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  1. The problem with an engine update is you are taking something that was never really finished and forcing it into a new engine with the same problems at its foundations. So they have to fix all the issues that have been around and then address all the issues with the new engine and a complete lack of any optimization having happened for either engine. The engine update was Never going to be the Unicorn that saves the game that people keep thinking it is going to be.
  2. SelttikS


    That community upgrade is coming soon i hear, Oh wait no. Community is what makes a game die. Still not on the list of things to address though.
  3. Prices have been too high for a long time. Guessing it was from trying to milk what they could out of what they had at the time.
  4. Not a big fan of holidays celebrating driving out religious groups...
  5. No matter what swanky purple sash you don you'll still be Cookie.
  6. And when they come to ban you, there will be no one left to speak out on your behalf.
  7. Prolly cause special groups like that have gone very bad in the past. Remember this community has a long history of abuse.
  8. Game if the year right there! Gotta say it sure is taking LO a good while to do an engine update that they said months ago was almost done. That matchmaking is working out very well too...
  9. Wait there are still people here? Madness!
  10. So do we really want someone with zero experience in networking and coding working on that? Or would it maybe be ok to have them work on what they actually know how to do instead? Also it is not likely for them to hire a bunch of people just for that. First this game is most likely not making any money so why invest more into it. Second it is likely a ton of work to get anyone trained on the spaghetti code that is apb so that is even more time and money that this game does not deserve at this point. They are doing what they can with what they have. Give them a break guys.
  11. I really think the people still banned are the lucky ones. You get to move on instead of being tied to the addiction. Bright side with all the server issues going on, i did get the mage tower down and AOTC done on two characters.
  12. Your legendaries will actually be lost as soon as the next expansion comes out.
  13. APB already died. what we have now is a corpse.
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