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You want to be an LO volunteer? Check this out!

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We are accepting applications for our APB and Fallen Earth volunteer programs!




The primary focus of the team is simple: Making sure that players are following rules as well as helping them out.
The members of this group are sociable and well suited to help the community grow in a healthy way.



⦁    MUST be 18+
⦁    Has a deep knowledge of APB
⦁    Has general knowledge of the Terms of Service
⦁    Has a friendly and professional disposition capable of handling both positive and negative situations that may arise
⦁    Has the ability to be objective and patient when handling issues in a fair and consistent manner, free from discrimination or favoritism
⦁    Can manage a conversational level of the English language



⦁    Making sure the dialogue between the users is friendly, respectful, and in accordance with the Terms of Service
⦁    Making sure the game being played fairly and in accordance with the Terms of Service
⦁    Assisting players in the game, be it to fix technical issues or share game knowledge
⦁    Reporting any activity that is against Terms of Service to a specified place you will be getting access to once you're a team member
⦁    Using your GM powers only for good and neatly reporting their usage to specified staff members



A good candidate would also have:

⦁    Have previous experience as a GM or any equivalent position
⦁    Knows more than one language that is a big part of the game's community


How to apply:

Your application should be in the text field of the PM. Do not send us any attachments.


1.       The SUBJECT of your PM should be “Application: APB GM”

2.       Why do you feel you are a good fit for the GM position? (2-3 paragraphs max)

3.       List all of your accounts and characters you own.

4.       Tell us if you were ever banned in the past and why.

5.       When did you start actively playing APB?

6.       Roughly how long do you spend playing APB each week?

7.       Do you have any previous experience as a GM or any previous experience with similar projects?


What Happens Next?
We will be reviewing your applications over the next few weeks to identify potential candidates to join the volunteer team. If you are selected, we will contact you and schedule an interview over Discord.

What if I don't hear back right away?
It probably means we have yet to review your application. We are usually dealing with a large number of applications, and it takes time to go through all of them. Whether you are moving forward to the interview stage or not, we will make sure to let you know the results. Thank you for your patience!

Note: We take note of applicants that react poorly to not being selected. This will hurt your ability to be considered in the future.


So what happens after I am selected and pass the interview?
Congrats! Shortly after the interview, we will contact you to let you know if you will be joining our volunteer team! You will need to sign an NDA before we introduce you to the team. You will go through a training period with a well-seasoned mentor by your side while you get the hang of things before becoming a full-fledged GM.


Let's continue to build up the APB community together. I look forward to reading your applications.

If you’re interested in joining the program, please send your application to @Ritual via personal messages ONLY!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello players and supporters!


I've received several inquiries throughout these last few weeks regarding the GM program, from whether we're still accepting volunteers to what an application should look like.

Fair point! This hasn't been clear in a while.


So I have resurrected the previous call for new volunteers by adding all the best application parts from the old and new selection processes (APB and Fallen Earth) to provide you with the information you need. It is thoroughly explained above. We are looking for individuals who fulfill specified requirements and would like to help us. To keep this thread purely informational, I will keep the comments disabled. For any additional questions and filled applications, please send me a personal message via Forums.


This time, the call for volunteers has no time limit. It is a dynamic program with many people coming and going depending on their ability to keep up. Unlike previously, we are always on the lookout, so feel free to apply at your leisure!

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The response is overwhelming 😄 Just to let you know that we are going through all of the applications. If you applied, we appreciate your patience while we go through it!

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A friendly reminder: If you haven't gotten your response yet, we did not forget about it. We just don't have one yet!

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