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  1. Low-Yields are also weaker against vehicles, but yes. Tweaking it further than just limiting the count to 2 is miles better indeed
  2. Upcoming test-values were kept secret but I can still share my initial thoughts With reference to apbdb: Test District A What I do feel that justifies the ability to carry 3 half-bricks/8balls is that they BARELY offer any radius of explosion. A late-game fun-item for players to play with (or punish non-moving Campers). Values were not given for the new Low-Yields to be tested in Test Districts A & B. I can not speak for everyone, but since they would "requires a more accurate throw as we have reduced the size of the explosion", I would be personally happy with a hard radius nerf. Something like the arbitrary-values shown above those green-columns. If the nerf is not significant and still remains comparable to other grenades, I would be MUCH happier with the common suggestion of Limit Low-Yield carry amount to two. Test District B It was declared that new Low-Yields B will have the same radii as they do currently, plus an increased fuse timer of 1 second. What you have basically created here is Standard Frag-Grenades 2.0. They offer less damage but can be thrown much further... even much further than current low-yields because they get another extra second of flight-time. I can already see this being abused in some locations even with the damage-reduction. Unless the reduction in damage is sharp, Test District A could be the better deal.
  3. Nu, but since RIOT is going on public test, the engine upgrade should not be too far off from here
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