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  1. Gaiz

    Weapon Colors

    The new players who think the game is p2w just need play a few days to undersand, the armas weapons are p2l (pay to loose) xD like a COBRA haha but i buy just to estetic so thats why i want see dog ear with gold icon
  2. Gaiz

    Weapon Colors

    Maybe it is not very important but it is possible that im is not the only one who thinks the same thing and is that the symbol of the weapon "Dog Ear" has a purple color that I do not like haha I think it would look very beautiful in gold but it is my opinion :D =
  3. Gaiz


    Hello, I wish you all a good day, today I am writing to make a suggestion of a garment that I really like and I would love to introduce it to the game "Strapless Top"
  4. The real problem with the N-TEC is not that it needs to be nerfed, the other assault rifles must be buffed so that they have the same possibilities as the N-TEC and until that does not change everyone will continue using that weapon
  5. Hello guys I would like to share our ideas about some weapons that have been lost in time such as the VBR "tempress", OPGL and OSMAW permanent or the Star LCR that was recently added to buy with Joker tickets so what do you think you would like Will these weapons return but from G1C? I personally would give anything for a Star LCR hehe
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