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  1. So did the hype train die or something?
  2. So do we really want someone with zero experience in networking and coding working on that? Or would it maybe be ok to have them work on what they actually know how to do instead? Also it is not likely for them to hire a bunch of people just for that. First this game is most likely not making any money so why invest more into it. Second it is likely a ton of work to get anyone trained on the spaghetti code that is apb so that is even more time and money that this game does not deserve at this point. They are doing what they can with what they have. Give them a break guys.
  3. SelttikS

    New Symbol Policy Question

    -. --- ..-
  4. I really think the people still banned are the lucky ones. You get to move on instead of being tied to the addiction. Bright side with all the server issues going on, i did get the mage tower down and AOTC done on two characters.
  5. Your legendaries will actually be lost as soon as the next expansion comes out.
  6. SelttikS

    Will APB end?

    APB already died. what we have now is a corpse.
  7. No, just no. One of the things we should all learn, its that we are better when not around apb community.
  8. SelttikS

    I wish...

    I wish for Mei to be part of the meta.
  9. Wtf is with this circle jerk shlt. Are people that sex deprived that they need to equate everything to sex terms? Also why is this thread still a thing. Move the hell on folks.
  10. SelttikS

    Option to pause premium

    Seeing how shitty the servers are to play on on a fairly common basis they really should have a way to pause premium or set it where it only ticks down when you actually play. As it is premium is a waste of money now.
  11. When you are known as a member of staff you will not experience the game like everyone else. When you do not have to rank up or acquire items or cash in game you will not be experiencing the game like everyone else. Stop trying to be a white knight.
  12. 27 million US dollars paid in small unmarked bills.
  13. SelttikS

    Trash talks

    People rage because they can get away with it online.
  14. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    Bloom is a visual representation of the inaccuracy at any given moment. A dot on your screen or turning the interface off does not change that.
  15. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    gun will still have the inaccuracy applied. This isnt Rust yall