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  1. How do you get peoples attention off a subject you don't like? Give them something else to fuzzy bunny about!
  2. Could be either one. Hard to tell just from description but also there is, obviously, some ddos issues going on so i would say its packet loss.
  3. "People always ask me about DDOS, It's fantastic. Let me tell you about DDOS. I do very well with DDOS. I love DDOS. No one loves DDOS more than me, BELIEVE ME. DDOS loves me. We're going to have so many DDOS you are going to get sick of DDOS. The DDOS just got 10 feet higher. I have the best DDOS." Signed Trump
  4. I presume that whom ever is doing it, if it is a person and not some error LO side, Just really wants to punish the game and or community. Maybe they have some goal in mind like trying to kill the game finally or something. But it is def happening way to often, hell most days I don't bother when its happening anymore.
  5. Wait that would imply that the DDOS every stopped... Yeah I don't think it ever stopped.
  6. think of ddos effect like a shot gun, sometimes you get hit sometimes you don't
  7. Odd I though i saw a thread about this....
  8. So when your internet goes down do you rush down there to demand compensation? If so let me know how that works for you... No doubt the one you signed with your ISP was similar.
  9. They ain't "guna" have to give out anything. I do agree and they also agree that it is an important thing and they are working on it. Matt said something about it last night and by my understanding it is getting close to there.
  10. Shouldn't we just refresh the old one instead of a new one every day. well twice a day at this point.
  11. Some people just want a tangerine the size of a ruby to burn.
  12. It is caused by a spacetime rift that is positioned in a temporal and spatially linked proximity to the APB servers. So at set intervals at 10:30 P.M. Central time the servers stutter and warp people seemingly randomly around. Thought everyone knew that...
  13. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
  14. That line really got me wondering for sure. Any details?
  15. Just follow those packets back to where you started and you'll be ok.
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