event... to a point that makes us proud to be together on the "good side" of the whole game community. Only a few months passed, and hopefully we're looking forward to a much better future of events spent together! (maybe they'll even become official and have dedicated districts... one day Soon™) Anyways, keep up the fantastic content. I personally love it! Love you all... until next wednesday! o7
  17. Debbie follow me on my twitch I will hold a speech today my take on apb africanzide is my name there
  18. Yes! Agreed 100%! 1v1 are so so boring, countless times I've been playing in the server with 40x40 people and getting stuck in a boring 1v1 mission, it makes no sense and it's so depressing.
  19. The ranking system definitively needs a rework, the currently ones makes no sense anymore, the "Gold" rank means nothing since there are a huge gap of skill between the same Gold rank. And of course extend the level 255, we have been with this limit for god knows how many years now, for many characters there are almost no progress to make in the game anymore, no incentive to play.
  20. Can you really blame them when they are being matched against a way more skilled players and other who put around 10k hours in this game
  21. You can still play the lag server are online. But without thread its only for veterans or cheaters all other will leave.
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