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  2. A pair of socks and pair of FFA's? wew
  3. Put your themes on marketplace restricted to Kempington on friday (same nickname on Jericho and Citadel). That's an official information which Kemp was talking about on stream today.
  4. nah it was because the event that was last year or the year before I think. You had to do something and you'd get the JMBs. So people would make a bunch of accounts to get them. Eventually I got 2 FFA R&D III and 1 FFS 'bullshoot' (lol nice 1 dud) and I sold the bullshoot for 650k and the IIIs for 700k and 750k
  5. Amayii

    Tragesystem bugged!

    I've moved the thread to the appropriate section ~@mayii
  6. all i can imagine is the horrible balance
  7. An Helicopter concept was found in-game files, finished and super detailed, so, i don't know.. Imagen can spawn an Helicopter and put up new modifications for it, can go up into buildings and do abit of Battlefield Sniping, cover a point from where you want, DANG.
  8. Mikarity

    How to make the hold crouch option ?

    Ye I also hope so. Well, at least we officially can call it "The walking thread"
  9. Completely agree with you.
  10. Today


    imagine having APB themed accessories irl can u make me an OSCAR one homie
  12. Fortune Runner

    Infinity connecting to district

    If there is high lag and/or high server strain this can happen.
  13. Fortune Runner

    Support is trash

    I think people forgot support was flooded with tickets. Roughly 70,000 at one time or higher I forget exact numbers. They have to sort through them all to just find yours and that takes time.
  14. Aeronaut

    have you ever sold an account

    4 hit combowombo i die
  15. imagine double tg8 LOL..... what is that? like 3-4 shots to stun? plus its more consistent than a pig and stuns just as fast if not faster than double pig (since u can miss with a pig and the reload is a hindrance) meanwhile with the double tg8 theres room for error and its more forgiving it would be nice if that was the case. if its for the looks I wouldnt mind, guess this is the same for most.
  16. I think it's known that the original menu music used in RTW and the early days of G1 are looked on more fondly than the current one; whether it be the somberness of the current track or simply rather cheesy static scenes set up. The 2D original menu was simple, and portrayed the atmosphere of the game better: Original song: Artist is Stuart Ross, his works are used still in the game; the loading screens and the character creator so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume this track's rights could be re-acquired even if somehow LO no longer has them This is my attempt to get help get this to happen, with the release of 3.5 it would be a great time to do some revamping things like the main menu and finally adding 'Little Orbit' to the splash screens #makeAPBgreatagain
  17. neophobia

    have you ever sold an account

    you probably made 0 off your couple thousand in apb xd it's not like i played for the money, that's why i said it's definitely not worth it if that's what one wanted - just plainly playing and getting money for it. obviously boosting is a thing though(, as well as streaming xd) x-d also, at least it was euros and not some cheapo dollarinos xd
  18. If only it was an opinion, sadly for you its a fact.
  19. Similarities

    Support is trash

    That's why he's constantly stating that the engine upgrade needs to be completed...something that changes the core fundamentals of the game? Just stop already.
  20. Aeronaut

    have you ever sold an account

    you just xd two times in a row i feel like there's a special place in hell for you. you just made $0.50 off your 800hr of gameplay. yikes.
  21. we could use some akimbo guns though. even if it's only for looks
  22. I hope this is a thing in the engine upgrade , yes , i necro'd a thread.
  23. Only if we could have 1 district with only ladders and 1 with no ladders. I like the idea of more ramps though. A proper racing district should have these. New APB loading screen 2019. Or intro movie? Come on people we've all seen the what the criminals are writing on the walls banana. No one wants to see that anymore we want jiggly manbewbs to the tune of Give Me That Punk.
  24. TheOppositePolarBear

    Idea to hold us over until Engine update

    i dont doubt it would be a blast to see all the new bugs and mission inbalanced created by moving props in the famous apb speghetti code. buuuuuuuuuuuuuut we kinda want the engine upgrade ASAP and that would take hours of manpower to do.
  25. "Just add some items, whats so hard about dat" everything you even couldnt imagine
  26. TacticallyRed

    Very Urgent Topic Please Fix This (GameBreaking) :D

    I’d like to state, that how well you do in FC and mission is different. in FC, most of your targets are often already damaged by various things, like grenades, teammates and other stuff. They’re also often in CQC areas(which is basically always in Asylum save for a few areas.) Theres also definitely no teamwork going on in FC. NFAS even with IR3 can be a mixed bag of results depending on your luck and missions like any other weapon.
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