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  1. The FBW requires exactly 1 full second to kill at perfect execution. With the assumption an opponent is macroing with an FBW, there are numerous weapons that can kill much faster than that. I personally arrest FBW-only players, 1 second is plentiful. #LTLMasterRace
  2. Baylan activities would become more fair if they get updated to reward by contribution rather than occasionally stealing kills. I said "updated" because the code was already implemented in epidemic as seen here, all what needs to be done is to repurpose it in Baylan: So for example, instead of having to kill 10 players (silver-tier activities), dealing 10,000 damage should clear the activity. The quicker option would be to reward players by cash like in Asylum, but that would take away Baylan's twist of requiring variety in gameplay, so I'd rather they don't do that instead when the option above exists.
  3. Real Bronzes are in fact busy staring at the city and scanning in-game scenery. They won't even come to the forums because they don't care about the outcome of a match. Only a de-threater who got used to feasting on newbies would start such a thread.. De-threaters abused the system for far too long that to them, going back is simply unthinkable. Get in the habit of fighting uphill battles every now and then, just like everybody else.. It will help you out in the long run, no joke. git gud
  4. Dual Stabba-PIG, thx #LTLMasterRace
  5. Any change from your sweet-hands is correct and appreciated by default I see where you are coming from though. Thanks for clarifying
  6. Dear Selali & LO, thanks for the heads up Regarding shotgun stat changes. With reference to the supplied link and I quote: - "After extensive community feedback, it was pretty clear that a vast majority thought that shotguns were more balanced back before we made our first round of changes in the summer of 2018". - "So, for this first set of stats, we are going to be reverting shotguns back to their pre Little Orbit stats. The stats should reflect how shotguns behaved and performed in 2017". Since both LO and Players are already in agreement for shotguns and wish to go back in time to start fresh from there. Is there any chance of immediately pushing shotgun changes to live rather than test district A? This test would be redundant and you will end up receiving the exact same feedback. P.S: The current nfas being busted needs to go away immediately. We don't need to say good-bye to current nfas for another week or two. It already overstayed its presence.
  7. Lily Rain


    That is one side of the coin. The other side shows that this prevents de-threaters from feasting on newbies, which on its own leads to the same result. At least this way, de-threaters get to play in the real world without abusing the threat-system for cheap matches.
  8. Responding to an open-ticket on a zero-tolerance case will only get it ignored again. OP needs a higher-up Staff to force re-investigation Yes, Stitchly is closer to this than Lixil. Thanks for the efficient redirection Well.. God damn.. Fun fact: MattScott is a true-leader, a CEO who actually replies to people & his beard is as generous as Santa's on XMAS.. He's your Man but only contact him as a last resort
  9. Excellent! You'll eventually get your account back then. It is just a waiting game now. Give them some time to reach your ticket while keeping an eye on this thread to check on their progress: If MattScott announces a date that is beyond that of your ticket, Contact Lixil
  10. The Support-team already concluded your case & have a pile of tickets to look into. There is zero-tolerance for trading with real-money and chances are they will keep the same conclusion over your account and proceed to process that pile of tickets. You wouldn't get banned unless they have evidence of real money trading on you. However, if you are honest and this ban was indeed a mistake then you having nothing to fear. You can always appeal properly to a Senior LO-staff (e.g Lixil) and they will have your case re-investigated. By appeal properly I mean NOT to send desperate text (e.g I am innocent, I didn't do this, give me justice, I made many accounts to tell you this, unlock my account, I am innocent).... but instead show cooperation and willingness to share any and all information related to this case and your accounts (ticket reference numbers, accounts you own, history of purchases, dates of birth on accounts, etc). Only do this if you are legitimately innocent please. If you are pretending to be innocent and trying to shame LO on public forums out of anger, don't waste your time. You'll only make this even more permanent.
  11. Voted: "No but it needs to change". I find the Prestige system unique to APB. Removing it makes the game more dull. To me, going in that direction is no different from making only those in a mission be in their own independent district, completely isolated from people (griefers, etc). People feared this when phasing was first announced. Simply makes the game feel more empty and boring. Currently, the most money in magnitude can be made from arresting N5s: Barebones, this amount isn't that bad (comparable to an entire mission reward), but the real reward is the Cop becoming Prestige 5 themselves to follow it up with no bonuses for any additional efforts.. Arresting is encouraged-behaviour for Enforcers hence it builds up the prestige-meter pretty darn fast! But like you said, bounties don't get more rewards for continued work like in the days of old. It is even worse because arresting criminals in rapid succession doesn't have its own version of blitzerkieg medals. Lining up stunned-criminals to arrest them with Cuffmate 4 equipment isn't any more rewarding than isolating them 1 by 1. Doing this at Prestige 5 by default isn't any more rewarding either... Combine this with the fact that LO is too lazy to at least Band-Aid-patch busted-weapons such as the nfas and you get Enforcers who never like to fight uphill-battles with Less than Lethal weapons, let alone streak with them Prestige 5. It is a fun-flex (yes, you can outstun an nfas), but that is where the fun ends. There is no real-reward for actually being good at the game. More of a reason for players to just play with busted weapons that won't get balanced before Q3 of 2021. Of course, as a Lethal Enforcer/Criminal, the reward for killing P5 is about half of this without any additional bonuses for continued cleaning/monstrosity to the city (pretty okay amount for starters). Like you said, it just flags for death without any additional bonuses (at the present time, this is okay. nfas-weaklings don't deserve more cash for using a busted-weapon. Might buff their rewards after weapons get fixed). P5/N5 should give rewards for streaks, but it should diminish quickly for being idle or camping for an opportunity to farm to prevent abuse for cash (think how the meter goes down when AFKing in social, but make it like 30 times faster). Removing this system isn't the way to go. Just make it rewarding again #MakePrestigeGreatAgain #LTLMasterRace
  12. I am also affected with a bug on my Purple-pumpkin progress
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