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  1. Lily Rain

    Odd Encouters/Happenings

    Not to mention the steering-wheel is skewed to the right, even though there is no Driver inside..
  2. Lily Rain

    What are you excited for?

    It is okay, I am sure it'll come to light one day~~
  3. Lily Rain

    What are you excited for?

    I'll just throw points for Kittens to talk about: 1 » Hair and clothing physics/animations should add more life to visuals. APB looks good but old. A game that focuses on customization should get a complimentary upgrade. 2 » A continuous colour-spectrum to replace the integer-based colouring for clothing/cars, as well as the preset-colours-pallet for hair. 3 » Winds that affect projectiles (OSMAW, O-PGL, etc..) because they are too easy to use. 4 » Smaller gaps between weapons. Yes, some weapons are meant to be more competitive compared to others in different ranges and situations. I could be wrong but I feel the gap is sometimes exaggerated. There are weapons that are considered worthless and often go unused. Let us see more variety in weapons and less complaints about OCA and other meta-weapons. 5 » More hairstyles, because out of all 30, a good number is punky or pretty much bald. 6 » Give clans a purpose. 7 » Riot-mode sounds exciting, but I have no details on how it will play. I am excited for it still. 8 » A.I is difficult to implement, no problem. I would like to see a shooting-rage where civilians would spawn and stand at set-distances for players to shoot at. Something similar to Planetside 2's practice area. Might as well allow players to try out every weapon and mod in the game there. It could excite newbies to stay and grind for things or even buy stuff from ARMAS. 9 » A clean-racing-district would be nice. Pure lap-times, no items or floor-boosters pls. 10 » Prevention of matching with those in the ignore-list, because nobody would wish to join forces with de-threaters, etc. 11 » Support for directx 12, because eyes deserve it. 12 » Mastery ranks that extend beyond R255, end-game stuff.
  4. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    Incorrect, female-avatars are more abundant than male-avatars
  5. @Dasimoge The following is what I could think of on the spot, see if it works well with your plans for the design: 1 » This is not critical but it would be nice if the launcher would show the currently selected region. 2 » Perhaps "Advanced Settings" should be inside "Settings", so Advanced Settings shouldn't be an option in the main screen. 3 » Move the "Repair" button to where the "Advanced Settings" button was (this is my opinion/preference, but currently the Repair-button is in the spotlight next to region and start buttons. Repair should NOT be in the center with these two. This step should fix that as well as the cavity left by step 2). 4 » Looking at "Remaining: 0mb", "mb" should be in uppercase letters (MB). Also add a space key-stroke before it (don't let the number hug the letters). 5 » The in-game currency is still G1C (plus websites), so there is a chance Gamersfirst's Logo should be included in the Launcher, but I am not sure. 6 » I personally don't mind this, but having buttons stand out from the background would also be nice.
  6. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    You are hired *calls for backup* Arrest @_chain
  7. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    Sure, I'll give you the anti-rust treatment next time
  8. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    You and your magic are too dangerous for this world....
  9. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    But you said it was flying >.<
  10. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    I hear vegases can bypass it, but okay
  11. Lily Rain

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    How did you survive the flying vegas?