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  2. I loved the weapon balance in 2011. All weapons were "op" so they all countered each other. With a few exceptions that no one used like snr, pmg and nfa...
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  4. Coming from someone who loved SR2, thought SR3 and 4 were pretty meh at best (the only good thing was customisation). This game will be no threat. Their games were going down the hill with each new release. And from all I've seen since it's announcement SR reboot will be woke garbage. The game will fail miserably. Also at 0:55 they censored MALE nipples. What a friggin joke of a game. Woke Row at it's best
  5. it's not in this trailer but you can make the shape of your face asymmetrical too and yeah that's pretty cool but you still can't make custom symbols and put them on your clothes and as far as I know apb is still the only game that lets you do that who are you going to show off your character to anyways? npcs? the whole appeal of customization in apb is that people can see it right there ingame
  6. That wasnt my point, its to proof that there are people at LittleOrbit. I honestly dont care anymore how "quickly" things get done, only matters that they get it done anytime. You also have to account the fact of the court settlement which stated that Plaintiff cannot pay 600.000 dollars in refunds for Descendent Studios Kickstarter campaign for S.T.F.U which little orbit was publishing under theyr name, therefore things cant even get done "quickly" because they try to keep the company alive. Least thing you could do is being greatful that the game is kept on Life-Support, letting you know, that they want to work on it. when the time is ready. cheers.
  7. i wouldnt give 5 dollars for this game thats like giving five dolalrs to misses tooth jobs. you know it's going to be a bad deal in the end but you payed for it anyway hoping it wouldnt be AS bad
  8. They're "point and right click". There's little to no horizontal recoil, just pull down a little to control the recoil. Both work great up to 30M, with the ATAC needing to tap fire beyond that to land all your hits while the Raptor can land 90% hits even at 40M spraying, if you use hunting site and no red mods.
  9. I know this. THEY DON'T UNLOCK Edit: Whoops, looks like they turned off the swear filter.
  10. afaik emotes and symbols are linked to specific contacts, so its possible to miss out if you don't run enough missions before moving on the old apbdb site has a 'random rewards' tab on each contact that lists out the unlocks
  11. Must be broken because I'm not unlocking symbols. My first two characters have half the action district time as my newer ones, yet they both have all the symbol sheets unlocked.
  12. this is most likely a good suggestion to save this game
  13. Merge this crappy game into eu already so I can go chuck bricks there on my days off, or put them into the joker ticket store stop hating on me specifically for using bricks, thanks heil victory
  14. So new hires who know nothing about APB or the code that nobody else knows about. Seems like things will get done quickly.
  15. Game looks super cringe from reveal trailer and no the customization still isn't as good as apb its literally the same level as saints row 3&4 but with weapon painting now
  16. why play fair when you can make everyone else miserable?
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  18. tl;dr probably better than apb everywhere except symbol creation + how those symbols apply to clothes and cars As someone that's played the previous Saints games, they don't appear to have done anything revolutionary, it seems like a few extra things here and there on top of what was already very good customization in the other games and probably a large number of preset items. Not a bad thing, it was already good to begin with, at least from what I can tell they haven't tried fixing something that wasn't broken.. though won't know until the game actually comes out. This is one of few game franchises I have had any faith in rivaling the freedom we have in APB with customization, and they're going to do it better in most areas no doubt. Most others do pretty generic stuff. Our ability to use the symbol creator + the way symbols created there can be applied to clothing and vehicles is still going to be something unique to APB. I'd say someone should just rip off the way APB does customization but do it better, but then how are they going to sell people a 15$ pair of socks in their microtransaction store when a player can make ones that probably look twice as good. Honestly the way APBs customization works is a threat to selling preset outfits etc like most other modern games have started doing. Hope Saints is good Hope they bring back Protect Tha Pimp and maybe throw some other modes in too..
  19. the in-depth customization is cool and all, but social district isnt where the majority of apb pop sits its not the customization alone that helps with engagement, its the way apb allows players to constantly flaunt their customization to other players saints row might dent the player numbers on release but unless there's plans for comparable multiplayer pvp or something like gta online, i dont see a singleplayer game demolishing even the tiny apb pop left
  20. No one is saying APB has the best customization in 2022,it used the be the best customization but not anymore,now it is good but not the best
  21. Bloom and accuracy are not the same thing, this sentence "Removal of bloom - would lead to ADS being 100% accurate" doesn't make sense, this just means making give all guns max accuracy while in marksman, not removing bloom that occurs after every shot. If you really mean removing bloom completely, you would just make every gun a automatic lazer gun, which would be so stupid no one would play the game anymore. What I understand is you just want the game to play slower in all aspects. You have a lot of good points like removing red mods and changing guns baseline, but overall I still like the customizability of mods even if 90% of the time you use the same mods... I disagree with making guns kill slower and be 100% accurate in marksman, you already have guns that have almost no bloom and very good accuracy in marksman mode, like star old glory, ar-97 misery. But they kill slower, of course, because they are easier to use. If all guns mostly worked like them, the game would become so boring and slow... that is if every gun got their TTK reduced. If smg's and shotguns didn't get the nerf bat as well, they would just dominate all rifles. Or if they did, how fun would it be to sit there with a PMG and fire 8-9 bullets into someone? Also there are already plenty of 3STK shotguns, what would happen to them? They would turn into 5STK? Talk about bullet sponge... Maybe in this case people would use snipers like scout and just camp 24/7 behind boxes and corners because now assault rifles would no longer be as big a threat to them. It's just a bad idea to slow the game down like this and 99% of playerbase would dislike it EDIT: "You ever heard of recoil? Accuracy while shooting/bloom and initial accuracy should NEVER be a metric used to balance and differentiate guns." This is actually something that is somewhat of a hard-stop for cheaters, as recoil can be completely negated with software, but accuracy and bloom is serverside. Any cheater would instantly become god if what you proposed came true... now we can still outplay them as they can't get away from the client-side restrictions.
  22. hopefully we get a no man's sky tier annoucement, where the devs just go off for a year and then pop back up with huge content
  23. Say what you will about this game that game or the other not really interested in your opinions. But I want to share that this game looks like it could outmatch APB's custimization. Which love or hate APB, it's really the only thing that keeps people playing. See for yourself:
  24. @ gogeo - We are using the sirens that are available in-game. To be honest I was not aware that sirens could be customized in the music studio.
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