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  1. When you are known as a member of staff you will not experience the game like everyone else. When you do not have to rank up or acquire items or cash in game you will not be experiencing the game like everyone else. Stop trying to be a white knight.
  2. SelttikS

    What is wrong with you?

    So didn't Op just do what they bltched about?
  3. 27 million US dollars paid in small unmarked bills.
  4. SelttikS

    Trash talks

    People rage because they can get away with it online.
  5. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    Bloom is a visual representation of the inaccuracy at any given moment. A dot on your screen or turning the interface off does not change that.
  6. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    gun will still have the inaccuracy applied. This isnt Rust yall
  7. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    Yall do understand that bloom still happens even without the visual for it right? It is just there so you know how accurate your shot will be
  8. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    I cant the tv is on and the kids are running around so i cant even! Actually i don't care either way if people want a cross hair in this game that's fine. It is not like the guns are based completely on player accuracy.
  9. SelttikS

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    Function of more and more gaming monitors so yeah doesn't matter what anyone thinks at this point.
  10. SelttikS

    Devil Dog.

    I don't hate consoles, i just pity them. Even more so when i saw how bad apb was on consoles... nightmares man nightmares.
  11. and ray and mikehell and and No we have way too many to just fix it that easily.
  12. Duh! Did you not read the memo?
  13. While many did take it too far there were also ones on the other spectrum to who were civil about it. Bad part is those were written off with a 'so what its my private stream' attitude and then banned from the stream. When you start getting ban happy no matter the setting people will see the similarities. Remember folks Tiggs started out fine as well. While the message will be lost, I do think the idea is to make sure that no one becomes like the previous owners.
  14. We all know what the problem is.... #banFr3e
  15. mmr wise winning should count but so should overall performance during the mission. A well fought mission vs op that is of like mmr should be more valuable than a stomping on noobs.