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  1. That's part of the problem. High burn fuel makes that dumbest Pio combo even more dumb as the mod's color doesn't conflict with the mods that make up that combo.
  2. Lily Rain

    Arrest Not Counting

    Arresting is a reward for winning up-hill battles with under-powered loadouts. Occasionally rewarding player-excellence with nothing just because farming cop and saviour roles could happen is just forwarding nonsense (more sub-meta weapons from the former and a universal key from the latter that is never needed because freeing arrested criminals is as fast as cuffmate 4 due to half-assed game design). This is just completely uncalled for. On the other hand though, let us disable heat-5 in missions to 'not be unjust' towards PMG and meta-plebs.. FeelsFruitfullMan
  3. The most iconic stupid-mod that was added by G1 before it ♦♣♥♠ed off. A mod that should have never existed. Delete it and don't look back. Don't even try balancing it. One does not simply balance a wall hack, period. Anyone who argues against this is a little ♦♣♦♥♠ with no reflexes to rely upon. Nerf its repair rate by 40%. I'd consider making it a consumable rather than an infinite mod that recharges magically with solar power or body heat. Another prime G1 mod that should not have existed.. the only downside to this mod is the inability to equip other purple mods. Problem is that Pioneer-users have no use for explosives 3 or fast fix chassis, so nothing to miss out here. Straight out game breaking as stated. Just like spotter, delete this ♣♠♦♣♥. Don't even try fixing it. It is a stupid mod no matter what perspective you look at it with. Getting caught up by remote det can be annoying, but flak jacket is the answer. It isn't game breaking atm. +1, definitely patch this. These tanks are exceptionally fast. Considering their mass, ramming power (higher than vegas even, multiplier: 3.5 vs 2.5), total health, blast radius and cargo capacity, their top-speed on top of all of this is also ridiculous at 20.9 m/s, only 2.1 m/s slower than the fastest car in the game. Nitro makes them accelerate from a halt effortlessly. Considering the cooldown of nitro being 1 minute, the initial acceleration of these tanks is never a problem. Nerf those ♣♠♦♣ers.
  4. This would be a nice feature to have, but I fear it won't be utilizable due to APB's low server tick rate. Overwatch's servers tick twice as fast as APB's at 62.5 Hz. Since you have mentioned Diabotical, Diabotical's Devs are aiming for 125 Hz which is insanely good and completely out of current APB's league. Hopefully LO increases server tick rate at one point, else we'll just be using more CPU with minimal to no benefit from this feature.
  5. @MattScott It is delighting to see good progress on all fronts (engine, support and player counts). May LO continue to see further success. Thanks for the good work. I'll take this opportunity to inquire about/be_reminded of the current progress on the plan to make characters available globally rather than locally to a single server. Thanks in advance!
  6. MattScott: "We are only working on lighting and 8 remaining bugs at this point unless anything new comes up (which has tended to happen on this game a lot) " I can't wait to see what this is going to evolve into:
  7. I can't wait for Spotter-mod to be removed as well, since it is far more broken.
  8. Stabba-NL9 is not the Corsair, but indeed. A faster reload speed would be great as the weapon currently suffers without magpull
  9. This is treason. #LTLIsYourDestiny
  10. They might pull an Nvidia on us in the near future Keep an eye out for Corsair Ti, Corsair Titan and Corsair Super
  11. Yes the Strife's damage was nerfed, but the nerf was so small it changes nothing in this regard. Strife's damage was nerfed from 931 to 903, which can still easily 1-shot fragilers:
  12. I currently don't support nor object to this, perhaps at least add stun-counts to the scoreboard, but: Arresting should have its own version of blitzkrieg medals. Simply because giving a player blitzkrieg-medals and insane score for a mediocre-feat of killing more than a player with PMG/Euryale, is outright unfinished game-design when actually arresting multiple players in rapid-succession does not.
  13. 1 » Those pellets deal full damage all the way to 15 meters, a distance the PIG will never even reach. Strife still deals damage beyond 15 meters. Again, a Strifer or any lethal-user losing to a PIG-user is the Criminal's fault/incompetence. 2 » Strife is a main weapon, it should already be drawn before-hand. It is not a finisher-secondary. 3 » That's what makes strife unique. It sacrifices speed for more power. (Fun fact: It deals more stamina damage than percs for whatever reason) 4 » The bolt timer exists because the strife is too powerful. In addition to strife's range, it can also one-shot fragile users. The Strife is the ONLY weapon in APB capable of doing this. Not even HVR is allowed to do this. PIG on the other hand, doesn't 1-shot fragile users.. P.S: Gentle reminder that Strife on its own is also faster than PIG + perc as shown previously.. It would be nice if people would refrain from comparing apples to oranges.
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