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  1. I just want to say that many of us want the Sofia Skin. Sofia NPC Skin I personally woud Pay ALOT for it XD
  2. Shiemy

    Fallen Angel Pack

    Hey, i want to ask why there are the Valentine Weapons but not the Clothing like all the years before? I mean the FALLEN ANGEL PACK The angels have landed! Every time a gunshot rings another hoodlem gets angel wings! The Fallen Angel Pack is back in Armas! These majestic wings look great on both male and female characters! This pack also comes with a fully customizable halo. Stride the streets in style with both halo and angel wings. The Fallen Angel Pack - Halo - Cherub Wings - Character Title Unlock: "Fallen Angel" Or will it be avaiable in Summer Like 2013? (http://apbdb.com/track/323197/) The Fallen Angel Pack will be up in Armas for a limited time and will be removed on June 27 so get your wings now! i thinked 100% on Valentines day they will come again how long i need to wait for them?
  3. Why there are no Angel wings in the Shop??? Cmon i have waitet one year for Them...
  4. So Sale is over and i dont get my G1C. i thought its an automatic Process, so how long do i need aproxmently wait?
  5. so if i buyed ex. 13.11 a Pack with 20% off at monday i will get the G1C diffrence after the event back or? if i understand right? will we also get our Double Loyality then? i mean i have already owned all, but i mean Free 15 Days Premium / Gold Mystery Box
  6. Update: Ticket is sent i will Update it here Later ^^ Maybe they understand me better than here.
  7. Then i will Write a Ticket i mean i know steam Player are "not important" enough, but i Paid a lot of money in this game, so i want to play a game with all its features and when there are Archivments then they shoud work ...
  8. Cmon? No one has no idea? ...
  9. @Lixil ? Any Infomations about This?
  10. Will Little Orbit FIX STEAM Trophy's?
  11. hmm Sad i would buy some Packs, but for 1 car and 3 Guns i dont wanna Waste over 100€ hoped for an Sale even 20% more G1C or so woulb be cool Enough but yeah thanks. then i hope they will reduce in future the Prices
  12. As the Topic name already Says i want to know if we will get an Special Discount on BLACK FRIDAY. hope an CM can maybe help
  13. Yeah i mean the Cape i hope they will add stuff like this or the Primary & Secondary Weapon holster would be nice too ^^ i have hopes in the Enginge Update
  14. ? i know and? i just ask if they will do an event in december lol?
  15. Hey i sadly missed the old Shop Event, so i wanted to ask if there will be an % Event again at the Holidays / Christmas Time
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