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    - You "doubt that merging nekrova with citadel will do anything good". - You stated that the chat will become 100% Russian, even though other languages than English are also used to communicate in APB. - You ask the question: "how we can handle it", trying to brainwash people into thinking that Russians coming over is an epicly bad thing (even though they already exist in Citadel). - You went as far as speculating that people would quit because of it (even though Russians already play in CItadel). - You "think that it will only get worse". You clearly have issues with Russians and you aren't even mediocre at hiding it. I am certain that if you were a board-member at LO, you would have voted against the merge. Regardless. It is not a problem. If it was, LO wouldn't be going forward with the merge. Kindly do not try to make it seem detrimental to the game.
  2. Lily Rain


    There should be a rule to timeout/ban this type of racism.
  3. Why not just bump one of the previous threads that had the same focus?
  4. With the assumption that you have obtained your Guardian's approval to play APB (since you are underaged but above 13), your Guardian should help you purchase from ARMAS. In-exchange, you can be a nice Kid and help out around the house.
  5. I don't think they'd wanna be tagged pointlessly 40 times a minute
  6. Lily Rain

    New Content

    The opposite can happen and may push players to cheat/tryhard even more
  7. Exactly my thoughts as that would give handcuff keys purpose to exist in the game
  8. "Remove the ability to free arrested criminals" because "It is very unfair " No. The ability to free captured-Criminals is a good dynamic & removing it would make gameplay feel more dead and empty. Speaking of 'unfair' however, the amount of effort and risk needed to free a Criminal compared to arresting one is unquestionably in favor of Criminals. Not to mention doing so effectively respawns a Criminal where he/she was busted. A slight increase in the time needed to free a Criminal would make things more balanced.
  9. I wonder which is the most ewwish out of these: 1 » The roadblock. 2 » OP taking the time to post about the area around the most populated ga5 station. 3 » The fact that OP is grouped up with Eww....
  10. This thread's Original Poster is a premium-player. Your assumption is invalid.
  11. I voted yes, since I believe having game-changing-advantages should NOT be a premium benefit. P.S: Is there currently a limit of items to be listed on the marketplace at a time? LO might consider limiting the listing-potential of free-to-play players, similarly to the limit present in customization layers. I believe that is premium-attracting without affecting gameplay itself.
  12. That's actually genius
  13. Common-sense says that English is the main language of communication. Any Player who decides to use another language is already aware that his/her words may not be understood. If Russians see that they have their own chat-channel and get pushed by the Russian-hating-Community to chat in it, it may be perceived as an act of racism that got approved by LO. We most certainly do not need such a change.
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