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  1. I have received a temporary ban for these actions. The fact that you do not receive the ban once again shows the selectivity of the prohibitions existing in lo
  2. please tell me how do I apply the macro and install the Advanced APB Launcher ? I'm new and play APB on the console . is the macro legal ?
  3. give me the name of the mission . specify the coordinates of the expected error .
  4. olo


    you own all rights to the game .new testing is just Your desire indicator of your interest .
  5. this is a problem purely solo players . having a clan or friends this mode has no problems and here abuses begin .
  6. 50-year-old players can't compete with teenagers . the area for beginners is Green . are you okay with 98 % of the gold playing in the Silver district ?
  7. the rules are observed and legal . play gold in the silver arena , in a private group , together only with strong players use legendary and popular weapon with a maximum modification against weapon Stock . for truth . why would not !
  8. This account has been temporarily suspended for next 9h. 36.m (error code 10008 )
  9. Obeya CAP40 NFCP 2 (2 open slots) VBR 'Temptress' (3 locked slots with mods) No! O-PGL 79 CD NFCP 3 Yes !
  10. I don't want to hear any musical themes . give the ability to adjust the on and off function .
  11. the question is posed incorrectly . it has different themes .
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