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  1. Lily Rain

    Raytracing and DLSS - UE4?

    Little Orbit is decent with mobile-games.. Chances that LO have considered adding raytracing to APB is slightly lower than those of releasing exclusive titles for Samsung's Galaxy Note 7..... BOOM
  2. Lily Rain

    LO in charge of yet another game

    I heard APB's original code was made by 3 people only, so 10-50 people to port the code towards 3.5 should be sufficient to pull that off. Plus, the company needs funds to progress. It isn't easy to survive from 2 games only, considering they aren't as massive as other titles out there. Moreover, LO is experienced with mobile games, so adding 1 more shouldn't be taxing on the company.
  3. Thx~~ In the original code-example, the username & password are only used to login, since the server will ask for credentials before providing any service. The rest of the code shows what usually happens after a successful login: Your code adds more information to what's originally given. To protect one's account/privacy, the User can simply create a new account and login using that to a fresh-Trainee, but the code itself doesn't provide much use. If the code gets expanded to include population information or chat-functionality for example, it might become something of value to many. If you are able to expand the code in such a way, I recommend you first obtain Little Orbit's approval. You don't wanna get your entire work flagged as non-permissible when it is done.
  4. Please provide a link to that certain individual's public library. I -and probably many others- would like to see the history behind this individual's work straight from the mastermind himself.
  5. Genius, respect++ But how could this damage anyone's pc~?
  6. Lily Rain

    harassment ban question

    May you and your team forever be blessed, Amen~~
  7. Lily Rain

    You're not Excused

    If you have the time to type all of that, you should do your English homeworks. You're not excused....
  8. Lily Rain

    Semis,Macro, Auto hotkey,Configs

    » Agreed » Launching the game from Binaries-folder should be okay
  9. Lily Rain

    Is the RFP to strong ?

    Exactly, having an OBIR as secondary was somehow a good idea
  10. Lily Rain

    Battle-Eye Blocked loading of file

    Disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall, also run the game as an Administrator
  11. Yep, figures it would be much easier to modify the weapon itself
  12. Whenever Kittens discuss Improved Rifling, they bring the argument that in the right hands, the N-tec is not affected by IR's downside.. With the fact that the N-tec cools down rather quickly and is terrible outside marksman mode. Using the same argument, I await the day these Kittens will ask to revise Hunting Sight in such a way to hurt the N-tec.
  13. Lily Rain

    Semis,Macro, Auto hotkey,Configs

    Sounds lovely to me