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  1. you're starting to look like an old Cookie . Cookie smarter than you .
  2. the most delusional statement in the stream . no one will even talk to you . maximum you will receive a vague explanation from the support - you have violated the rules of the end user , your account is banned . no one can prove that he did not use cheats or banned third-party programs .
  3. titles OBT and CBT existed long before the emergence of INNOVA or 4GAME. the proposed is absurd .
  4. temporary ban ? if Yes . what is the time listed on your ban ?
  5. don't touch my letters stop trying to ruin the weapon silver should not feed deaths golds
  6. olo

    Cyrillic is a problem

    I asked G1 to include Cyrillic for Russian players , now I see this as a problem . Russian Teens really flooded with garbage chat district . what is chat district ? this is an information channel for the whole district . disable the chat area for ordinary players or make private channels have limited language packs .
  7. national weapon skins are the most unsold . I do not think that someone will buy other people's national skins . we need a different approach . the US will not celebrate Russia's independence day .
  8. I received incorrect compensation 300-500 hours = 2000 G1C credit 1000+ hours = 5000 G1C credit how do I get back what I didn't deserve ?
  9. if the prohibitions related to the use of cheats and the use of third-party software - I will not protect anyone .
  10. let's not write a manual for creating macros . Yes.you are right that the rate of fire reduces the accuracy and Vice versa . the fight against macro is an automatic data collection and it is the work of an automatic anti-CHEAT system macro prohibited - POINT
  11. the problem is not the completeness of the districts - the problem is the rules and their observance
  12. yesterday was in citadel . 110 players of which 95 % gold just stand in the social area and you claim that you have no opponents ?
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